Blueprints for a Better World Markus Fredericks




By: Markus Fredericks

Chapter 1

My name is Oscar Tillman, and I’m a 42 year old freelance photographer living in an upper-middle class neighborhood in L.A.  I’ve been faithfully married to my wife, Beth, for 16 years and I AM NOT A PERVERT.  In fact, for the past five or six years, I thought I was impotent.  I tried Viagra, but it really didn’t do much to boost my libido.  Let’s face it – over the years Beth has slowly become increasingly frumpy, and she never made any effort to spice up our sex life.

In recent years, I found myself increasingly engrossed in trying to develop my photography business, but the process has been admittedly slow.  My photographs always receive plenty of accolades, but I rarely landed a contract.   Thank God for the income Beth makes as branch manager at a local bank – I suppose one of the reasons I stay with her is that she represents a stable meal ticket.  That makes me feel like I’m her whore, but at least I’ve been able to pursue my dream of being a professional photographer.

While I still consider myself to be a good-looking guy – one could use the cliché that I’m ‘tall, dark, and handsome’, I’ve slowly lost all my interest in sex.  I rarely have any sexual urges, and I haven’t even masturbated since high school – but recently that suddenly changed…

Beth and I have a 15 year old daughter, Amy – and NO – I’ve never had so much as a single, improper thought involving my own sweet child.  However, all my dormant feelings of sexuality recently resurfaced when the house next door was sold to a British couple.  It so happened that they too were the parents of a 15 year old girl.  Her name is Lulu – and when she arrived, my whole life changed completely.

I look at Lulu’s arrival as a mixed blessing...  On one hand, I view my rejuvenated sexual appetite as being clearly positive.  For a healthy man of my age to wonder if he’s actually impotent, it’s great to feel normal sexual desires once again – and a relief for me to know that I could actually rise to the occasion.  Looking back at my past decade of marriage, I can now attribute most of my lack of sexual desire to my uninteresting wife.  Sure, Beth is a great mother to Amy, and she manages to cook and clean in addition to earning an excellent income, but she simply doesn’t excite me anymore.  If you compared a recent photo of her to our wedding pictures from 16 years ago, anyone would see what I mean.

However, Lulu’s arrival has nevertheless completely destroyed my life.  I’ve always hated any pedophile and I used to openly state that all child abusers should be castrated, yet I now find myself tormented by similar feelings of lust towards my 15 year old neighbor.  At least – for the time being – my feelings toward Lulu are privately locked away inside my mind.  So far, I have resisted any temptation to physically fulfill my wildest fantasies of her, but I feel that my willpower is beginning to wane.

First, allow me to explain that I’ve met many of my daughter’s classmates – and some of her girlfriends are pretty cute, but I never developed any fetishes nor harbored any perverted fantasies involving any of them, but Lulu had a very different, profound effect on me from the first moment I laid eyes on her…

“Knock – knock.”

I went to our marble entrance and opened our seven foot tall, oak front door.  A gentle breeze filled the air with an exquisite French perfume, and I was met by this amazing vision of contradictions…  Before me stood a slender young girl – her nubile body indicated that she was likely in her mid-teens.  She wore an impossibly short, tight black skirt with bright red high heel shoes.  Her sexy, yet pale legs were disproportionately long and seemed out of place in L.A. where almost all the girls have deep, bronze suntans. 

While her body appeared rather juvenile, her stunning face looked like that of a much older girl – clearly up to the standards of a supermodel.  Although it was midafternoon in August on a bright sunny day, her gorgeous face was expertly adorned with adult-looking evening makeup.  Her mid-shoulder, golden blond hair was immaculately styled, and her spectacular, flirty blue eyes had a naughty twinkle to them.

She carried a large bouquet of yellow roses as she opened her pouty, ruby red lips to speak in the most charming of British accents, “Good afternoon, sir.  Me mummy asked me to bring you this floral arrangement.  I’m Lulu.  Me family’s from London, and we just relocated to the states.  We’re your new, next door neighbors.”

I was awestruck by the vision standing on my porch, and I felt the palms of my hands instantly becoming sweaty.  Also, for the first time in years I felt a brewing sense of arousal in my most private region.  When I detected a slight bulge developing in my pants I discretely held my hands in front of me to conceal my crotch.  I gulped before I replied, “Uh – I’m pleased to meet you, Lulu.  I’m Oscar – Oscar Tillman.” 

“Likewise, Mr. Tillman,” replied a smiling Lulu as she extended her arm for a handshake.

Instinctively, I turned over her outstretched arm and gently kissed the back of her hand while saying, “Please call me Oscar.”

“That’s mighty European of you – Oscar.  So far, every guy in the states has simply shaken my hand.  You make me feel real comfortable, like I was accustomed to back in England.”

On the other hand, our introduction was making me increasingly nervous. I was unaccustomed by my unexpected arousal and I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so I turned around and called out, “Hey Beth – bring Amy over here to meet our new neighbor’s daughter, Lulu.  She’s from England.”

Moments later, Beth and Amy appeared and introduced themselves.  Fortunately, Beth’s presence helped my burgeoning erection to subside…   

“Hi – so your family moved all the way to L.A. from England,” said Beth.  “That’s terrific… I’ve often wondered who would end up buying the house next door.  Well, Lulu, welcome to America.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“Say, Lulu, are those beautiful roses for us?”

“Why, yes indeed, ma’am – they most certainly are.”

My daughter, Amy was also eager to compliment this wonderful creature from London.  She blurted out, “Lulu, your British accent is totally cool.”

Lulu blushed slightly as she simply replied, “Thank you.”

As she handed the bouquet of flowers to Beth, my wife said, “So where are my manners – won’t you please come in?”

Meanwhile, I silently stood off to the side.  I had taken the opportunity to mentally record every lovely square inch of Lulu – from head to toe…  Once Beth took the roses away from Lulu’s grasp, I noticed that her torso still hadn’t fully sprouted out a full set of boobs yet, but nevertheless she had a sexy hourglass figure.  I found my eyes were fixated on her very prominent, pointy nipples jutting through the flimsy fabric of her halter top. 

I happen to be a bit over six feet tall, and when Lulu looked straight at me her eyes were two or three inches lower than mine.  Although her high heels and disproportionately long, slender legs made her appear taller than she actually was, I estimated that her height was only about 5’4” to 5’5” tall in bare feet.   

My daughter was eager to make friends and she said, “I’m going to be a high school sophomore when school starts next month.  So, Lulu – are you going to the same school as me?  I’m guessing you’re probably a senior, so maybe I’ll still see you around the campus.”

“Oh heavens, no,” replied Lulu, “I’m only a sophomore as well – maybe we’ll even be in the same classroom together.”

Suddenly, I felt repulsed by my own arousal.  I quietly thought to myself, “Jesus – this Lulu is no older than my own daughter.  God, I hate getting so excited by this child, but she seems so worldly and mature – and might I also add that she’s damn sexy and extremely beautiful.”

Amy interrupted my thoughts when she said, “Well, Lulu – in that case I’m sure we’ll even be riding the same school bus together.  I want you to meet all my friends – and I’ll show you who to stay away from.”

“Thank you so much, Amy.  I’ve had some trepidation about me first day of school here in the states.  It’s comforting to know that you can be me chaperone.”

“No big deal,” replied Amy.  “That’s what friends are for.  Say, I want to show you my room.  I’ve got tons of awesome stuff and my walls are covered with pictures taken by my dad, the professional photographer.”

Lulu briefly looked me over from head to toe, and then she looked at me straight in my eyes as she said, “So Oscar, you’re a professional photographer.  I’m aspiring to become a model someday, so perhaps we might be able to perform a photo shoot together,”

Like an embarrassed, girl-shy boy I stammered, “Y-yeah – sounds like a plan.  Would you like to see some of my work?”

“I’d absolutely love to, but me mum told me to hurry back home.  You see the gigantic moving van parked in front of our house?  I need to get the furnishings for me upstairs bedroom properly arranged.”

I stood there dumbfounded while Beth said, “I’m sure you’ll all be too exhausted after your move to make any dinner plans.  Why don’t you invite your mother, father, and any brothers and sisters to join us here for some dinner?  We’d love to meet your whole family.”

“My whole family includes only mummy, daddy and me,” said Lulu, “but your kind dinner offer sounds simply divine.  When shall I bring them over?”

“Whenever it’s convenient for you.  I’m making a big dish of stuffed Italian lasagna.”

“That’s sounds positively delicious, ma’am – and Oscar, I look forward to seeing you later tonight.  Let’s talk about your photography.  Ta-ta,” said Lulu as she stared straight at me with her young, yet very sultry eyes.”

Chapter 2

As soon as Lulu left, Beth asked Amy to help her in the kitchen to prepare a few extra hors d’oeuvres to accompany her lasagna main entre.  I decided to spend some time washing and preparing myself for our evening guests – especially for the enticing, young British enchantress, Lulu.

I decided to shave first, taking special care to groom my mustache.  I flossed and thoroughly brushed my teeth, then I gargled with mouthwash.

As I undressed to take a refreshing shower I noticed my naked reflection in the mirror.  I wasn’t fat by any means, but I felt compelled to suck in my stomach just a bit tighter.  I was particularly surprised that my penis appeared to be longer and fuller than usual, even though my erection had subsided when Lulu left my house.  I thought, “Gee whiz – with such an impressive member, I ought to be a lead actor in a porno movie.”

I found myself happily humming the old song, “I’m too sexy,” by Right Said Fred as I worked up a thick lather of shampoo which I liberally applied to my hair as well as the rest of my entire body.  My thoughts centered on replaying every detail of my initial encounter with Lulu – including mentally repeating each and every word she spoke, as well as recalling every gorgeous millimeter of her face and body.  I closed my eyes and even reflected on the intoxicating fragrance of her perfume.  Once again, my penis rose straight up.  The sensation of the warm, pulsating water raining on my private parts triggered a violent orgasm.  A shockingly big wad of my cream splattered against the shower wall with startling force – yet the only contact I had with my genitals was from normal washing.  In fact, I had never shot my cream so far and so hard in my entire life – dating back to my teenage years.  Hallelujah – I was definitely NOT IMPOTENT.

Feeling thoroughly rejuvenated after a lengthy shower, I towel dried myself and applied copious amounts of my favorite aftershave lotion.  Thereafter, I spent an unusually long amount of time in my walk-in closet deciding what to wear.  I finally decided to wear something slimming: dark navy slacks, and a powder blue, short sleeved dress shirt with the top three buttons undone to display the upper part of my hairy, muscular chest.  Over the years, I generally wore my wedding ring most of the time, but on this occasion I decided to leave it stashed in my bedroom drawer.

The aroma of Beth’s lasagna permeated the house from the kitchen below.  I overheard an excited Amy engaged in conversation with her mom about Lulu.  While I’m sure that Amy’s interest in Lulu significantly differs from mine, I can emphatically state that Lulu is the sort of girl who makes a lasting impression on any person she meets.

I decided to kill a bit of time in my upstairs den.  I went over to the window to see how the moving crew was doing...  By now the big truck was nearly empty, so I guessed that our guests would be arriving in about an hour or so.  My office den’s window overlooked our neighbor’s backyard.  Wow – I had a birds-eye view of their large swimming pool – it was twice as big as ours.  Oh, I sure hope I get the opportunity to spy on Lulu while she’s sunbathing and swimming. 

Suddenly, my eye detected some motion coming from an upstairs window.  It was Lulu smiling and waving at me…  Oh my God, Lulu’s bedroom window was located less than 50 feet away directly across from my office den.  My heart pounded hard as I tried to act in a normal fashion by simply smiling and waving back to her.  I quickly sat down in front of my computer, and acted like I was busy doing something.

Fifteen minutes later, just as Beth and Amy finished setting the table, the doorbell rang...

I stumbled as I rushed down the stairs like an excited child.  Fortunately, I avoided injury by clinging onto the banister.

The porch light had automatically been switched on with the arrival of twilight time.  I opened the door to find Lulu flanked by a petite-looking mother in her forties wearing white pants and a floral top, and a tough-looking father wearing a bandana.  He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and he wore leather boots.  He wasn’t particularly big, but he was an imposing man with sturdy, sinewy arms covered with numerous tattoos.

“Good-evening, Oscar,” said Lulu.  “I hope were not too late.  These are me parents, Mandy and Oliver.”

While I shook her parents’ hands and introduced myself, I found it impossible to take my eyes off Lulu.  She had completely outdone herself to make a sexy impression…  She wore a white silk shirt with her sleeves rolled up to her elbows.  The front buttons were completely undone all the way to her navel, and she was obviously not wearing a bra.  Her pastel green & blue pleated micro-mini skirt was complemented by her shiny, black stiletto high heel shoes with ruffled-top, white bobby socks.

I secretly bit my tongue to stave off the arrival of a new surge of blood flow to my private region.  Fortunately, I was bailed out of trouble by the prompt arrival of Beth and Amy.

“So, welcome to America,” said Beth as she eagerly shook hands with Mandy.

“Thank you for your generous hospitality,” answered Mandy in an accent similar to Lulu’s.

Meanwhile, Oliver gave me a handshake with such force that it actually caused some level of pain.  He said in a Cockney accent, “Blimey, I’ve been hoisting bloody furniture around the dwelling all day, and I haven’t had time to shower up, so I hope me body odor doesn’t offends ya.”

“Relax, Oliver,” I replied.  “Moving is always quite a big chore.  Come on in and let’s have some dinner.  I’ll bet you worked up quite an appetite.”

Amy was a bit intimidated by Oliver, so she moved further away from him as she led Lulu towards the dining room.  She said, “Gee, Lulu, I sure love your wickedly short skirt. My mom would never let me wear one so tiny.”

“Oh, that’s a shame, Amy – I can see that you have a nice pair of legs.  You ought to proudly display them.”

Come to think of it, Lulu was right.  I had never really given too much thought about Amy’s appearance.  She was certainly pretty, but she wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous like Lulu.  Amy was a wholesome, happy, healthy adolescent who had never worn any makeup.  Her long Brunette hair was usually pinned back by a hairpin so as not to cover up her eyes.  On this evening she wore a pair of denim cutoffs, and yes, Lulu was right – Amy’s legs are certainly her best feature.

After seating everyone at our large, oval Cherry-wood dining table, Beth requested to me, “Oscar, honey, please offer Mandy and Oliver some wine while Amy and I bring out the antipasto salad and hors d’oeuvres.  Find out if Lulu prefers milk or a soda pop.”

“Actually, I’m quite accustomed to having a glass of wine with me dinner,” replied Lulu.  “Mummy and daddy say that drinking wine in moderation is good for the body and soul.  I guess it’s a European sort of thing.”

Beth looked a bit shocked until Mandy said, “We never let Lulu drink hard liquor, nor do we ever let her get drunk, but it’s customary over in England – and in most of Europe for that matter – for whole families to share a spot of wine together during mealtime.”

Personally, I wished to see how Lulu would react under the influence of some alcohol, so I said, “We’re all cool here.  Beth, dear – please bring us an extra wine glass for Lulu.  We’re having Lambrusco – a perfect, sweet, full-bodied red wine which goes perfectly with Italian cuisine.”

Amy tugged on my sleeve and quietly whispered, “Dad, would it be OK if I tried a little wine tonight?  I don’t want to feel left out of the party.”

I could tell that having a glass of wine was a big issue for both girls, so I called out, “Beth, make that two extra wine glasses.  It’s time for Amy to have her first taste of wine as well.”

I detected Beth’s disapproval over my decision, but nevertheless she brought out two extra wine glasses for the girls without making a fuss over it.

“Amy, it’s wonderful to see that you have such a liberal-minded father,” said Lulu as she smiled at me in approval while I served the wine.

“Thanks, Dad,” said Amy as she raised her glass to try a sip.  “Say, that’s really tasty.  Don’t worry mom, I’ll drink it very slowly to make one glass last with the whole meal.”

Beth brought out a giant bowl of antipasto salad, along with a platter of Prosciutto wrapped Mozzarella sticks prepared by Amy.  The conversation quickly approached the subject of why their family moved to L.A…

“I’m a makeup artist and hair stylist,” explained Mandy.  “I met Ollie back on a movie set in London while they were filming a James Bond movie.  He’s a stuntman.  I fell in love with him at first sight, though I must admit he’s got a bit of a crazy streak inside him.”

“All we stuntmen are a bunch of raving lunatics,” boasted Oliver, “but I guess that’s how we pique the interest level amongst the ladyfolk.  I fell quickly in love with Mandy as well – I like me women on the petite side, and Mandy is just me type.”

“That sounds wonderfully romantic,” said Beth.  “Although I’m a manager at a local bank now, Oscar and I met back when I was just a bank teller.  Back then, the branch manager demanded that Oscar make a $7 deposit to bring his checking account out of negative figures.  When I overheard him saying that he would have to forego having dinner that day in order to make the deposit, I took pity and offered to take him out to dinner.  One thing led to another, and were still together 16 years later.”

“Oh, Beth,” I replied, “Why did you have to mention that?  Our first encounter sounds so boring in comparison to how our guests met.  Say, Oliver, who was playing James Bond when you two met?  Would it have been either Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton?”

“I’m afraid we’re not quite that elderly,” replied Oliver.  “Pierce Brosnan portrayed James Bond at the time we met.”

“How fascinating,” I commented, “and Mandy, since you are a makeup artist and hair stylist, I imagine you must have fixed up your gorgeous daughter, Lulu.  Isn’t that so?”

Lulu smiled bashfully over my compliment as her mom replied, “You’re absolutely right, Oscar.  Lulu has the potential to become a super model with her stunning looks, but every night I pray to God that she could get one more growth spurt before she reaches her final height.  Right now, she’s only a trifle bit taller than 5’ 4” in bare feet.  Perhaps that’s why she strongly gravitates towards wearing high heel shoes all the time.  While we were moving in our belongings, Lulu excitedly mentioned that you’re a professional photographer, and that you might be interested in helping her to create a portfolio for her to present to the most famous modeling agencies in Los Angeles.  Oscar, would you be willing to help our sweet Lulu to launch her modeling career?”

All day long I’ve been trying to figure out how I can make a legitimate excuse to hang out with this incredibly beautiful and sexy child – and now her mom just gave me the perfect ‘green light’ to do so.  I eagerly responded, “Why of course, I’d love to help out Lulu.”

Beth interjected, “So, I’m guessing that the movie industry in Hollywood prompted your move to America.”

“Yes, that’s very perceptive of you,” said Mandy.  “Ollie is already under contract to perform as a stuntman, and I’ve been hired by Universal Studios as a makeup artist.  Say Oscar, I’d be more than willing to recommend your services to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but I implore you to please help out me dear child launch her modeling career.”

“That’s the best offer I’ve had in ages, but I’m definitely not a modeling agent,” I said while extending out both of my hands to create an imaginary, square frame around Lulu’s face.  “You know, your daughter has some striking features.  I’m sure if she follows my lead, I can take some spectacular photos of her.  She’s certainly very photogenic.  I believe her portfolio should include at least half of her pictures to be shot in a dramatic black and white.”

“Thank you ever so much,” said Lulu.  “I promise to obediently follow all your directions,” as she smiled coyly and gave me a beguiling, quick wink of an eye.”

“Amy, please help me in the kitchen,” said Beth.  “It’s time to serve the lasagna.”

Beth’s lasagna was a raving success, and she received compliments from all of our British guests.  Towards the end of our meal, I accidentally dropped my fork under the table.  The fork ended up coming to rest only inches away from Lulu’s feet.  I had to get down on my hands and knees to retrieve it.  At first, Lulu sat in ladylike fashion, with her legs close together, but as soon as she saw me climbing deep under the table, she spread her legs wide open.  No doubt, she knew that I couldn’t help but gaze up at her crotch.  Her thin, white lace thong panties were pulled up so tightly on her snatch that the fabric was surrounded by the fleshy mounds of her pussy lips.  While in a moment of delirious shock, I accidently bumped the back of my head on the underside of the table…

“Ouch,” I said, as I emerged from beneath the table, beet red from embarrassment – while clenching my dirty fork.

“Oh, honey – I hope you’re OK,” said Beth.  “Let me get you another fork.”

Sensing that I was beet red, I played it off by saying, “I’m sorry, but I get so embarrassed when I do klutzy things,” when in reality, I was fighting a raging boner down in my pants in reaction to the glimpse of heaven I had just witnessed.

Lulu had a naughty look in her eye when looked directly at me and she said, “Oh, Oscar, there’s no need to apologize – I can tell that you definitely are no klutz.”

At the conclusion of dinner, my penis was still uncomfortably erect.  I was relieved when Amy offered to take Lulu up to her room.  Beth offered to take Mandy and Oliver on a tour of the house, but I decided to remain seated at the dining room table…

“Beth, I think I ate too much.  Just let me sit here for a little while.  I got a little woozy from bumping my head.”

“That’s alright, honey.  You sit here just as long as you like.”

A few minutes later, my erection had subsided enough so as not to be too obvious.  I went to the kitchen to do the dishes.  That seemed to help – slightly – to get my mind off of Lulu and her panties stuffed up her crotch…

Upstairs, Amy was busy showing Lulu her room.  She proudly pointed out that I had been the photographer of each of the numerous pictures covering the walls.  The images were mostly outdoor shots, either taken on a beach or by some famous landmark, such as the Golden Gate Bridge. 

“My, oh my – your father is a superb photographer,” exclaimed Lulu.  She privately noted that each of my photos of Amy had captured her in an especially positive light, even though she was no raving beauty.

Minutes later, Amy felt enough of a rapport with Lulu that she began to change their subject to more serious matters: boys. 

“Say, Lulu – honestly, you are truly awesome looking.  I’m sure you already know that.  I’m curious, have you had lots of boyfriends in your life?  Specifically, are you still a virgin?”

A more serious demeanor came across Lulu’s face…  “Boyfriends, yes – I’ve already had plenty of them – usually older guys, some were even in their twenties, but I am still a virgin.  Mummy told me that I can control any male I ever fancy – as long as I don’t go all the way with him.  You see, if I begin to have a sexual relationship with a guy – it will either lead to a lengthy, boringly monotonous relationship, or it will end up in an unpleasant breakup.  That’s why I like to tantalize me boyfriends by constantly allowing them to make progress towards capturing the Holy Grail which us girls possess between our limbs, yet without letting them hit their so-called, ‘Home Run’, as the Yankee boys over here like to call it.  Besides, if daddy ever caught one of them actually deflowering me, I’m sure he’d end up killing him.”

“Wow, Lulu – that’s deep.  You know, I’ve had a bigtime crush on a boy at school, and I was thinking of sleeping with him once the school year starts again, but what you said makes an awful lot of sense.  I think I’ll be play-acting like you, and let him work towards reaching third base, while never truly hitting the Grand Slam Homer.  Thank you for the awesome advice.”

“I’m afraid I don’t really understand your baseball lingo, but you’re welcome anyway,” replied a partially baffled Lulu.  “Say, Amy – do you mind if we exchange phone numbers?”

“For sure,” said Amy as she grabbed a notepad and pen, “but I’m going to have to give you my dad’s smartphone number for now.  You see, he’s punishing me for losing my phone at the mall.  He said if my next report card shows improving grades, he’ll buy me a new one.”

The dinner party quickly wound down thereafter.  Mandy and Oliver were exhausted…  Soon, the guests assembled to return home after an exhausting day of moving.  We all exchanged farewells, along with promises of getting back together real soon.  Amy went to get ready for bed in her own bathroom, while Beth used the master bedroom’s bath to prepare herself.  Beth always took forever to prepare herself, so I went to the den to peak at my e-mails online. 

A few minutes later, I saw the lights coming on in Lulu’s room.  I was shocked to see that her blinds had been left wide open.  Lulu had apparently just taken a shower – she had a small towel wrapped over her hair, and a larger towel covering her body.  Instinctively, I immediately shut off the light in the den so I could observe my fantasy girl while lurking in the dark. 

“Oh – my God…”

Suddenly, Lulu removed both of her towels – she now stood before me stark naked!  I quickly fumbled around in the dark, and I was lucky to find a camera with telescopic lens.

I quivered with nervous delight as I watched this nubile goddess applying moisturizing cream to her entire body, and then she slowly brushed out her luxurious blond hair with careful, rhythmic strokes.  Sweat beads formed on my head as I firmly grasped my camera.  The show ended with her putting on a flimsy, see-through nighty.  A moment later, the room went dark.

I just leaned back in my office chair, sitting in a dark, quiet room.  The only sound was that of my heavy breathing.  Suddenly, my smartphone started to buzz.  I checked it, and I was astounded to see the following text message: DID U ENJOY THE SHOW?