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Nataliee's Alien Nightmare sample

Nataliee’s Alien Nightmare

Chapter 1

*** In sharp contrast to the billions of uninhabitable planets in the cosmos, our world is unusually capable of sustaining a wide spectrum of life forms.  Apparently, many different species of aliens from other worlds, have discovered the life-abundant planet, we call Earth.  Some of these alien species are friendly towards humans – and some are not…


    “Holy Mother of Jesus, did you see that, Boss?” cried out Deputy Leroy Jackson. 

    Sheriff Blake removed a sandwich from a brown paper sack.  “I didn’t see squat.  Say Jackson, you better watch your tongue.  That’s blasphemy.”

    “Sorry, Boss, but I just saw one of them UFO things up in the sky.” 

    “Jackson, you’ve been working some long shifts.  You’re tired, and your eyes are just playing tricks on you.  Folks are always seeing some little blip in the sky and think it’s a UFO.  You probably just saw a wayward weather balloon.”

    “Boss, that wasn’t no damn weather balloon.  It was a big-assed flying saucer.  It passed right over them there trees.  If you weren’t so damn interested in your bologna sandwich, you couldn’t possibly have missed it.”

    “Stifle yourself, Jackson, or I’ll send your ass back down to New Orleans.  I don’t tolerate any crazy talk.  You’re a county deputy, and your job is to serve the good taxpayers living in War Eagle, Arkansas.  They won’t respect you if they think you’re wacko.”

    Leroy had finished police academy less than a month previously, and he didn’t want to jeopardize his first job.  The sheriff drove down the desolate road with Leroy sitting silently beside him, keeping his hopeful eyes fixed on the sky. 

    As the squad car crested a hill, the sheriff slammed on the brakes.  He pointed his finger forward and asked, “What in tarnation is that hovering contraption straight ahead?” 

    “That’s what I was trying to tell you about,” stammered Leroy.  “We better turn right around before they attack us.”

    “We’ll do no such thing.  In this neck of the woods, we’re the law.” 

    He turned on his flashing, blue lights and spoke over the loudspeakers.  “This is Sheriff Howard Blake.  I order you to park your whatchamacallit vehicle and show me your license and registration – or else – I’ll open fire on you.”

    “Say, Boss – are you aiming to get us killed?” 

    However, before Sheriff Blake could respond, the flying saucer soared straight upwards into the sky.  An awestruck Leroy commented, “That was un-freaking-believable, man.  That flying saucer is just like straight out of an old science fiction movie.”

    “Jackson – that’s today’s lesson on how to handle a hostile situation.  You need to show them who’s in charge.  In this county, that’s me.  My great granddaddy was none other than General Stonewall Jackson.  He never was afraid of nothing.” 

    “No kidding?  Man, that’s real cool.  I happen to have a bit of white blood in my veins, and my last name’s Jackson, just like your great grandpa.  Do you suppose we could be cousins?” 

    “My great granddaddy would turn in his grave at that notion.  Anyway, you make sure to keep your trap shut about seeing any UFOs.  I can retire in six more years, and I don’t want to lose my pension.”

    “I see what you’re saying – mum’s the word.”  However, Leroy thought to himself, “We could’ve easily been killed, but the sheriff’s just munching away at the rest of his bologna sandwich like nothing happened.  He’s real brave – and maybe a little crazy too.”

    Leroy’s eyes monitored the skies for the flying saucer while the squad car continued down the country road, but the UFO was nowhere to be seen.  He only stopped looking up at the sky when the sheriff abruptly slowed down.  They noticed a strange-looking pedestrian.  The sheriff said, “Jackson, check out this girl with a limp.  She’s wearing a fancy red dress, but it’s all torn and soiled looking – and that sunbaked asphalt has to be burning the hell out of her bare feet.  Something bad must have happened to her.  You know, I wonder if that could possibly be the missing Cunningham girl.  She’s been lost since the night of her high school prom about three months ago.”

        Sheriff Blake pulled up alongside of the girl, rolled down his window, “Excuse me, Miss, are you OK?”  The unidentified girl just kept on limping forward while she stared ahead with a blank, vacant look.  

    “Say, Boss.  This girl’s been hurt.  She’s got a bunch of cuts and scrapes on her arms and legs, and she’s got a nasty-looking bruise on the side of her forehead.”  

    “Jackson, I think she’s in a state of shock.  She’s going to need medical attention.”

      “Miss, I need to take you to the hospital,” said the sheriff.  “Do you have any ID?”  She quietly stared at him, so he asked her point blank, “Are you Nataliee Cunningham?”  She continued to display no reaction whatsoever.  

    “Jackson, help me get her into the car.”

    The sheriff contacted his office dispatcher at the small, local police station...  “Alice, I just picked up a girl with no ID who fits the Cunningham girl’s description.  She’s battered and unresponsive.  Could you get a hold of Tom and Lucy?  I need them come down to the hospital to help identify her.”  

    “Oh my God,” cried Alice.  “I sure hope it’s our Nataliee Cunningham.  We’ve had so many reports of missing girls in our little town lately.”

    When the sheriff turned on the siren, the noise seemed to snap the girl out of her trance-like state.  She grabbed the sheriff by the collar and shouted out in a crazy-sounding fashion, “They have my baby. I must get my baby.” – and then she suddenly lost consciousness.  

    Sheriff Blake thought to himself, “Gee, the Cunninghams are going to be very disappointed.  If this girl in the back seat already has a baby, there’s no way she can be their missing daughter, Nataliee.”

    “Say, Boss.  Am I missing something?  I’m new to this town.  Now I’m hearing stuff about missing girls and I’m seeing unidentified freaky objects.  Can you fill me in, so I know what’s going on?”

     Sheriff Blake saw the need to inform his new deputy about some of the recent events surrounding War Eagle… “Jackson… Historically, our little town is peaceful and quiet.  Usually the annual ‘arts & crafts’ show is the most excitement this town ever sees.  However, a recent turn of events has made it necessary to enlarge our police department – which meant hiring you to help us.  During the past year, four young ladies from War Eagle have been abducted.  I still hope that the unconscious girl in the back seat somehow turns out to be Nataliee Cunningham – the youngest of the victims.  Her case is very strange indeed.  She has been missing since her prom night.  Naturally, the main suspect is her boyfriend, Anthony Elliot.  The town-folks are certain that Anthony’s ridiculous sounding story is bogus.  Supposedly, right after the couple left the prom they drove to a secluded spot by the river.  When they were ready to leave, they were suddenly surrounded by a bluish light.  A large flying saucer hovered directly in front of their car windshield.”

    “I’ll bet you a hundred bucks that’s the same flying saucer we just witnessed,” quipped Leroy.

    “Off the record, I’ll bet you’re right… Anyway, a group of four aliens, no taller than four feet, beamed down and approached Anthony’s Buick.  He said it scared them so bad they locked the doors, but the aliens sliced right through the passenger’s locked door with some sort of laser weapon.  He mentioned a bluish light froze up Nataliee and she was levitated straight out of the car.  She was floated up through an open panel on the underside of the UFO.  When an alien cut through the door with a handheld laser tool, Anthony sustained a deep slice on his right shoulder.   Anthony head butted the critter who tried to grab his arm.  He slammed the car door on its skinny-looking neck before jumping out of the driver’s door.  Anthony tumbled down the embankment into the river, where he managed to swim away to safety.”

    “Man, are you saying she was abducted by extraterrestrial aliens from another world?”  

    “Sure as snot,” answered Sheriff Blake in a hushed voice.  When I located his abandoned Buick, I studied the cut marks in the Buick’s door.  No regular cutting tool would have made such a thin, clean cut.  Besides, there was some goo on the edge of the door which Anthony reported as having slammed on the alien’s neck.  I sent in the sample goo for testing at the forensic lab, but later on I was given a strangely suspicious-sounding answer that the sample is somehow missing.”  

    “Boss, I smell what you’re cooking.  So did they make you arrest Anthony, or is he out on bail?” 

    “After they treated his badly cut shoulder, they locked him up for good in the state mental nut-house for the criminally insane.”

    Upon arrival to the hospital’s ER entrance, they were met by a pair of male nurses with a stretcher.   They wheeled the unconscious girl straight in to the emergency room to examine her and dress her wounds.   The ER’s head doctor ordered a CT scan of her brain since he was concerned about the head trauma she had sustained.

    Sheriff Blake called back to the station to ask if Alice had contacted the Cunninghams.  She said, “I spoke to Nataliee’s mom, Lucy.  She burst into tears of joy.  Her husband, Tom, and she are already in transit.  They are overjoyed since everyone already had effectively given her up for dead”.     

    “I really wish you had worded your conversation with the Cunninghams differently.  They’ll be terribly let down if the girl turns out to be someone else,” said the sheriff.

    Minutes later, Lucy and Tom Cunningham arrived.  Sheriff Blake greeted the exuberant Cunningham parents, “Howdy, Lucy…  It’s great to see you again, Tom.  I thought the girl I just brought to the hospital looks a lot like Nataliee, but I’m probably wrong.  Before she lost consciousness, she said only one thing – that she needs to get her baby – which makes no sense at all since Nataliee definitely never had any baby.”  Suddenly, the joyous looking Lucy and Tom Cunningham lost all of their enthusiasm.

    “May we see her anyway, just to be sure?” asked Nataliee’s mom.

    “Why of course, Lucy.”  

    “The girl has a concussion,” explained the ER nurse.  “After her CT scan is completed, she’ll be admitted to the ICU.  She’s still unconscious, but you may visit her shortly.”


    The sheriff glanced back at Leroy with a look of disdain when he heard a loud growl.  “Is there a growling bear from the zoo in here, or is that awful noise coming from your stomach?” 

    “Say, Boss, I didn’t have no time for no lunch today.  Please excuse me for a few minutes.  I’d like to head down to the cafeteria to grab some grub.  I’ll be right back”.

    Sheriff Blake stayed with Lucy and Tom to offer moral support.  He prayed that somehow the unidentified girl was Nataliee after all.

    The minutes seemed like hours…  Finally, the ER doctor came out to introduce himself, “I’m Doctor Lee. We have an unidentified female in her late teens who has suffered some serious head trauma.  She is currently unconscious, but I ask you to please come with me to try to identify the patient.”

     Lucy and Tom followed Dr. Lee down a lengthy hallway to the ICU.  Tom whispered, “Lucy, your hands never felt so cold and clammy.”  

    The doctor opened the door to her room and said, “She’s in there”.  The young lady was sleeping with an IV bag of fluid hooked up to her dehydrated body.  Lucy ran over to the bedside and joyfully proclaimed, “It’s a miracle.  Our precious Nataliee has returned to us.”

    Tom had to see Nataliee’s face with his own eyes before he could believe it.  Only last week he had a private discussion with Lucy that nobody, including Sheriff Blake, expected Nataliee to still be alive.  Tom was elated that his gut instinct was wrong.  Although Nataliee’s porcelain doll-like face was bruised and scraped, he was delighted to see the cute, little beauty mark perfectly placed above the left side of her upper lip.  Her disheveled flaxen hair had grown longer than when she was last seen.   Nataliee’s body looked painfully thin in comparison to her usual sleek shapeliness.   Nevertheless, there was zero doubt that their girl had returned from Hades.  A single tear rolled down Tom’s chubby cheek as he hugged her sleeping body and said, “Welcome back, my baby girl.”

    Upon hearing Tom utter the word ‘baby’, Sheriff Blake was reminded of Nataliee’s emotional outburst prior to losing consciousness.  “Lucy, your daughter said something strange when I picked her up.  She screamed out like a crazy girl, ‘They have my baby – I must get my baby’, and then she was out like a light.  Do you have any idea what on earth she could have meant by that?”

    A puzzled looking Lucy replied, “That makes no sense at all.  She’s been missing since her Prom Night.   I can assure you that Nataliee was not pregnant at the time.”

     “Hmm, that certainly seems odd,” muttered the sheriff.   “Her boyfriend, Anthony Elliot, is still over at the nut-house isn’t he?”  

     “Yes, Anthony is still being held prisoner as though he was dangerous criminal.  It just isn’t right what they’re doing to him.  I believe his story about his battle with four alien beings and their abduction of our precious Nataliee.”  

    “I’m finally 100% convinced that Anthony told the truth,” while he privately reflected back on his encounter with a flying saucer only a couple of hours earlier.  “When Nataliee regains consciousness, it will be interesting to hear her side of the story.”

    Leroy entered the room as he was finishing his last bite of a double cheeseburger.  He smacked his lips and said, “They make some real good burgers here, but now I need to use the can.”  

    They were abruptly interrupted by Dr. Lee.   He said, “Our patient needs plenty of rest.  We will notify you when she regains consciousness.” 

    “You all heard the doctor,” announced Tom.  “It’s time to go, Lucy.”  

    Nataliee’s mom and dad gave her a little kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.  Out front, the Cunninghams hugged Sheriff Howie Blake and bade him farewell.  

    “Keep me posted on Nataliee’s condition,” said the sheriff as they parted.   “I’ve got a feeling that this will be ground breaking news if Nataliee’s version of the alien abduction matches up with Anthony’s story.  Time will tell…  Deputy Jackson and I need to get back to the station.  I’ll talk to you soon.”

    As soon as the sheriff and his deputy left, Dr. Lee said, “Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham – may I have a word with you in our private meeting room?”

    ”Sure, just lead the way”…

     Dr. Lee closed the meeting room’s door for privacy.  He had a look of seriousness in his eye.  He asked them to be seated.  “As a standard procedure, we always check cases of abductions by looking for signs of rape and sexual abuse.   Your daughter shows a series of recently formed scars around her vaginal area.  What seems odd to me is that some of the scars appear to be two to three months old, while other cuts have barely healed up just a week or two ago.  My conclusion is that your daughter has been sexually violated on multiple occasions.  There is also evidence of a recent abortion.  For now, we will let Nataliee rest peacefully, but we will need to ask her some difficult personal questions once she regains consciousness.”  

    Lucy burst into tears while her husband Tom said, “I’m sure Nataliee has been through an awful ordeal.  We’re just very grateful to have her back alive.”

Chapter 2

Dr. Lee prepared a preliminary report for his patient’s upcoming meeting with their staff psychiatrist, Dr. Eugene Bates.  Directly below the medical report, he added information he had obtained from her parents to the ‘comments’ section:  “Her name is Nataliee Cunningham, 5’ 7”, and 120 lbs.  She was born and raised in War Eagle, Arkansas.  She is a wholesome, All-American girl.  She had just turned 18 years old.  She is very close to her parents.  Her father, Tom, owns a small local convenience store on the edge of town.  Her mother, Lucy, is a stay-at-home housewife.  Nataliee’s 17 year old brother, Nate, plays catcher on the high school’s baseball team.  She played goalkeeper on the girls’ soccer team.” 

     However, when Dr. Lee interviewed Nataliee’s parents for information for her personal profile, they intentionally failed to mention anything about her natural ability for ESP.  They did not wish to raise any suspicions surrounding her unusual talent.  Her innate telepathic skills helped her even on the soccer field, since she could always tell which direction the opposing team player would aim their penalty kicks.  That’s how she acquired the nickname, ‘Cunning Cunningham’.

    The next morning a groggy-looking Nataliee woke up in a hospital bed in the ICU.  A nurse was just changing a new bag of fluid for her IV when Nataliee asked her, “Where am I?”  

    “You’re a very lucky girl. Let me get Dr. Lee,” said the nurse.   

    A few minutes later, he entered the room and said, “Good morning.  I’m Dr. Lee.  You’re in the hospital ICU in Rogers.  Do you know who you are?” 

    “Of course I know who I am.  I’m Nataliee Cunningham,” she said with a look of astonishment.  “I need to get out of here immediately.  My boyfriend, Anthony, is picking me up at 7:00 tonight to take me to the prom.”

     A trace of a smile appeared on Dr. Lee’s face as he explained, “Miss. Your prom happened over three months ago.  It is mid-August already.  You have been missing for all that time.  Now, can you tell us anything you might remember about the last three months?”  

     A befuddled Nataliee tried to figure out what was going on.  “I feel just fine, but I wonder why I’m covered with cuts and scrape marks.   The last thing I remember was trying on my red prom dress.   Nothing seems to make any sense.  I just don’t remember anything at all since the day before my prom.”

    “Young lady, you suffered a serious concussion,” explained Dr. Lee.  “It is understandable that your memory has been affected.  I need to arrange for you to meet our staff’s chief psychiatrist, Dr. Eugene Bates.  He is very good at helping people to restore their memory.  You’ve been through a lot.  You should try to get plenty of rest.”

    When Dr. Bates was notified about the new female patient’s memory loss, he decided to contact her parents to gain some further insight about his new patient.  He spoke to her mother Lucy, who was delighted that Nataliee had regained consciousness.  Lucy had an in depth discussion with Dr. Bates on the phone.  She was comfortable in discussing anything until he brought up Anthony’s story about the alien abduction.  

    Dr. Bates made Lucy feel more at ease when he divulged, “I too am a UFO believer.  I’ve been one ever since I was only nine years old when my brother and I witnessed a large, swift moving UFO flying one night from across the harbor.  It was flying at a low altitude, and then it disappeared behind a hill across the street from my parents’ house.  There was a unique whirring sound that was quite unlike any other sound I’ve ever heard in my entire life…  Anyway, I ask that you and your husband allow me to meet with Nataliee before you visit her again.  I want to see if we can help her regain her lapsed memory through the use of hypnosis.  Hypnosis tends to work best without having the patient in an emotional frame of mind.”

  “I understand.  We will be waiting at home until you notify us.”

    When Nataliee was transferred out of the ICU to the regular inpatient section, Dr. Bates came to visit her shortly thereafter…  A sleeping Nataliee had just experienced an intense, nightmarish vision of strange-looking aliens carrying around a young baby, to which Nataliee felt a connection with.  A startled Nataliee felt a jolt as she suddenly woke up from her bad dream.   

    Dr. Bates caringly placed his hand on her shoulder and said, “Hi Nataliee.  I’m Dr. Eugene Bates, staff psychiatrics.  I’m here to help you regain your memory.”

    “You’re here to hypnotize me.  Isn’t that so?”  

    “Well, that’s very astute of you.  How did you know that?”

    “I’ve always been able to do some mind reading.  It’s an ESP sort of thing.  I just feel I can read you like an open book.  Let me prove it…  Go ahead and pick a number between one and ten.  Write it down on a scratch pad, and then concentrate on it.”  

    Dr. Bates decided he was going to try a bit of trickery, so he scribbled a number on the paper pad and turned it face down on the table.  Nataliee held her hand up to her forehead and said, “Oh, you’re trying to trick me...  I can see you didn’t pick a regular integer, but instead you picked the number ‘pi’, which roughly rounds off to 3.14.”  

    Dr. Bates broke into a laugh as he flipped over the pad to indeed reveal the number ‘pi’ on it.  He said, “That’s really amazing… Nataliee – By the way, have you ever been hypnotized before?”

    “No sir.”

     “There’s an excellent chance that hypnosis might help to restore your missing memory.  In your particular case, your memory loss probably stems from your recent concussion.  However, your recent period of being abducted and living under severe stress may be contributing to the blockage of your memory as well.”  

    “I don’t get it.  What do you mean by ‘abducted’? – Was I kidnapped?”  

    “We still don’t know anything about your whereabouts during the past three months, but with your consent, we can unlock those hidden memories you have through the use of hypnosis.”  Dr. Bates wanted to avoid hypothesizing about any details of her abduction, since he was aware that she could read his mind.

    “This all sounds very exciting.  Let’s do it.”

     With his calm assurance, Dr. Bates was able to get Nataliee to a point of trusting him and thus allowing him to hypnotize her.  He explained how he would do so in steps.  He would take her down slowly and let her remember some little thing from her past that brought her much happiness.  This would get her in a proper frame of mind when he was going to take her deep into her frightful period immediately following her high school prom.  He assured her that under hypnosis she will not do anything she would not do if she were consciously awake.

    “Nataliee, what we need is for you to completely relax.  We need to get you to a calmer state of mind where we can provide the level of hypnosis that will get us to where we need to be.  First, I want you to lie flat on your back and close your eyes.  Some hypnotists use fancy baubles and swinging pendulums to induce hypnosis, but I don’t do that.  I have found that I don’t need to use such props to make it work.  The reason for the theatrics is to relax you, but you can relax plenty well enough by just laying back and closing your eyes.  Think of calming thoughts and just listen to the sound of my voice.  Do not concentrate on it.  Just listen to it, as if a friend is talking to you, which is exactly what is happening…  You will become relaxed, but not asleep.  As you become more and more relaxed you will begin to feel things which comfort you.  You will smell things which comfort you.  All your senses will seem heightened in their abilities.  When you hear the word ‘happiness’ as one word, without it being used in a sentence, you will immediately awaken and be at ease – peaceful without fear.”

    As Dr. Bates softly spoke to Nataliee, unknown to her, he was actually putting her into a trance where he could work with her reluctant memories.  She was unaware that she was already completely under hypnosis.  While turning on his tape recorder, he spoke into a microphone, “I’m Doctor Eugene Bates.  The day is August 19, 2012.  The time is 10:45 AM.  My subject for this hypnosis session is Nataliee Cunningham, age 18.  Nataliee was missing for three months and twelve days.  Her physical condition is stable with several minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises.  She recently sustained a moderate concussion and has no conscious memory of the period while she was missing.  The session is designed to retrieve those forgotten memories and restore her to her old self.  The session is now beginning.”

    “Nataliee Cunningham…  Is that your name?  - and how old are you?”  

     “Yes, my name is Nataliee Cunningham.  I am 18.”

    “Nataliee, I would like to take you back to your happiest time you can remember while growing up.  Would you like to do that?”

    Nataliee broke into a big smile. “My happiest time was in September of 2006.  It was my first day of Junior High School at War Eagle.  Every time, the first day back from summer vacation was like a big party.  We got to see all our old friends from the year before, see if there were any new kids attending our school, and catch up on all the things we did all summer.  It was always so much fun. I remember this day in particular because that is when I first met Anthony.”

    “Didn’t you already know Anthony from grade school?” asked Dr. Bates.  

    “No.  Anthony’s family moved into town during that summer.  They were originally from Mobile.  It was during the lunch break that I saw this tall, handsome guy standing in the lunch line.  He looked at me with his deep blue eyes and said, ‘Hi. How are you?’  I melted when he flashed his great smile, and I was instantly smitten with him.”

    Sensing that Nataliee was getting too excited to remain in a calm hypnotic state, Dr. Bates decided to say, ‘Happiness’ and in an instant Nataliee was wide awake.  

    “So, when are we going to get started, Dr. Bates?”  

    She had not realized that she had already passed his test to see if she was even able to be hypnotized.

    “You certainly are very receptive to hypnotism,” said Dr. Bates, “I’d like to dive straight into it.”

    He was quite content to see that she was an easy subject and responded to the safety word immediately.  As he began his hypnosis treatment, he also implanted an additional word he could use to immediately take her to a deeper level of hypnosis.  By using only his voice to speak that one word, he would be able to bring her to complete unconsciousness.  He chose an unusual word, ‘albatross’.

    “Now let me take you to the night of the prom.  Tell me about the night.”  

    Nataliee hesitated momentarily before she spoke, “Anthony must have been 30 minutes early in arriving to my parents’ house.  I was still getting dressed upstairs.  Fortunately, he’s good friends with my 17 year old brother, Nate.  Nate plays catcher for our baseball team, and he has a close relationship with Anthony who is our school’s star pitcher.  I got some extra help from my mama to apply some extra eye makeup.  I wore a short, sexy, red lace dress with matching, red high heel shoes.  I usually don’t wear dresses, so I was really enjoying the ‘open jaw’ look that Anthony had on his face as I slowly walked down the stairway.  Anthony looked fantastic in his black tuxedo with ruffled blue shirt.  He placed an orchid corsage over my wrist and said, ‘Gee you look extra hot’.”

    Dr. Bates wanted to cut to the chase, so he said the word, ‘albatross’.  Next, he asked her to move forward towards the end of their date.  “Nataliee, can you tell me what happened after you left the school dance?”  

    “I was floating in the clouds when we left the dance.  Anthony kissed me out in the parking lot under a moonlit night.  He asked me to marry him.  I said, ‘Yes – I love you and I want to always be with you’.  Anthony had always respected my wish to keep my virginity, but after his proposal, the timing just seemed so right.  We rode in his big, old Buick down a small, hidden dirt road towards the river.  I had never seen Anthony in such a romantic mood.  He stopped the car when it was overlooking the water, and we moved to his spacious back seat.  Anthony brought out a condom he had tucked away in his wallet, but he accidentally broke through it with his fingers as he removed it from its package.  I was in the mood too, and I was not going to let it stop us from spoiling the romantic moment we had waited on for years.  It was an incredible experience for both of us.  After making love, we were still both dizzy with emotional joy as we helped each other get dressed back up.  That’s when suddenly his car was engulfed in a strange bluish light.  At first, I thought for sure we had been caught by Sheriff Blake.  I was concerned that we would be in trouble with the law, but when we looked through the windshield, we saw something very strange.”

    A very curious Dr. Bates noticed a shift in Nataliee’s mood.  He asked her to continue...

    “The light was getting brighter and it engulfed the area surrounding Anthony’s car.  We looked up and were startled to see a circular object, slowly revolving directly in front of the car.  It was huge, perhaps as wide as 30 to 40 feet from edge to edge.  It looked like what I would describe as a flying saucer.  It made no sounds.  At first we were not frightened.  It was very beautiful in a way, but then it was also very strange and unusual.  However, Anthony and I became frightened when all of a sudden four little beings approached the car.  At first I thought they were children, but as they came closer I could see they were nothing like human beings at all.”

    Deep lines of concern spanned across Dr. Bates’ forehead as he asked her, “Can you describe what these creatures looked like?”  

    “They are like photographs in my mind now.  They were small – no more than four feet tall.  Their heads were like an upside down pear.  Very large at the top and tapering down to a thin pointed jaw.  Their faces had a simple slash for what had to be a mouth and just two openings for what could have been a nose – but their eyes!  Their eyes really scared me!  They are very huge in relation to their head.  The eyes were pointy in the area close to where their nose should have been, and becoming very large as they progressed around the head to the side – like a huge almond.  Their eyes were coal black and without emotion.  I remember their faces were smooth with no wrinkles, no lines, certainly no smile lines because I don’t believe they have that emotion in them.  Their skin was a pale gray tone – no color at all in it.  There was a hint of scales on their skin, but it was hard to tell.  They had long arms with only four fingers.  Their two middle fingers are the longest.  There also seemed to be a web running between the first two fingers connected at the second joints up from the tips.  Their feet were small, and they appear to be webbed as well.  They wear some sort of uniform that fits them like another skin.  Their uniforms are also gray in color.”

    Dr. Bates asked her to describe what happened next.  Nataliee answered, “They approached us from the passenger side of the car.  Our doors were locked.  One of the creatures used a pen-shaped tool which shot out a red beam of light.  It looked like some kind of laser.  He sliced right through the car door’s handle like a hot knife going through butter.  Some of the laser shot through the cut up door, and hit Anthony’s right shoulder.  I heard him scream in pain.  Just as I was ready to put up a fight, I was engulfed by a new strange sensation.  A bluish light beam had me paralyzed.  I couldn’t even scream.  I lost all feeling of gravity and was levitated out of the car.  The light beam moved me towards the bottom of the vessel.  The last thing I witnessed before entering the flying saucer was a bloody Anthony battling the creatures.  I watched him slam the car door on the neck of one of the creatures, before he tumbled down the embankment into the river’s dark water.  That’s the last I saw of him.  I don’t know if he survived.  I’ve been very worried about him for the entire period of my captivity.”

    Dr. Bates noticed she was now breathing in small, shallow breaths.  He asked her asked, “Please tell me what happened to you next.”  

    “I was now inside the flying saucer.  I was fastened to a bench on the outer wall.  I was still paralyzed by the effect of the bluish light.  At this time, the other beings were brought back up.  It was obvious that one of them was not alive.  It must have died from a broken neck when Anthony slammed the car door on it.  The beings made no noise, but I could tell they what they were saying.  They were saddened by the death of their comrade, but they weren’t vengeful…  I felt no movement in this machine.  It was like it was there at one moment and then it arrived where it was going in another.  How could this be?  I felt nothing.  I wondered if I was still paralyzed by the light.  I even wondered if I was dead.  I could still feel and see things, and now I could literally understand what they were saying.”

    By now, Dr. Bates was totally mesmerized by her narration.  He glanced at his watch, and decided to continue.  He asked her to describe what happened after she left the flying saucer.  

    “I was fortunate to overhear the creatures discussing two things,” said Nataliee in a hushed voice so as not to be overheard by the creatures she felt were still close by, “First, one of them mentioned that the dead creature’s laser tool was lost during the struggle with Anthony.  The second thing I overheard was a reference to the holographic image of a massive wall of boulders to disguise the cave’s main entrance.  I glanced back in the direction of the cave entrance.  They sure made it appear as though the opening was solid rock.  I suppose the flying saucer had flown straight through the large, hidden opening.  As we walked down a cave tunnel, I saw what I would call a large hangar.  There were five more of these saucer-like crafts parked in there.  They led me towards a deeper part of the cave.  It went way back into the mountain until we turned and entered a room.  This one looked like a hospital room.  It was very bright, but it wasn’t damp like one would expect a cave to be.  There are several tables in the center of the room.  I was led to one and told to lie down.  Wait… the one who told me to lie down was different.  He was a head taller than all the other ones I had already seen.  His head was less pear-shaped and his facial features were more pronounced.  His eyes were also smaller, but still shaped like almonds.”

    Dr. Bates asked her to describe what happened in the hospital room.  Nataliee spoke with an elevated amount of emotion, “It was like I had no will of my own.  I just sat on the edge of this table and stretched out on it like I was supposed to.  At that time, several more of these beings came into the room.  They started poking and probing me while I was completely helpless.  Two of the creatures, one on each side of the table inserted their long middle fingers deep into my vagina and spread me wide open.  The pain was very excruciating, but I was unable to scream by using my voice.  However, when the taller one inserted some vacuum-like device inside my most private region, I mentally screamed out that I wanted to kill him.  This startled him as he communicated with the others, ‘This one can speak to us’.  I knew at this point that I could use my natural ESP talents to communicate with these creatures.”

    Dr. Bates peeked to make sure that his tape recorder was capturing this wild, fascinating session.  “Did they stop with their medical testing after they learned you were able to communicate with them?”  

    A single teardrop rolled out of the side of Nataliee’s eye.  Her voice sounded progressively more distressed, “No.  They just continued.  They reached deep inside me to extract my egg.  The pain became incredibly intense as the vacuum tool entered my uterus.  Words cannot describe the torture.  While I was unable to scream out loud, I knew they could telepathically hear my suffering loud and clear.  However, they simply didn’t care at all.  They show no compassion whatsoever.  It wasn’t long before my fear became supplemented with hatred.  After they removed the vacuum tool and its content, the physical pain subsided, but I still felt mentally violated…  I could sense their element of delight when they learned that my egg had been fertilized about an hour earlier when Anthony made love to me in the car.  I could also sense that they tried to keep their thoughts to themselves to prevent me from gaining any sort of advantage over them.”

    Dr. Bates contemplated using the escape word ‘happiness’ since he noted her elevated stress level, but he was overwhelmed with curiosity and urged her to continue…

    “I was too weak to walk, so once again they used the power of levitation.  They transported me to another room.   Effectively it was a jail cell for all the women they held captive.  There were no steel bars on the doorway, but there was some kind of invisible electric shield that prevented us from escaping.”

    A surprised Dr. Bates commented, “Other women?  Do you know any of their names?”

    “Yes. There are four other women held captive.  Two are from right here in War Eagle.  They are Barbara Stone and Sandra Shirley.  They both recognized me as well.  They had graduated from our same high school just last year.  The other two women were unfamiliar to me.  Their names are Peggy Penzold and Nancy Lewis.  Nancy had been there the longest – probably right about a year. The only way to keep a rough track of time is by gauging how often they come to remove an egg from us.  Nancy had already gone through this ordeal on twelve separate occasions.”

    Dr. Bates took a sip of water and asked her about the discussions she had with the other women.

     “None of them liked to talk very much”, explained Nataliee.  “They all seem to live in a severe state of depression.  They’ve lost all hope of either escaping or being rescued.  None of the other women had any ESP skills to communicate with their captors, but they all had come to the conclusion that they would never be released to freedom again.  The closest thing to anything positive any of them had to say came from Barbara Stone.  She mentioned that the creatures overlooked a cigarette lighter she managed to keep hidden behind a loose stone in the wall.  She was trying to figure out if it could be handy to have someday.  The other girls spent most of their time moping around the room, which was no bigger than about 20 feet in diameter.  As egg harvest time approached, they would literally be in tears in anticipation of the next round of torture to come.”

    Dr. Bates asked her if she recalled learning any other details about the alien creatures.  Out of curiosity he asked her about what the creatures ate.  A look of horror came across Nataliee’s face as she said, “They don’t eat food in the sense that they chew food and swallow it.  Instead, they get their nutrition from dissolving human beings and animal parts in a large vat.  They take turns bathing in the solution and absorb the nutrients through their skin.  For some reason, they prefer to consume children.”

    “Over time, I came to learn quite a bit about the alien colony,” Nataliee continued.  “The tall one’s name is ‘Rhoan-eee’.  He is in total command of the shorter grey creatures.  The Greys are genetically produced clones.  They have no individual personalities.  They are effectively the colony’s drones.  They obey all of Rhoan-eee’s directions without objection.”

    “So is Rhoan-eee some sort of supreme leader of the alien creatures?” asked a curious Dr. Bates.

    “Oh no – not at all.  I telepathically understood Rhoan-eee ordering his drones to make preparations for an upcoming inspection by a much higher ranking alien – something he called a Draconian.  My information is quite sketchy since they intentionally tried to keep secrets from me concerning their operations.  I only know that Rhoan-eee felt a level of fear and respect for this creature who was visiting the colony.  Rhoan-eee and his gang are plenty scary enough.  I can’t even imagine what the Draconian is all about.”

    “One day, about two months later I heard a baby crying in the distance.  None of the other girls could hear it.  I suppose I might have been hearing the baby’s cries via telepathy.  I never saw the baby, but I instinctively knew the cries came from a baby boy – and I knew he was my son.  As the days went by, I had daily communication from my baby boy.  I mentally comforted the baby when I felt his anguish.  The creatures were taking care of him.  They seemed to express a feeling of disgust whenever he pooped.  I refrained from giving him a name so as not to inadvertently alert the creatures that I was even aware of my baby’s existence.  I was content that they gave him better care than any of us girls, but they mostly thought of him as their little scientific experiment.  I probably would have ended up as lethargic and depressed as the other girls, but my baby gave me the inspiration to figure out an escape – even if it were to kill me.”

    “Please tell me about your plan to flee.”

    “It took me some time to devise a workable scheme.  Finally, in a moment it all came to me.  I knew I had to keep my escape plan a secret from the mind-reading creatures, so each time they came to get a girl for egg harvesting I would inflict some pain on myself with a hard pinch so that my mind would not give away any secrets.  For some reason the creatures always entered our room in pairs.  I enlisted the help of the other girls to help me escape, with the promise of me returning with enough help to set them free in the very near future.  The plan was for two of the women, Peggy and Nancy to stage a fake, but convincing, fight between the two of them.  The invisible shield would be deactivated as two creatures would enter the room to paralyze them so that their reproductive organs would not sustain damage.  At that time, the two War eagle girls, Barbara and Sandra were going to light up two fabric-wrapped torches doused with lighter fluid and blind the light-sensitive creatures while I escaped through the deactivated invisible shield.  The rock formations in the cave were full of little nooks to hide in.  If I could successfully sneak out towards the main cave entrance, the other creatures would be thoroughly occupied with the chaotic distractions the other girls were making.”

    There was no way Dr. Bates was going to abort the session by saying, ‘happiness’, so he just let her continue to speak…  

    “The plan was working quite well,” said Nataliee in a confident manner.  “Peggy bloodied up Nancy’s nose and they engaged in a lot of screaming and hair pulling.  As soon as the creatures entered our jail cell room, Barbara used their cigarette lighter to ignite the torches. While they jabbed the torches into the creatures’ faces, I dashed out of the room.   I managed to find a perfect nook to hide in while I watched about two dozen of them scurrying to the jail cell room.  I had a clear path to run towards the hidden holographic image that guarded the cave’s main entrance.  I knew that by now they were aware of my missing whereabouts, so I just ran for my life.  It was mentally challenging to run at full speed into what appeared to be a natural, solid stone wall, but to my relief I crossed through it as if it was open air.  I was temporarily blinded by the brightness of the sunshine I hadn’t seen in months, but I knew that the light-sensitive creatures would be hampered by the light of day even more than I was.  I just kept on running as fast as my legs would carry me.  I took one single glance back to see that nobody was chasing me.  I made a mental photo of the obscure cave entrance so that I can help the other girls escape to freedom.  I was also determined to retrieve my baby boy.”

    Nataliee was breathing hard as she spoke about running barefoot in the woods, “My feet were bleeding and hurting a lot, but I kept on running for several miles.   I only paused for a moment here and there to glance over my shoulder.  I was relieved to see that I wasn’t being chased.  I was careless as I stumbled while hurdling over a log and I toppled end over end down a steep cliff into a deep ravine.  This is where I got all my cuts and scrapes from.  I hit my forehead hard and sustained a concussion.  I guess I didn’t regain consciousness until the following day when I managed to climb out of the ditch by grabbing onto some exposed tree roots.  Shortly thereafter, Sheriff Blake and another cop stopped to pick me up.”

    Dr. Bates shook his head in utter amazement.  However, before he woke her up from her hypnotic trance he decided to try the power of hypnotic suggestion.  “Nataliee, when I count down backwards from the number ‘ten’, you will permanently be able to consciously remember everything that happened to you during the period beginning with your high school prom night up until now. Ten… Nine… Eight…Seven…Six…Five…Four…Three…Two…One…Zero… Happiness.”  

    Nataliee slowly opened her eyes and said, “Oh my god.  Dr. Bates – I remember everything now, every little detail…  It feels so good to remove the cloud of mystery.”   

    She got up and stood right in front of Dr. Bates.  She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek – and then she suddenly got a very serious look on her face.  She asked him, “Dr. Bates, do you know what happened to my sweetheart, Anthony?”

    “Nataliee, I have both good news and some rather bad news for you concerning Anthony.  First, the good news is that Anthony swam to safety.  They stitched up his shoulder and he is in fine physical condition.” 

    A relieved-looking Nataliee said, “Oh, I’ve been worried sick over him, but please tell me what then, is the bad news?” 

    “I don’t know any of the details, but I’m aware that he is locked away in the state mental hospital for the criminally insane.”

     Nataliee looked shocked.  She asked, “Dr. Bates, will you please help me get back my Anthony?”

    “Yes. I will do everything I can to get him released, but it won’t be easy”… and then Nataliee had an even more difficult request…  She asked him, “Would you also please help me get back my baby?”