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By: Markus Fredericks


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About The Author


My name is Markus Fredericks, and I AM A MAN ON A MISSION… I have a BA in Economics from the University of Washington (Phi Beta Kappa), but I’m better known as an author of wild, action-packed novels in a wide variety of genres (please visit my website at – thanks!).


The ideology of this book potentially will revolutionize the world. ‘Just give me the ball, and let me run with it’…  The quality of life on our planet Earth is in a tailspin to certain disaster, and I have specific plans to redirect the path that we are presently on.  Go right ahead and scoff at my claim of ‘fixing our broken world’.  I am quite sure you’ll feel differently by the time you finish reading this concisely written, straight-to-the-point book.

So have a seat and buckle up your seat belt. This book is about to take you on a very wild ride indeed…


Markus Fredericks




Most people are familiar with the age-old board game called MONOPOLY. Here’s how a hypothetical game started between a group of fifth grade boys…

Johnny owned the board, so he decided it was fair for him to alter the rules to his benefit…

“I want to remind you all that since my dad bought me this game, I get to be the banker. I also automatically get to roll the dice first.  If you got a problem with that, you can just leave.”

The other kids just shook their heads in disbelief, but they agreed to abide by Johnny’s rules since they had no other choice.

“OK, I’ll let Timmy roll second, since he’s my best friend. I’ll also let him have all the railroads to begin the game, and he can have an extra $500 from everyone else’s cash.”

An unhappy looking Eddie said, “Say, what’s up with that?”

Johnny looked at him with stern eyes and said, “Don’t forget who owns this game. For that snide comment of yours, you get to go last.  Besides, you’re black, so you’ll only be allowed to buy Mediterranean Avenue.”

An equally unhappy Bobby noted, “Say, Johnny – I noticed you didn’t pay Timmy the extra $500 like everyone else. Did you forget to do that?”

“Hell no. I’m the banker, so I don’t need to do that. Besides, all the money in the bank belongs to me anyway.  Oh, and before I forget, I always begin every game of Monopoly by already owning Boardwalk and Park Place – with hotels already built on them.  OK, I’m ready to roll...  Oh, lucky me – I rolled double fours, so I’ll go ahead and buy Vermont Avenue, and then I get to roll again.  Gee, guys, isn’t this fun?”

IT JUST AIN’T FAIR… As unfair as this fictitious Monopoly Game scenario sounds, real life, as we experience it on this planet Earth, is even more skewed.  Unfair and imbalanced opportunities are the ‘norm’, and not the ‘exception’. 

Let’s take a look at an example of four different children, none of whom have even been conceived yet… The first future baby is born into a family headed by a billionaire corporate CEO.  The second future baby is going to be my future grandchild born into a ‘middle class’ setting – that is if I’m lucky enough to maintain my ‘middle class’ status (which is no easy task in our current economy).  The third baby is born into a poor, ‘gang-ridden’, ghetto neighborhood in an urban American city.  Finally, the fourth baby in our discussion is born into an impoverished African village in a dirt hut where the family’s main concerns are finding the next meal and avoiding the ultra-violent, militant guerrillas.  What happened to the axiom, ‘all men are created equal’?  I fail to see to see any semblance of equality here at all…

For starters, the poor child born into the impoverished African village has virtually no opportunity at all. Amazingly enough there are a handful of success stories coming even out of such extremely hostile situations, but those exceptions are extremely rare.  That child will be considered fortunate just to survive.

The baby born into a gang-ridden, American ghetto will seem fortunate only when compared to the African village baby. Most likely he will have electricity and running water in his house.  In all likelihood, he will not starve to death.  However, he will feel a large amount of pressure to join a gang when he becomes older – often out of the necessity of getting protection against other vicious gang members who actively patrol the neighborhood streets.  Nevertheless, his opportunities are quite bleak unless he happens to grow up to be seven feet tall and can really dunk a basketball.

Next, I will analyze my own future grandchild’s future... None of my children have kids of their own yet, but chances are good that someday I will become a grandfather.  Assuming the ‘status quo’, my future grandchild will have the basic food, clothing and shelter provided.  However unless something dramatically escalates the family income or there becomes a major policy makeover with regards to higher education, my future grandchild (and similarly for my own school-age children) will not be able to afford to attend university.  Oh sure, there’s always the possibility of a scholarship, but once again that is the ‘exception’ and not the ‘norm’.  Even with the help of a ‘student loan’, my future grandchild will begin a career so deeply in debt that it may take him/her a decade or two to pay off the loan (if not longer).

Finally, we have our future billionaire baby. He isn’t even born yet, and he’s already ‘got it made’.  As long as he is born essentially ‘healthy’, opportunities will abound for him.  An upscale university education is guaranteed once grandpa makes his sizeable charitable donation to the university’s coffers.  A starting ‘vice president’ position awaits him at his grandpa’s company as soon as he graduates.  He probably doesn’t even have to go for a ‘formal job interview’ since the company’s personnel director works for his grandfather. The deck is clearly stacked in his favor.  Of course, when dear-old-grandpa kicks the bucket someday, the family fortunes are passed onto this lucky kid born with a ‘silver spoon’ (or should I say ‘gold spoon’?).

Thus, I have described the futures for four children whom haven’t even been born yet. Now it’s my turn to scream, “IT JUST AIN’T FAIR.”  Real life, unfortunately, is at least as unfair as my fictitious Monopoly Game example. However in the board game of Monopoly, we simply would not tolerate having such unfair imbalances.  Thus, why should we tolerate having such unfair imbalances in real life as well?  My proposal is to first inform the world, and then stubbornly push onwards to ‘level the playing field’.  When you reach my chapter on ‘Economics’, you will see that I am firmly opposed to ‘Communism’. However, drastic revolutionary reforms must happen worldwide – soon, before it becomes too late.

Special note to skeptical ‘naysayers’: This is the 3rd edition of ‘BLUEPRINTS FOR A BETTER WORLD’.  Although the vast majority of the responses I got from my first and second editions were supportive and complimentary, a number of other responders resorted to using crude insults (including threatening sounding responses laced with copious amounts of profanity).  I don’t claim to be a ‘know it all’ with every answer to every detail of every problem encountered on our relatively tiny planet – BUT, I offer some refreshingly unique ideas to reroute the world from its clearly destructive path.  Thus, I welcome all comments, both positive and negative (AKA: constructive criticism) but try to respond in a civilized manner.  You may contact me directly via the ‘contact button’ on my website at:


Chapter 1



The Good, The Bad, And The UGLY: Over the next 100 years, our world will undergo many changes – some will be ‘good’, many will be ‘bad’, but the one single word that summarizes the state of the world 100 years from now is ‘UGLY’…

I was born in the USA in 1958. I was a school age boy during the 1960’s and 1970’s.  I remember our reference books reported back then that the world population was right around 3 billion people.  I also remember that they stated that the world population was only around one billion in 1900, and that the population was only around 250 million back in 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered America (or should I say, ‘rediscovered America’?).  Well, the world population now (2017 A.D.) is right around eight billion people.  If it makes a bigger impact to you, I’ll spell it out numerically: 8,000,000,000!!!  During my lifetime, I’ve already witnessed the doubling of America’s population since I was a child.  Barring any unpredictable cataclysm (such as a crashing ‘mega asteroid’ from outer space), our population will keep on growing.  It roughly doubles every forty years.  Thus, 100 years from now, I conservatively predict the world’s population will be somewhere around 40 BILLION PEOPLE.

I believe it is very reasonable to think of the Earth as a large spaceship orbiting a small star we call the Sun. I used to watch the TV show ‘Star Trek’ in the 1970’s when I was a kid.  If memory serves me right, the starship ‘Enterprise’ was designed to support a population of 700.  Well, try to imagine stuffing 10,000 people onto a starship that is designed for 700.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the living conditions on that spaceship will be pretty awful, to put it mildly.  As overcrowding becomes worse, people will resort to more cheating and stealing just to make up for basic shortages.  Even ‘normal people’ may resort to criminal activity under extreme conditions, such as when survival is at stake.  We all know that desperate people perform desperate deeds, and desperation worldwide is definitely on the rise.

On the same train of thought, our planet has a very finite size, with finite (and dwindling) natural resources. I’ll bet you the universe that our ‘planet Earth spaceship’ is not designed to sustain 8 billion people – and much less the anticipated 40 billion population figure that we will be reaching in a short century.  Most people would agree with me that living conditions on Earth are worsening.  Unfortunately, the prognosis for our worldwide situation is that conditions will continue to regress dramatically, unless major changes are initiated now.  Something must be done – and I have a plan…

Before we look at the plan, let me mention that it’s not just our rapid birth rates that contribute to overpopulation. First, technology, that being the ‘good technology’ of improvements in the medical field, has helped to reduce the rate of infant mortality, so that a much higher than ever percentage of newborn babies survive.  Secondly, the ‘good technology’ has greatly increased the average life expectancy of the average earthling by a lot.  Don’t misunderstand me by thinking I am anti-technology.  I am 110% for developing technology that improves, lengthens, and enhances lives.  However, it is an inevitable side effect that technology contributes to our world’s overpopulation.

‘Shrinking Planet’: Our planet is truly shrinking, both metaphorically, and even in actual size… Since this chapter is all about a 100 year forecast, there is clear evidence that the polar ice is melting.  While it can be debated whether or not man’s pollution is the main cause of the Earth’s rising temperature (via the ‘greenhouse effect’) the fact of matter is that ICE IS MELTING, regardless of blame.  If the ice continues to melt, eventually the sea level will rise by a significant amount.  Needless to say, lowland coastal areas, such as many parts of Florida, will disappear into the sea, and countless coastal areas worldwide will become submerged.  Truly the square mileage of total land space will shrink noticeably, and thus further adding to overcrowding... Maybe that old joke that goes something like, “I can sell you some oceanfront property in Kansas”, might actually become a harsh reality someday.

Metaphorically, the world is shrinking in a different way. Not long ago, a simple journey from Europe to America would have taken over a month by sailing ship.  Communication between distant places was equally slow.  Today, we can hop on a jet and cross the Atlantic Ocean in a few hours, and we can instantly communicate by using telephones, cell phones, skype, text messaging, and computer e-mails which travel at the speed of light.  It made sense in the past to have isolated autonomous governments with their own constitutions.  It still does, but things have changed.  Our global economies have become fully integrated, intertwined, and dependent on each other.  There is a real need to create a new worldwide governing body with its own constitution to handle certain big issues that affect occurrences beyond the boundaries of individual countries.  By all means, we will still keep our individual national borders, languages, religions, cultures, and our individual governments.  However, the time is now to create a new, worldwide decision making body, and all national governments will need to honor decisions rendered by a ‘world council’ when an international conflict arises.  For example, when a nuclear disaster in Chernobyl affects half of Europe, or polluting factories in China affects Greenland’s ice shelf, we’ll need more of a ‘team government’ to handle the issues.  A significant portion of my plan includes a humane and equitable strategy to target population management.  That idea will be fully explored later in this book.  That’s the underlying reason why I titled this book, ‘BLUEPRINTS FOR A BETTER WORLD’.

Earlier, I mentioned ‘good technology’ as being helpful primarily in the health and medical field, but there is another newer technology that is currently in its infant stages that will be making vast advances over the next 100 years. That technology, my friends, is the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.  I think we are less than 100 years away from developing true, human-like robots that can be substituted for people.  We are rapidly headed in that direction.  I’m talking about the robotics that will increase the average human worker’s productivity by a whole lot – the kind of robots that can allow a single man to do the work of a dozen (or more).  Today, America’s unemployment rate is described as ‘normal’ – a bit higher than 4%, although the effective, actual rate is somewhat higher due to the factor of ‘discouraged workers’ and the ‘under-employed’.  When the true age of robotics arrives, unemployment rates of 30%, 40%, and even 50% can be expected as the ‘new normal’, and the so-called middle class will largely disappear.

A big company like our airplane builder, Boeing, which currently employs over 80,000 workers (who often seem ready to go on strike), would enthusiastically chose to have a robotic work force instead of dealing with disgruntled human laborers.  They could replace most of those 80,000 well-paid workers with about 1,000 robotic engineers, and still produce the same number of airplanes.  Boeing never needs to pay a robot a ‘Christmas Bonus’, ‘sick leave’, ‘maternity leave’, Department of Labor & Industry injury claims, paid vacations, and make contributions towards ‘retirement pension plans’.  Besides, robots don’t cheat and steal from the company they work for.  Most labor unions will lose any collective bargaining strength they have at present.  The robots are just too hard to compete against.  Thus, my theory is that robotics will lead to vastly greater productivity, which in turn significantly reduces the demand for human labor.

Robotics have already advanced a great deal since I mentioned them in my first edition of BLUEPRINTS FOR A BETTER WORLD…

Back in 2010, the big news story was the huge oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico when British Petroleum’s oil rig blew up. Of course, the whole world was upset over the incredible mess it made, but at the same time I found it fascinating that they used robots at around 5,000 feet below sea level to repair the leak.  Of course, no deep sea diver could go that far down and survive.  While robots are still in their infancy stage, they will make major advances during the next century.  To be sure, the full arrival of the robotic era will be a double-edged sword: on the one hand, productivity and profitability will soar to fantastic heights, while at the same time MANY jobs will be permanently replaced by a far more efficient robotic labor force.

Robotics don’t always involve a mechanized critter that resembles C3PO from Star Wars. For example, one of the varieties of robotics, which is coming very soon to a ‘car dealer near you’, involves ‘self-driven vehicles’.  While that’s a technological advance with many desirable aspects, including: the elimination of drivers falling asleep at the wheel; breaking of traffic laws; and people driving while intoxicated, just imagine what that would do for cab drivers, bus drivers, and truck drivers. While this isn’t exactly a robot driving a car, the need for human participation (when it comes to driving) will soon be eliminated. Some of this is definitely for the better, yet I wonder, how many millions of people will become unemployed as a result of just this one single, new technology?

When the technology is originally marketed to the consumers, will they all immediately run out to buy the new ‘computer driven car technology’? Not immediately.  Initially, the price will probably be quite high, but as monopolistic pricing will encourage more competition, prices will end up quite affordable.

I remember back in 1974, my dad bought me one of the early calculators. It was a clunky Texas Instruments basic model.  It only could perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, it had a single memory, and a square root button on it.  I took special care of it since my dad paid $149 plus tax for it.  That equals about $400 in today’s dollars.  Very few students had a calculator back then.  Since 1974, calculators have become quite cheap.  A generic calculator with similar functions costs under $5.00 today, yet few people buy one, since smartphones are already equipped with calculator capability.

While economists have always cried about inflation, I need to point out technological advances always makes high tech products cheaper over time. Similar to my calculator example are flat screen TV’s, DVD players, GPS navigation systems, computer equipment, and cell phones/smartphones have all had a ‘deflationary’ affect.  Prices continue to drop, and the products continue to improve.

To be sure, the earlier robots to be developed will appear prohibitively expensive as well. Possibly so expensive that the public doesn’t recognize the robots as a potential threat to their own employment.  The people  had better not get too complacent, since before 100 years have passed, the price of robotics will come down to the point where human labor (even minimum wage labor) seems expensive when compared  to the price of robots.  This will lead to the next disaster…

The Greatest Depression of 2088 A.D. Why will 2088 have such a major depression?  History shows that the economy runs in roughly 80 year cycles.  The crash of 1929 was 79 years before the Great Recession of 2008.  Supposedly, we have recovered from that deep recession (although that’s a topic for a different debate), and theoretically, our economy will chug along until the next great economic implosion again in 2088.  Apparently, an 80 year cycle roughly coincides with the typical human life span.  Virtually anybody who was an adult back during the last depression has already died.  When nobody is around who learned the lessons the hard way, mistakes will be repeated.  This next time will be no different.  The robot era will trigger a new economic bubble.  The profiteers will become euphoric, then suddenly the bubble will burst, and the ‘party is over’.

The main reason that our Great Recession of 2008 was milder than the 1930’s Depression is that we currently have great growth coming from the ‘emerging markets’ in China and India. They are still growing their economies by around 10% per year, and their combined populations represent about one third of the world’s population.

That will be quite different in 2088. The world will have completed its greatest growth spurt ever stemming from the seemingly endless economic growth provided by robotics.  It will surely have been the ‘king of all bubbles’.  Yet, this bubble will ultimately burst on itself when unemployment becomes too high due to near zero hiring by large companies.  Thus, the purchasing power of the consumer plummets, and the world economies will suffer the longest and deepest depression ever seen.

The difference between 2088 versus 2008 is that China and India will no longer be emerging markets with 10% annual growth rates, and they will not be able to bailout the world economy as they did in 2008’s recession. This next time China and India, with a combined population of close to 5 billion in 2088 will probably have an unemployment rate of over 50%.  This will happen when low cost producing factories in China and India switch to a robotic labor force.  So, even summoning the ghost of the great economist, Milton Friedman, won’t cure that giant depression.

According to news reports, our economy has already recovered from the Great Recession of 2008, and supposedly unemployment levels have returned down to ‘full employment’ levels. However, with each vicious economic cycle, the middle class family takes it on the chin.  Not only do unemployment figures fail to account for ‘discouraged workers’, there is an ever present, growing problem of the so-called ‘under-employed’ class. 

For example, when many old, established banks went out of business during the last recession (such as Washington Mutual Bank), many well-paying bank jobs were lost forever. Many of the upper-middle class employees who were accustomed to earning six-figure incomes were forced to accept new jobs paying half as much – or even less.  That’s just a microcosm of similar happenings across the board, yet their individual hardships don’t register at all within the reported unemployment statistics.  Getting back to my Monopoly Game example, the last economic cycle represents one full trip around the board for all the players, whereby at least one of the poorer players was completely eliminated, and the ‘middle class’ players became progressively more squeezed on cash, while the kid with hotels built on Boardwalk and Park Place continued to rake it in.

In a nutshell, the economy nevertheless has improved slightly and slowly, and the president (past or present) will declare that his economic programs are/were a roaring success, when in reality, we can all attribute the growing economies in China and India as being the real reason the last recession wasn’t twice as severe, and for twice as long of a period of time.

With each minor business cycle downturn, the corporate CEO’s will figure out how to get the same amount of work produced by fewer and fewer workers. This is called increased productivity. As robotics and other technology contribute to labor productivity, companies will become less motivated in hiring a bunch of expensive employees.  The labor force will have to do more work, get paid less money, and face stiffer competition from hungrier unemployed workers.

However, prior to year 2088, the robotic era will lead to more and more wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people. Within a few short decades from now, I believe the richest people will be the primary developers of robotics.  The next richest bunch will be company CEO’s who have largely replaced their wage intensive work force with cheaper, headache-free robots.  The masses of poverty stricken people will comprise well in excess of 50% of the entire population, with a smallish middle class.  The middle class will include teachers, white collar management positions, a few surviving small-business owners, and policemen. I can see that police crews will need to grow in force, since many of the rich people will need protection from the hungry, poor, desperate masses. Of course, even the police departments may be able to shrink as well if we ever reach the “ROBOCOP” development stage (as in the 1980’s movie). 

During the next 100 years, a lot of food shortages are likely to happen. They claim that technological advances in farming will help feed a growing population. I dispute that on several fronts. First, weather patterns in general are changing.  More disruptive weather such as severe hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rains in some areas, total droughts in others, and unseasonably hot and cold spells all wreak havoc on farmers.  Some scientists even predict a returning ‘dust bowl’ (a la 1930’s) for our country’s “farm belt”.  These weather pattern changes probably are the result of global warming. 

On the other hand, companies such as Monsanto are developing GMO food products to feed a starving world. While on the surface that may sound like a noble undertaking, there is a very sinister ulterior motive involved.  The acronym ‘GMO’ stands for ‘genetically modified organism’.  One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to arrive at the conclusion that such ‘laboratory foods’ have dire, unhealthy side effects, such as: causing cancer, diabetes, and obesity to name just a few.  I’m appalled at how many obese teenagers there are today – obesity has truly become an epidemic.  The primary customers of GMO foods belong to the lower and middle classes, since they no longer can afford to eat ‘the good stuff’.  There is real evidence that Monsanto is contributing to the gradual extermination of the poorer classes by reducing their respective life expectancies, with the intent that the ultra-rich may inherit the entire world (a likely strategy of the infamous Illuminati – more on that in later chapters).

For a variety of reasons, both known and unknown, even the insect world is becoming nastier. Many insects have adapted their bodies to become pesticide resistant.  Swarms of locusts, army ants, and even killer bees will hurt farm productivity in many parts of the world.

Many popular types of fish are likely to disappear altogether. That’s due to a combination of increasing food demand, over-fishing due to the never ending greed of professional fishermen, and even the effects of global warming are adversely affecting the entire seafood industry.  Similarly, meat production, which involves animals in the middle of the food chain, will end up in shortage.  We use corn to feed much of our livestock, but now much of our corn crop will be used to make “ethanol” (a substitute for imported oil/gasoline).  Of course, the price of meat will rise to the point where only the rich can afford it.  One hundred years from now, sadly a Thanksgiving Day turkey feast will only be available to the upper classes (unless Monsanto pumps enough poison into a regular turkey to make it grow into a 1,000 pound beast to feed the starving masses).

So what do hungry starving desperate people generally do? They revolt.  First, let’s look at the French Revolution.  This was one of the earlier noteworthy ‘war between the classes’.  This culminated with the snobbish French Queen Marie Antoinette being guillotined.  Since history repeats itself, an eerily similar situation happened a little over 100 years later with the Russian Revolution in 1916.

The Russian masses were starving and abused. They were kept under control by the military which represented the elite Russian aristocracy.  So along came Lenin to unite the masses, and the revolution was on.

Lenin’s revolution was based on the communist theory, originally developed by Karl Marx. Marx claimed that the proletariat masses would always be competing with one another for jobs, and thereby keeping workers’ wages at bare minimum subsistence levels.  Keep in mind that Marx wrote his communist manifesto in the mid 1800’s, prior to the formation of any labor unions.

Since labor unions with their collective bargaining powers came to be, wages and the standard of living have been elevated in the capitalist world. This spurred the growth of a large middle class.  However, with the full arrival of robotics, labor unions will lose all their bargaining powers, since they are at a major competitive disadvantage to compete with the robots.  Thus, without strong labor unions in the future, our middle class will disappear, and our society will end up resembling pre-revolution Russia.  That sounds like déjà vu all over again.  The only difference is that this next time, the rich will mobilize a robotic army to subdue the masses.  Man versus robotic machines.  If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the robots.

Once we combine the devastating effects of the Greatest Depression of 2088 with a world population that has ballooned to around 30-40 billion, things are going to become extremely ‘ugly’. With as many as 20-25 billion people living below the poverty line, many social behavioral barriers will fall.  Billions of hungry people will eat literally anything.  Look for people’s pet dogs and stray cats to be captured and eaten.  I remember reading when the city of Leningrad was besieged by the Nazis in WWII, the starving people even turned to cannibalism just to survive.  Back then, orphaned children were often captured, then ground up and turned into sausages.  Bon appetit.

Since history has a way of repeating itself, one can expect even unthinkable acts of cannibalism to happen on a regular basis. I suppose Earth’s population may eventually peak out and stabilize at around the 35 billion figure since cannibalism may prevent the population from growing even further.

A certain percentage of our population will come to the conclusion that it is better to be incarcerated than to live homeless and hungry. At least in prison one is provided with some food and shelter.  That may easily be a logical choice for somebody who is starving and freezing to death.  Thus, expect prisons to be brimming full of inmates seeking to improve their standard of living.  Many ‘regular people’ will commit various crimes with the intention of being caught, just to earn them the ‘luxury of jail life’.

Of course, only a portion of the jail inmate population will be comprised of people who freely choose to be incarcerated. The other portion of inmates will be in jail against their will.  Since I was a child, I have been told that ‘drugs are for people who can’t handle reality’. Thus, the question I give to you is, “With the quality of life deteriorating horribly over the course of the next 100 years, what percentage of the grief and stress stricken masses will become addicted to mind-altering drugs or alcohol?”  Those numbers surely will reach unheard of numbers.

We are not talking about some marijuana use (which thankfully is becoming legalized in some places), but truly hardcore extreme drugs. I remember when heroin was all the rage in the 1970’s.  Next, cocaine became the hard drug of choice in the 1980’s.  Nowadays, the addicts have progressed to using ‘meth’, and heroin has made a strong comeback.  Who even knows what kind of nasty drug will become the popular choice 100 years from now.  I’ll bet they invent some new extreme drug that totally eliminates any sense of reality.  With the miserable projected state of the world in 2088, it’s hard to blame anybody who turns to drugs as a way to escape the tortures of everyday life.  Thus, 100 years from now, expect at least half of the entire population to become totally addicted to some mean drug that has not even been invented yet.

I don’t want my readers to scoff at these predictions. Do not make the mistake of overestimating the ‘moral fiber’ of our society.  Keep in mind when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, many chose to stay behind there during the peak of the hurricane just to go looting businesses.  They even looted their next door neighbors’ homes – so much for ‘high morals’.  With billions of more people overcrowding the world, it will truly be ‘every man for himself’.  That kind of selfish attitude will become a necessity just in order to survive.

I’ve been primarily focusing on the demise of the middle class, and the vast expansion of the ‘regular’ poverty level people. However, even at the very extreme, bottom end of the poorer class are the truly homeless, panhandler types.  As sad as life is for today’s typical panhandler, conditions for the beggars will become far worse for the beggars of tomorrow.  Obviously, with so many billions of more beggars, there will be stiff competition for the few dollars of charity available to be handed out.

Today, one usually sees just one beggar at a time on any given street corner. Imagine several of them standing next to each other at the same street corner.  One can expect violent fights to occur between bums over a prime busy street corner they view as a ‘beggars’ hot spot’.

As society continues to crumble, more beggars will gain notoriety for robbing the people generous enough to donate a buck in the first place. This will lead to paranoia among the remaining charitable people, which in turn reduces the net total of charitable donations.

Sadly, I predict that the lifestyle of tomorrow’s panhandler will be noticeably worse than the lifestyle of today’s impoverished. According to Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’, even the homeless bums will split up into a hierarchy of subclasses, with the more successful panhandlers being the ‘alpha males’ rather similar to the ‘baboon society’.

Naturally, nobody aspires to become homeless. Most people would rather be a member of the upper class elite.  However, even with their piles of money, the rich people will have to live in security guarded neighborhoods.  They will have to hire armed bodyguards to take their kids to their private schools.  Kidnapping of rich kids for cash ransom will become a booming industry.  While I have a hard time feeling sorry for the ultra-wealthy, conditions of the world will deteriorate to the point where even the rich people of tomorrow won’t be able to enjoy the perks that the rich people are enjoying today.

In conclusion, the poor people will suffer horribly. The middle class will mostly vanish.  Amazingly, even the rich people of tomorrow will be living in fear and paranoia of the revolting poor.  Ultimately, there will be virtually no joy left for hardly anyone.  So that is ‘the good, the bad, and the UGLY’ of the world for the next 100 years.

This all sounds like a pretty damn awful place to live in, unless something is done about it. PS: for what it’s worth, I am by no means a prophet, clairvoyant, nor am I a psychic of any kind. I’m just an extremely logical-thinking, observant guy with a lot of imagination. I happen to see some very disturbing trends. I used to be my school’s chess champion, so maybe I’m accustomed to ‘thinking several moves ahead’.  That’s how I derived my 100 year forecast.



Chapter 2


With an introduction to: FAIR LAISSEZ FAIRE ECONOMICS

Before I explain the changes I propose, I want to show a major basic difference between traditional economic ideology and that of my own…  I want everybody to think in terms of ‘PER CAPITA’ as being the measuring stick of success or failure.  Today (2017), economists are still trying to convince the general public that the US economy has truly ‘recovered from the recession’, since GDP (gross national product) is rising at the annual rate of around 2% or so.  While I agree that 2% is better than either zero percent or negative growth (as was the case during the recession of 2008), it is really a pretty terrible number.  Here’s why…

If our GDP grows at 2%, while our population grows at 3% annually, the GDP per capita is actually shrinking. Even prior to the Great Recession of 2008, the government seemed to be pleased when average GDP growth was between 3% and 4%.  Anything above 4% was considered to be inflationary, and therefore ‘bad’.  I say, “Bah humbug, Mr. Scrooge,” – 3% to 4% average growth has led to zero or even slightly negative improvements with regards to ‘income per capita’.  This has gone on in America for decades, and not just during the last recession.  Our standard of living is going down, and not up.  Many of you may remember the period in the 1950’s and 1960’s when a family would flourish with the income of just one ‘bread winner’ (usually the dad), and the mother was a great housekeeper, who did a fine job raising the kids.

My example becomes far more pronounced when one factors in inflation as well. Let’s say, ‘Country A’s’ GDP in ‘year one’ is $100 billion, and they have annual 3% GDP growth. Thus, for ‘year two’, the total GDP figure is $103 billion.  If their rate of inflation was 3%, their REAL GDP growth was zero.  Now factor in a 3% growth in population.  As you can see, the standard of living is truly deteriorating, since the per capita GDP is shrinking.  That’s been happening in America long before the Great Recession of 2008.  So when your current crop of politicians claim that our recession has already ended (while sporting a big phony smile on their faces), just keep in mind that the poor and middle classes have been in a 50 year long recession.  However, there seems to be ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’ – unfortunately the light you’re seeing is actually an oncoming train.

Today, for the lucky people who are not facing unemployment and foreclosure, it generally takes two fulltime incomes just to pay the mortgage for one average house. One can say, “So much for the American Dream”.  Thus, step #1 in looking at the economy is to view situations and strategies from a PER CAPITA basis.

There’s a fairly obscure country in northern Europe, called Finland. My mother was born and raised there.  It has a small population, and a GDP which is small in the world rankings due to the tiny size of their population (about five million).  Few outsiders know much about Finland.  They have been a traditional powerhouse in the Winter Olympics sport called ‘biathlon’, which combines cross country skiing with rifle marksmanship. 

Back in WWII, the Finn army made a ‘turkey shoot’ out of the huge, Soviet Russian Army. The other Baltic countries (including: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) lost the war – and their freedom – to the USSR, but not Finland.  Finland is also known for being the only country to pay off their WWII war reparations off, 100% in full.  Perhaps, most noteworthy, is the fact that Finland was the very first country in the entire world to allow women the right to vote in elections.

Besides having the world’s toughest soldiers on skis, Finland has enjoyed decades of prosperity since WWII. Finland has ranked at the very top or very near to the top in terms of overall standard of living, income per capita, a virtually 100% literacy rate, the lowest rate of infant mortality in the world, longest life expectancy (tied with Japan), and the highest percentage of population with university education.  Meanwhile, Finland –along with the other Scandinavian countries, has had very slow rates of birth, and a slow growth in population.  I think the world should follow their example more.  Their government is too socialistic for my tastes, but rest assured, Finland is one of the premier locations on this planet.  Apparently, their mantra is, ‘higher education + less overcrowding = better standard of living’.  More countries would do better by emulating Finland.

Economic Agenda

SOCIAL SECURITY: Throughout most of my life, traditional retirement age had been set at one’s 65th birthday, but fairly recently it has been changed to 70.  Way back when, Social Security benefits were scheduled to begin upon reaching retirement at age 55.  That was subsequently raised to age 62.  Who knows what the official retirement age will be in a couple more decades.  The trend is certainly upward, and it’s obvious that the government wants to raise it to the point that most workers won’t live to reap the benefits for a lengthy period of time – indeed, if they live to see any of the benefits at all.

I get sick and tired about hearing how our Social security system is virtually insolvent and nearly bankrupt. That is pure, governmental rhetoric (AKA: ‘bullshit’). They claim our minimum retirement age needs to keep on creeping higher, since our life expectancy keeps on rising.  First of all, life expectancy is rising at a much faster rate for the rich than for the poor.  Thus, raising the retirement age is terribly unfair to the working class.

‘Insolvent’ or ‘bankrupt’ are words we’ve all heard over and over again when it comes to our Social Security system. Those depressing words bring to mind: small, cash-strapped businesses battling ‘insolvency’, or perhaps an unemployed individual contemplating ‘bankruptcy’ when financially difficult times occur.  However, there should be no such undermining of the Social Security system when government has the power to print money.

Surely the ‘brainwashed’ will cry that printing money is inflationary. I say, “That’s not a problem.”

Remember, inflation often is an economy’s best friend when fighting off a depression. Our currency is no longer backed up by a silver and gold standard.  Our cash is merely a ‘Federal Reserve Note’ – basically, it’s a mere ‘promissory note’, through which the cash is used as a medium for all financial transactions.

Sure, I certainly agree that we do not want ‘hyperinflation’… Fairly recently, Zimbabwe’s ‘old dollar currency’ had experienced world record inflation.  They had reached the point where they had printed ‘100 trillion dollar bills’ prior to ending their own currency altogether (they currently use US dollars as currency to operate their country).  However, traditionally, our FED has targeted an annual inflation rate of just 2%.  Personally, I’d like to see the long term inflation target to be between 5% and 10%.  Even at a prolonged annual rate of inflation of 10%, does that really hurt anybody?  Consider this…

On the surface, the only people who might be hurt by a 10% inflation rate would be people sitting on large amounts of cash. I don’t have much cash, so it wouldn’t hurt me.  The poor and middle classes don’t have much cash either, so it also won’t hurt them. Oh, some of the rich have lots of cash – initially it might hurt them (which really breaks my heart), but they are smart enough to put their cash in better places such as stocks, real estate, or Picasso paintings. Therefore, a sustained 10% inflation rate really won’t hurt anybody.

I hope you will come to the same conclusion as I have – that cash is not ‘sacred’. We are hurting the everyday lifestyles of millions of Americans by sticking to the arcane notion of ‘low inflation’ as being a necessity.

My proposal for our Social Security system is as follows… immediately reduce the retirement age from 65 (or 67, or 70 …) back to age 55. What is the immediate impact?  Our unemployment problems are solved (as well as our ‘underemployment problems’), since workers over 55 years old can retire now with dignity.  The unemployment rate can instantly be cut way down since millions of older workers are removed from the labor force.  A forty year old, struggling family-man, with young children, would no longer have to compete for the same job with guys in their mid-50’s and 60’s.

I’d rather see the government pay older workers to retire at 55, and let the younger, energetic guys have the jobs. By reducing the retirement age to 55, we are instantly able to dramatically reduce the overall rate of unemployment, and with the shrinkage of the work force, one can expect to see real wage increases for the people who are employed.

Conversely, if the government just allows the Social Security system to slide into insolvency and bankruptcy, and ultimately eliminates the Social Security system altogether, America itself starts to become a third world country. Guys like me could be more motivated to have additional children with the hopes that those kids can someday take care of an elderly, ‘poor old dad’, when old age makes working at a job an impossibility.  I hope you can see that ending the Social Security system would have dire long term effects on our entire society.

To recap, let’s have the Treasury fire up the cash printing presses to keep our Social Security system alive. It is vital to our modern society.  Let’s cut the retirement age to 55 – even cutting it to 60 would provide some help.  I’d like to see people retiring young enough so that they may be able to enjoy life and accomplish things before old age hampers them.  Finally, by cutting the retirement age to 55, families headed by 30-somethings and 40-somethings won’t be in direct completion with older guys in our competitive labor market.  Let’s make our Social security system function the way that it was originally intended to.

THE ECONOMICS OF CRIME: Money isn’t necessarily the ‘the root of all evil’, but cash probably is…

Oh, yes – CASH. I happen to love cash.  I like the way it looks.  I like the way it feels.  Hell, I even like the way it smells – but let’s get rid of our cash and replace it with digital money, such as Debit Cards.

You might ask yourself, “Why should we get rid of cash?” Well, in one single swoop, it effectively eliminates the primary means through which virtually all illegal transactions take place.  Consider the following…  No more bank robberies.  No more cash hordes for drug lords.  No more dubious business operations for the Mafia.  No more gang-member drug dealers pushing their meth/crack/ecstasy/heroin on street corners.  No more quick cash for ‘pick pockets’ and ‘purse snatchers’.  No ‘cash ransom’ for kidnappers.  No illegal prostitution (although Vegas-style, legalized brothels could still operate via legitimate means) – and perhaps most importantly: no more discreet cash funding of terrorist cells and illegal weapon sales – AND SO ON!!  With a cashless society, every transaction has a paper trail, and illegal activities can easily be identified. 

When a law is passed to make cash obsolete, all existing cash would expire worthlessly exactly one year later, and any larger amounts of cash turned in prior to the expiration would be subject to a one-time audit – perhaps for any cash amount in excess of $100,000. The intention of the audit is to verify the legitimacy of the cash stash.

Since most people are honest, good-willed folk, they are unaffected by such a reform. This change is aimed at hitting dubious, criminal-types straight in the pocket book – in a particularly decisive manner.

Some drug lords are reportedly sitting on cash hordes in the hundreds of millions of dollars – the most successful ones have cash totaling well into the billions. In addition to undeservedly living a decadent life of luxury, they also have the cash to privately fund their own militias to protect their assets, and fend off the DEA.  I feel very sorry for the DEA agents who try to battle the all-powerful drug cartels.  They are unfortunately fighting a losing battle – unless we were to abolish cash.  Wouldn’t it be great to see the expression on the face of a drug kingpin when suddenly all of his cash isn’t worth the paper that it’s printed on?

One of the big campaign promises made by President Trump was to build a great wall at the Mexican border. One of him main intentions is to keep the drug traffickers out of the USA.  First, I doubt a wall would accomplish this, since the Mexican drug runners will choose to build tunnels beneath any wall.  Thus, building the wall sounds like a big waste of time, money, and effort to me. 

Instead, by switching the world to a ‘cashless society’, drug trafficking comes to an immediate end. For starters, their defunct, giant hordes of cash have suddenly become worthless and useless, which means they won’t be able to pay their militia and drug runners.  Even if a drug runner still decides to smuggle a batch of drugs across the border, he won’t be able to sell his drugs to Americans, since he won’t have the legitimate means of conducting business over here (such as a useable PayPal account). 

For those who are skeptical about cashless societies, I’d like to point out that Sweden is already moving into the direction of exclusive usage of digital money…

During the past decade, Sweden has already successfully reduced the amount of cash in their money supply by about 50%, and they have plans for further reduction. Not coincidentally, Sweden’s crime rate is far less than what we experience here in the United States.  Since the vast majority of all illegal activities are facilitated by a ‘cash transaction’, by simply abolishing cash, while also switching our society to the use of digital currency, that will immediately eliminate a large percentage of criminal activity.

My millennial friend, Gabriel Basea, is more in tune than I am regarding the current, digital world. He pointed out that the emergence of the use of the digital currency known as ‘Bitcoins’, is helping to facilitate illegal and dubious transactions.

The usage of Bitcoins within the ‘Deep Web’ is clearly an issue which must be directly addressed. If the functionality of the Bitcoins were to remain ‘as is’, the best remedy would be to abolish them in a similar fashion to retiring all physical cash, or perhaps, the Bitcoin designers may be required to redesign them to create an easily verifiable history of transactions.  The primary objective is to eliminate untraceable, illegal transactions at any scale – both large and small.

Critics of the cashless society proposal will probably point out that computer hackers can destroy the system with a simple, click-of-a-mouse. While I agree that the importance of anti-hacker measures will be of paramount importance (as it should ALREADY be), a computer hacker operating within the cashless society will have a much harder time monetizing his plunder.  Even if/when the hacker is successful in pulling off an identity theft score, there is still a paper trail which leads to somebody’s account.  In such case, he/she still can’t simply withdraw a bunch of cash, since cash no longer exists.  This would dramatically slow down the process by which he can get away with the spoils, so that leaves the hacker at a greater risk of being caught.

Our legal system also needs to significantly increase the punishment for ‘white collar crimes’ – most notably, computer hackers and identity thieves.  For starters, when a computer hacker is arrested, all of his accounts would be frozen, since the legitimacy of the account balances is in question. 

If it goes to court, he will have to rely on a public defender, instead of having the financial means of hiring a top-notch, expensive lawyer. When a guilty verdict is rendered, all of his illegal transactions are undone, and he will face much harsher jail sentences than white collar criminals have traditionally been getting.

It’s ridiculous that some young punk, who robs a convenience store for a hundred bucks in cash, ends up getting a stiffer jail sentence than many people caught for identity theft and fraud. That tradition needs to be changed as well.

While I would like to see cash being replaced by digital currency, a possible, compromise solution involves establishing a new currency to replace the old one. Each piece of the ‘new currency’ should have something like a unique UBI barcode to supplement its individual serial code, which can be tracked throughout its existence via high speed scanners.  Similarly, the old currency will expire worthlessly within a year, and it must be exchanged for the new currency – subject to a similar audit for unusually large amounts. 

If we ultimately change our currency, I’d prefer to see a couple of other minor changes as well. First, in a society like ours which touts ‘freedom of religion’, do we really need to have ‘In God We Trust’ written on every single piece of currency (and coins too)?  It dupes people of the Christian faith into believing that there is a level of holiness attached to the currency.  On the other hand, ‘In God We Trust’ could be seen as being offensive to members of other religions, including atheists and agnostics.  Whatever happened to the notion of ‘separation of church and state’?  I’m sorry, but that phrase needs to be eliminated from gracing every piece of our currency.

Secondly, and of more ominous implications, on the reverse side of every dollar bill printed since 1935 has the Latin words: Novus Ordo Seclorum, which is disturbingly close in translation to NEW WORLD ORDER. I wouldn’t doubt that Charles Thomson, who coined that Latin phrase, chose those particular words very carefully and enigmatically (and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was a member of the Illuminati – more on them later).

TAXATION AND THE IRS: During Trump’s presidential campaign, a big issue was made over his reluctance to show the public his income tax returns.  I have no doubt that he used the best CPAs to conjure up a LEGAL, albeit advantageous, way for Mr. Trump to pay a ridiculously small amount of income tax to the IRS.  There are just too many tax loopholes for the rich (and ultra-rich), and their professional tax advisers are great at abusing the system – legally.

What we need to do is to completely abolish the IRS. That’s right – NO MORE INCOME TAXES.  (Note: this is not an original idea, but I fully endorse this concept).  What you earn is what you keep.  Instead, let’s have a simple, straight-forward, national sales tax.  Certain items, such as food and medical expenses, can be ‘tax exempt’.  It’s a ‘progressive taxation system’ since rich folk spend more money on goods and services than poor people do.  It eliminates the rigmarole of every April 15th tax filing deadline, and it also eliminates ‘income tax audits’ (which are no fun for anyone – rich and poor alike). 

Besides, if we institute the abolishment of cash in conjunction with the ‘national sales tax’, the taxable amount delegated for the government’s coffers can instantly be collected at the time of purchase by the end-user when he/she uses a debit or credit card .

Similarly, ‘corporate sales taxes’ should be also zero – the company keeps the profits they make (and accordingly, they will either reinvest their profits and/or pay dividends to their shareholders). Once again, the ‘end user’ pays the amount due for the ‘national sales tax’.  For example, when Boeing sells a 787 to an airline, the sales tax will be charged right then and there.  As they say, “Keep it simple, stupid.”  This is fair, simple, and straight-forward as taxation can possibly be.  No loopholes, and no bullshit.

STOCK MARKET MANIPULATION (HEDGE FUNDS, SHORT SELLING, and MARGIN BUYERS): My first passion in life was investing in the stock market. I was only 13 years old when I started investing.  Things were quite different when I was a young investor back in the 1970’s…  I remember when the ‘Chicago Board Options Exchange’ just started to trade listed put and call options.  I tended to lose money on options, but I can see the justification in having options as either a ‘safety hedge’ or a means of high leverage speculation.  Sure, we already had short selling back then, but by and large, the stock markets traded in a fair and orderly fashion.  Stock price manipulation wasn’t nearly as prevalent as it is now, and wild swinging volatility wasn’t half as crazy then as it is now.  Of course we also had mutual funds, but I never even heard the term ‘hedge fund’ until much later on.

I attribute the wild volatility to three main causes: hedge funds, short sellers, and margin buyers. Back on May 6th of 2010, the Dow mysteriously dropped 900 points in 15 minutes, and fortunately regained most of it over the ensuing 15 minutes.  I heard that one $40 stock actually dropped to one cent during that chaotic moment, before recovering the bulk of it minutes later.  As disruptive as the 900 point ‘flash crash’ was, it could have easily triggered a far larger stock market crash if it happened within the last half hour of the stock market’s trading day instead.  How is that so? 

When stocks fall significantly, that triggers ‘margin calls’ where leveraged margin buyers either must immediately deposit additional funds into their stock accounts, or else be forced to sell. They always use any stock’s closing price of the day when determining the size of the ‘margin call’.  If the stock market crashes too close to the market’s closing bell, a veritable tidal wave of margin calls would have forced an incredible amount of selling pressure when the stock markets re-opened the next day.

Thus, your relatively harmless 900 point ‘flash crash’ could have been far worse if it happened near the end of a trading day.  If enough panic sets, a monstrously big, sudden crash could occur with no fundamental, underlying reason.  As the markets are crashing, short sellers will see this as a prime opportunity to exploit it and make themselves a quick buck, while all traditional investors end up ‘taking it on the chin’.  When the short sellers pile on, the stocks will crash even further.  To make matters worse, many stocks under $5 per share are not ‘marginable’ at all.  So, during a flash crash, let’s say you owned some shares of a $10 stock, bought on margin, that sudden dips below $5.  You will need to raise a bunch of money quickly, or else you will have no choice but to sell it, since your company’s stock is too cheap to be marginable.  Thus, your own margin call will add to even further selling pressure.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Extreme volatility is very bad for investor confidence. A large part of our extreme volatility would cease if we abolish short selling and margin buying.  I am fairly sure that somewhere in the Bible it mentions that, “Thou shall not sell what thou does not own.”  Even though I don’t attend any church, I guess we can say that all hedge fund managers are likely to ‘burn in hell’.

For beginning investors enrolled in ‘Investment 101’, we are taught that when we invest in a stock, and the stock price rises, there is a creation of wealth for the shareholders. Look at all the millionaires created by a rising Microsoft stock during the 1980’s and 1990’s (of course, I never owned any Microsoft stock).  Conversely, there isn’t any such ‘wealth creation’ from short selling done by some selfish, hedge fund manager.  Often, a big time short seller will manipulate a stock by continuing to short a stock, with the evil intention of triggering ‘margin calls’, which forces the margin buyers into a ‘forced sell’ situation.  This makes the stock fall even further, and thus the short seller makes a quick killing.  I know I’ve been the victim of such manipulation many times, and I know many millions of current and former investors are fed up with these hedge fund games.  Therefore, I would like to see short selling to be banned.  So what if that crimps the ultra-rich lifestyle of some selfish, short selling jerk who works at Goldman Sachs?  As far as I’m concerned, he should go do some real work, like what I’ve been doing for multiple decades.

On the flip side of short selling, we have margin buying.  It’s a bit less evil than short selling, but it adds to investment volatility as well.  During the ‘internet bubble’ in 1999, rational thinking short sellers thought that valuations on a high-flying, internet stock like Yahoo, were at unrealistic values – and they were.  However, the stock prices would get pushed into the stratosphere when margin buyers saw the developing ‘short squeeze’ that was happening.  The margin buyers piled on, and the short sellers had to cover their losing short positions at ridiculously high prices.  Eventually, the bubble burst, and valuations came down to reality. However, MANY retail investors (including myself) got hurt very badly.  I believe that in the long run, the stock markets would regain more confidence from the retail investors if we were to abolish short selling and margin buying.  Many people feel that the stock market has become a giant gambling hall, and they would gladly welcome stability and order when it comes to their investments.  For those who enjoy still gambling, just visit your friendly, local casino instead.


… But first, here’s a quick comparison between the two primary economic systems, Capitalism versus Socialism…

Capitalism is widely regarded as the most efficient type of economic system, since the ‘law of supply and demand’ determines the prices of goods and services sought out by consumers. However, Capitalism fails in the long run, due to ever-increasing inequality with regards to wealth and income distribution during prosperous times.  Conversely, ‘Free Market Capitalism’ struggles to lift a sagging economy out of deep recessions and depressions without government intervention during difficult times (note: socialistic methods used by President Roosevelt to put Americans back to work during the 1930s Great Depression).

On the other hand, Socialism is very popular in many countries with the highest standard of living (such as all of the Scandinavian countries). Socialistic countries have lower rates of poverty and homelessness (and as a result, lower rates of crime), full medical coverage for all, comprehensive Social Security programs for the elderly, and a better public education system (with near zero rates of illiteracy).  However, Socialistic countries are also very well-known for having particularly high rates of income taxes.

In a nutshell, FAIR LAISSEZ FAIRE ECONOMICS presents a very fair and equitable manner to reap the benefits of each of the two economic systems, without the pitfalls. So, without further ado, my economics presentation begins…

Here is a simple fact which hasn’t occurred to any other economist, to the best of my knowledge…

In reality, our current economic system isn’t based on the true concept of capitalism at all. It stems back to our archaic, feudalistic, land ownership rights, which date all the way back to the Dark Ages of Europe.

To refresh your memory, all land was originally owned by the royalty. They awarded large tracks of land to their favorite members of the nobility and clergy.  The nobility allowed the lower class peasants to live on their land, provided that they contribute a significant portion of their harvest to the king (this was an early form of taxation).  In return, the king’s army would offer them some measure of protection from neighboring marauders (yes – even back then, the military was the primary ‘middle class’).

This led to serfdom, which in reality, closely resembles slavery.  To this day, every gainfully employed worker, who toils long, hard days in order to provide his family the basics of life: such as food, clothing, and shelter – is essentially a ‘modern day slave’.

Any person living in an apartment complex today is still living in feudal times, and they are deeply entrenched in a vicious, never-ending cycle of slavery.  All the hard work he does at an average, wage-paying job, mostly goes toward just paying his rent.  If he should happen to fail to earn enough to make his next rent payment, he will promptly be evicted and face homelessness.  Isn’t it amazing how little our true economy has changed in over the past thousand years?

On the other hand, American Indians have a totally different approach when it comes to land ownership – and I happen to agree with them. Their theory is as follows…

According to the American Indian way of thinking, land cannot be ‘owned’, since it belongs to Mother Earth. The land has existed for countless eons before they showed up.  Similarly, the land will exist for countless more eons into the future, long after they have passed away. 

A man’s lifespan is 100 years long – if he’s lucky, so why should he claim that a parcel of land belongs to him and his direct descendants, exclusively, until the end of time? We live in an ever changing world.  Prime waterfront property today might be submerged under water when the polar ice caps melt.  Plate tectonics cause earthquakes which can restructure our landscape in a single catastrophic event.  How often do people mention about the possibility of California sliding into the sea during a massive earthquake someday?

The American Indians believed that you owned your own possessions.  In their example, they owned their tents, their bow and arrow, their fishing nets, their clothing, and their tools, etc. – but the land belongs to Mother Earth, and they simply enjoyed the privilege of ‘borrowing’ the land they occupied for the duration of their lifespan.  That sure makes logical sense to me!

Unfortunately, the age-old, feudalistic system is still the basis of all land ownership…  At last check, effectively no more land is being created.  Similarly, unless one looks at a completely desolate piece of land in some particularly obscure region of the world, ALL DECENT PIECES OF LAND ARE ALREADY UNDER SOMEONE’S OWNERSHIP. 

The only way a non-landowner can get a piece of the pie is by paying exorbitant amounts of money to the present owner. Besides, when the wealthy landowner finally dies, it is automatically passed onto his offspring – and the situation is perpetuated from generation to generation. 

That’s how established, ‘old wealth families’, such as the Rothschild Family (key members of the notorious ‘Illuminati’), continue to dominate world finances for centuries on end.  It’s unlikely they would ever sell off their vast tracks of land, but if they were to do so, it would literally cost you a ‘king’s ransom’ – no pun intended.

Besides owning the rights to one’s land, the landowner owns everything ‘below the surface of the land’ as well. That’s how the Rockefeller Family created their billions originally – when oil reserves were found sitting underground, below the surface of their land.  Of course, now that the burning of their oil and gasoline has caused all the problems relating to ‘global warming’, can we expect the Rockefeller Family to pay for the all the resulting damages?  Well, ‘good luck’ with that idea.

As unfair of an advantage as future ‘Rothschild babies’ and ‘Rockefeller babies’ will have over the rest of the average children born to average families, it already makes me puke that some of today’s billionaires are in the news that they are already planning to open rocket shuttles, businesses, hotels, and resorts ON MARS!  When and where will this madness stop?  Probably when some inter-planetary revolution happens which will FINALLY right this ship.

In order to ‘nip this problem in the bud’ – although this problem is WAY beyond the ‘bud stage’, is to initiate a major, land-ownership reform act…

Since my primary goal is to make this world a better and fairer place to live in, I believe something can be restructured significantly when it comes to land ownership.  I cringe at the notion of generation after generation of billionaires just passing down their fancy, cash-cow vineyards with grand chateaus, onto their lazy, snobbish descendants.  I could see a situation where all land is officially owned by the individual governments, and that land is leased to the people who want to inhabit the land. 

The same plan could also work for leasing land to businesses to operate stores, factories, and so on. Obviously, the richer folk would still be able to lease the better, prime pieces of real estate, since the nicer properties would command a higher rent.  Of course, if a person leases the land, he still would have the right to develop the land – for example, he may choose to build a house on it.  Ultimately, it could be like a ‘life lease’, whereby ownership reverts back to the state when a death occurs.

As silly as this concept might be viewed by many ‘traditional economists’, I refer everyone to a grand scale, ‘land lease’ that functioned extremely well…

As we all know, Great Britain leased the entire state of Hong Kong from China for 99 years. When the lease expired in 1997, the land, along with all the developments, was returned to China.  Amazingly, the lease was honored even during WWII, at the time when Mao began his hardcore, communist regime. 

Although Hong Kong’s land was never owned outright, that did not prevent developers from building it into one of the most impressive metropolises on Earth. Therefore, land can be successfully leased for a long period of time without any real negative hitches.  Do you see why I believe there can be an elimination of true, private land ownership?  I’m positive that this concept is a great way to make our world a better and fairer place to live in.

Now, let’s assume that at some point in the future, traditional, private land ownership has been converted over to the ‘American Indian Land Ownership Ideology’. Let’s briefly analyze the situation…  The government effectively would become everyone’s landlord.  The rich would still occupy the choice waterfront/view properties while the poorer folks would still occupy the cheaper neighborhoods, since the rent would naturally be much higher on the rich neighborhoods.  The first thing that would be eliminated are any existing mortgage loans, since a person who is a tenant cannot borrow money against the title of a property that he/she does not own.  In turn, there is no further need for ‘mortgage interest income tax deductions’, since mortgages cease to exist (not to mention that the IRS will cease to exist as well).

At present, more than 20% of all American homes are still ‘underwater’, in the sense that their current market value is less than the mortgage balance. In a miserable analogy, those underwater homes are worthless – less valuable than a piece of used chewing gum somebody stuck underneath a tabletop.  By converting to this different concept of land ownership, homes would regain positive, intrinsic value, as opposed to being a worthless burden to the underwater homeowner and the equally tortured banks.

As the government collects its monthly rental payments, that can become a main source of ‘tax revenue’ for governmental projects. Thus, once and for all, we can abolish the IRS.  Income should not be taxed at all.  The ‘rents’ paid to the government by the individual tenants in essence becomes a ‘tax on consumption’, whereby the rich pay a correspondingly higher amount than the poor.

Other aspects of this system would include the tenants’ right to forego paying all or part of his rent if they spend the funds to repair, remodel, or improve their property, which would further add to the property’s intrinsic value. Just think how that alone would benefit our remodeling and construction industry.  Rents paid to the government for the cheapest rundown neighborhoods should be set at zero, as long as the tenants maintain, clean, and repair their cheaper homes.

Of course, from time to time, somebody would become unable to pay the rent due to unemployment, business failure, or even health reasons. The ‘landlord government’ could place a moratorium on rent payments until the tenant finds a new job or new source of income.  This would avoid the foreclosure situation which is frightfully bad at this time.  The ‘landlord government’ is better off having their houses occupied as opposed to sitting vacant, since vacant properties tend to deteriorate much more rapidly.  Of course, if after a reasonable period of time – let’s say 12 to 24 months, if the tenant still has been unable to come up with money to pay the rent, the government would have the non-paying tenant relocate to a cheaper neighborhood.

Once the tenant passes away, since these would be called ‘life leases’, the lease is terminated, and the ownership of the land simply stays with the government. Any legal survivors may have first dibs on acquiring a new lease on the same property, provided that they are able to afford the current rent.  Special arrangements can – and should – be made at the time a farmer passes away, as long as his descendants are willing to continue to work on the farm.

Finally, when natural disasters hit, including: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, mud slides, and so on, it becomes the government’s responsibility and expense to make the necessary repairs since they are the true property owner. Most individual homeowners do not have earthquake insurance, and most of those people would be financially devastated if (and when) a larger earthquake were to happen.

I don’t want to be accused of being a ‘Commie’ or some such thing. My goal is to simply level the playing field and make things fair.  If a bright enterpriser, such as Steve Jobs of Apple Computers, performs brilliantly, he should deservedly be rewarded a rich, wonderful life.  However, his great grandchildren, who have not even been born yet, should hold no innate financial advantage over my own future great grandchildren.  They should all have to strive to achieve their own successes and not just rely on the success of their ancestors.  Besides, it would certainly be nice if, someday around year 2050, a young adult from the Rothschild Family is shocked to hear his father tell him, “Son, I really think you ought to go get a job.”

For your information, I DO NOT HATE ALL BILLIONAIRES. For one, I admire that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, for stating that he will give 99% of his wealth to charity, and his children will only get 1% of it.  While 1% of his fortune still represents about 300 to 400 million dollars, the world would be a much better place if ALL of the ultra-wealthy were to think like him.

I also admire the successful actor, Jackie Chan, not only for entertaining me with his wonderful, Kung Fu/comedy movies, but also since he has told his own son to, “Go earn your own money.” That’s a great way for a kid from a very wealthy family to build some character. 

Unfortunately, in all honesty, I think my Land Ownership Reform proposal will still be met with a bunch of negativity. Thus, I have a simpler, PLAN B, which is much easier to make into a reality – with largely the same results…


As a student of economics, I believe in free market capitalism. I also personally applaud self-made billionaires, such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  However, as you already know, I am not gung ho about the offspring of the ultra-rich inheriting mega money, businesses, and vast tracks of land for nothing.  They don’t even have to be caring, loving, respectful children for their ‘daddy big bucks’.  Often they are quite the opposite: conceited, spoiled, and undeserving of a huge inheritance.  Many of these rich kids grow up to be selfish, lazy, often drug-addicted, leeches who live to party.  Often children of successful movie stars end up fitting this mold.  I’m sure lots of people feel the same way I do when it comes to these ‘spoiled brats’.

I say, let’s have a taxation system that encourages entrepreneur success stories (ie: zero income tax), but let’s heavily tax inheritances in excess of a certain threshold. To clarify, I don’t want to penalize some successful farmer who would like to pass his farm business onto his hard working children.  This is a prime example of an exception that needs to be made.  However, I propose that the first $10,000,000 per child is inherited ‘tax free’, but anything received in value in excess of that amount goes to the government’s coffers.  That amount can be adjusted each year for inflation.

At last count, ten million bucks is more than ample for any child to make a decent start at life. However, it also eliminates the perpetuation of ‘old wealth’ which typifies the Illuminati.  Just like Jackie Chan’s son, who ‘needs to earn his own money’, a descendant of the Illuminati shouldn’t simply inherit ‘half of France’ – or perhaps someday, even more shockingly so, ‘half of MARS’!

There are a few other ‘ills’ that are automatically cured by placing a $10,000,000 lid on inheritances. For example, fine works of art, such as Picasso and Van Gogh paintings, are worth far in excess of $10,000,000 apiece, yet they just sit around some rich snob’s house – only to be admired by the tycoon himself, or some of his privileged guests.  Instead, once the zillionaire passes away, it would be far more appropriate to have such an art masterpiece belong to a museum, so that the general public may enjoy it as well.

Another ‘ill’ concerns the elimination of the transfer of professional sports teams from the late owner to his offspring, since they often feel the urge to sell the team for their personal benefit. I grew up in Seattle, and on a lucky occasion, my dad took me to watch a Seattle Sonics game.  I liked to cheer for them, especially when they played Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Los Angeles Lakers (although, I secretly admired him too).  At the beginning of each, and every game, the announcer always said, “And now, introducing YOUR Seattle Super Sonics.”  Well, in 2008, I finally found out that the team really didn’t even belong to the city of Seattle.  Instead, Starbucks Billionaire, Howard Schultz sold the team to some other private investors who took the team (with a rookie Kevin Durant) to Oklahoma City.  What a crock of shit that was.

Similarly, I feel sorry now for the Oakland Raiders who will be relocated to a richer city (Las Vegas), and I even feel sorry for the fans of the San Diego Chargers (God only knows why they suddenly need TWO NFL teams in LA).

Another sickening story was the ‘forced sale’ of Basketball’s LA Clippers (although thankfully, the new owner, Steve Ballmer, didn’t relocate the team). No – I harbor no ill feelings towards the new owner, Mr. Ballmer – but I find it sickening that the previous owner, Donald Sterling, was a known, racist bigot, who had originally paid just $50,000 for the team.  Yet, when the NBA ousted him, he was able to sell the Clippers team to Steve Ballmer for a record, $2,000,000,000.  Some kind of punishment that is.  In the famous words of Iron Mike Tyson, “Man, that’s ludicrous.”

Perhaps the only arena, no pun intended, where I’d prefer a communistic/socialist situation is regarding the ownership of professional sports teams. It literally rips the hearts out of entire communities when a favorite pro team is ‘up and sold off’ to another town, all in pursuit of the ‘all-mighty dollar’.  At least the Green Bay Packers seem to have a publicly traded ownership company, which is dedicated to keeping their iconic team stably located in a relatively small metropolis.  All other sports teams should follow their example.

CONCLUSION: This book is not intended to become a full textbook on economics, although I hope to write one someday (and hopefully receive a Nobel Prize in Economics as well?).

I also believe in a lot of other ‘free market’ solutions, such as ‘free trade, without barriers’, and so on, but I’ll write about that another day. I just want to show that there is a much better, fairer way to operate our economy in a FAIR LAISSEZ FAIRE way, without perpetuating the distortions created by a completely lopsided wealth distribution, originally caused by an outdated, feudalistic method of land ownership, and unfair transfer of wealth from one generation onto the next.

COMPROMISE SOLUTION: I’m sure I’ll be accused of being overly idealistic, especially regarding my proposed abolishment of land ownership. However, the same desired effect can be achieved by the simple act of placing a realistic cap on inheritances (such as $10,000,000 per child).  That would still prevent vast fortunes being passed on by the vastly wealthy onto their future descendants, for generation after generation.  I simply seek to level the playing field to an acceptable level.  The way it stands now is completely unacceptable to me – and I imagine that it’s unacceptable to you too!

I’d appreciate any feedback, both positive & negative, concerning my new ideology. However, I admit that ANY economic system, whether it be communism, socialism, capitalism, or even Fair Laissez Fair Economics, will ultimately fail – unless something else is drastically changed.  You’ll see what I mean, in chapter 4…



                                                                                              Chapter 3          


Every normal person in the world always seems to wish for ‘world peace’, and that includes me. Even beauty contestants in beauty pageants frequently mention ‘world peace’ as being a good objective, since it’s such a politically correct goal.  I have a good plan for achieving ‘world peace’ – and you’ll be surprised at how simple it can be.  While the concept is quite simple, I admit that the path to getting there may cause some turmoil, but before we succumb to any negativity, let’s begin by looking at the end result…

First, some of you may not have expected me to advocate world peace, since I claim we already have too many people on this planet. Wars certainly have a way of reducing population numbers by themselves.  Wouldn’t it be convenient if multiple millions of people would die in some new world war?  While I am all for having a smaller population on Earth, I intend for the quality of life to advance to a new high.  A devastating world war would correspondingly be very detrimental to the standard of living.  Thus, I am a strong proponent of achieving a lasting peace with no more wars.

Let’s take another look at the TV show, ‘Star Trek’. The most war-like, violent bunch of tough guys in our galaxy are the, ‘Klingons’. Do you remember them?  Their sole objective is to conquer the universe by defeating everyone else.  Yet, here’s an interesting observation I made decades ago while watching Klingons on Star Trek as a young kid…  How come the Klingon army always fights against other beings (including Earthlings), and yet they never fight one another?  I came to the conclusion that the planet Klingon‘s military does not fight amongst themselves because they only have a single military, and one main governing force.

In other words, as long as we are split up with around 190 different countries with about 80 different militaries, wars will happen. However, if we unify all our militaries into a single team, by definition, wars come to an end.  We will have achieved ‘world peace’ by default, since the Earth’s only military will no longer have any opponents.

The world will also need a new, worldwide, governing body. It would be something like an expanded ‘United Nations’.  That single military force will require its own constitution and bylaws that upholds its sole purpose: to preside over the protection of the people of Earth from harm’s way.

Getting worldwide support from the majority of the world’s population for this peace program should be no problem. However, I believe the hardest segment to gain support for this new concept involves the US government.  The US military stands to lose more in terms of prominence than any other country, since they are significantly mightier than the next runner up.  I’m not even sure which other country currently has the second strongest military in the world.  It’s probably either China or Russia.  It could be China, just based on pure size, or it could still be Russia.  However, Russia’s military strength has decreased noticeably since the USSR era.

After China and Russia, any other military is virtually a non-factor. The US Air Force controls the skies, and the US Navy controls the seas.  Therefore, the USA would be the hardest nation to convince that they should be part of a worldwide protectionary team.

On the other hand, I envision that the vast majority of other countries will fully support the idea of a global military, since it will protect every country in the whole world, and not solely for the benefit of the USA and our direct allies.

Let’s look at one tiny country as an individual example… Why don’t we look at Luxembourg? I know absolutely nothing about Luxembourg, other than they are a tiny country in the middle of Europe.  I don’t even know if they have a military or not, but I would confidently state that the people of Luxembourg would whole-heartedly support a single, global military.  They would get the benefit of full military protection from any adversary by definition of the World Constitution.  They would have representation in the World Council to have their own opinion heard.  Luxembourg’s opinion would count in the decision-making, including voicing their stand on whether or not a place such as North Korea needs to be ‘straightened out’.

OK, I know that Luxembourg is just one small example, but how many other countries are tired of being bullied around by the US military machine? How many smaller countries feel neglected, or even unimportant in world status?  There are over 100 countries similar in nature to the Luxembourg example.  They must have a net total population in the billions.  These people are Earthlings too – every bit as important as your average American.  I believe we’ll get ‘world peace’ established by first gaining worldwide demand for it, and their cumulative influence will eventually get the Americans to join up.

I find it a very scary situation that a single person, the president of the United States, is Commander in Chief of the world’s most dominant force. Our current President Trump has no military background at all, and neither did his predecessor, President Obama.  Prior to both of them, George W. Bush either lied or had been misled by his advisors to the point where he ordered an attack on Iraq.  While I just happen to agree that it was important to capture Saddam Hussein, I think it would have been more appropriate to have a World Council make the decision instead of President Bush by himself.  Way too much military power is delegated to the American president.  The world becomes safer and more stable without having that one person serving as Commander in Chief.  At least an act of war voted through by the World Council would truly represent the overall opinion of the whole world (Luxembourg included).  Isn’t this the fairest solution?  So where is my Nobel Peace Prize? Even Yasser Arafat got one.

When the smoke has cleared, the size of our global, unified military can be rather small. Whether you like it or not, ‘eye in the sky’ surveillance will always be necessary. The new military will be utilized to target things like: eliminating violent dictators, exterminating terrorist groups, and even wiping out drug cartels.

If military expenditures shrink – and I don’t think anybody would argue that too much money is being spent here – I’d like to see individual countries bolster their police departments and increase the size of their National Guard units to cut down on crime internally. I’d like to see ‘gang violence’ come to an end…  There’s a good one for you:  to date, I have never heard any presidential candidate mention anything about getting rid of gangs.  Not Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc.  How many lower to middle class Americans living in marginal neighborhoods are subject to violence stemming from gang activity?  Wouldn’t you like that to come to an end?  What if you happen to be a teenager living in an area where you feel you are being coerced into joining a gang?  If you don’t join their gang, of course, then they will turn against you.  Gangs thrive on the concept, ‘if you can’t beat them, then join them’.   Doesn’t it make you puke when some nice looking building, or fence, or even a public restroom wall is all covered with gang-written graffiti?  It makes me sick, and I want to be directly involved with ‘cleaning up the trash’. 

NOTE: my extensive chapter on Economics mentions the simplest, yet most effective way of completely eliminating all versions of organized crime and even terrorism, without involving any violent acts of aggression at all… It’s as simple as switching our world to a ‘cashless society’ (see Chapter 2 THE ECONOMY).  Shame on any economist who hasn’t solved that one, very simple puzzle.  Also, other viable solutions regarding gangs will be discussed in other chapters as well.

However, our problem with gang violence is like child’s play when compared to what’s happening in some places in Africa. Often the punishment rendered over there is dismemberment, and the crime involved may be nothing worse than simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Maybe a simple difference of opinion can get your hands cut off.  So if you belong to one of their military factions, and your group leader tells his bunch of soldiers, “We are going to raid the neighboring village tonight, let’s see some hands,” he is not asking for a vote of approval.  He literally wants you to bring him a basket full of chopped off hands.       

Another notable problem area concerns the very violent drug lords living in nearby Mexico (not to mention the numerous other ‘drug havens’ located around the globe). Most of the Mexican drug lords’ profits come from trafficking drugs across the US-Mexican border.  Apparently the Mexican police department is either too weak or too corrupt to handle the situation themselves.  To make matters worse, as soon as one drug boss is captured, there’s always a new drug lord wannabe ready to fill in his shoes.  Since locating the drug lord’s house isn’t much of a problem (they usually live in fancy castle-like buildings with security guards), why not just send in a full tank division with Apache helicopter support to blast them off our planet?  After all, our Janet Reno sent in the tanks on that religious compound in Waco, Texas, so why not give some of the same treatment to the drug lords of Mexico?  You’ll see fewer and fewer wannabe drug lords waiting to replace the deceased ones, since their life expectancy will be cut down to near nothing.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Once again, although many of us would be delighted to watch the nasty drug cartels being ‘blasted into oblivion’, there is a peaceful way of effectively eliminating the very existence of drug cartels with one simple action – just switch our economy to a ‘cashless society’.

Of course, this newly formed, global military will need to have its own form of ‘checks and balances’. The most unthinkable thought is that someday a single person, or small coalition, finds a way of controlling that military for personal benefit, greed, or ego.  If the world council’s meetings and debates are covered by worldwide TV coverage with regards to carrying out an act of war against someone, at least we can get the public’s opinion.  The world council will need total transparency, without any hidden agenda.  If the world council decides to eliminate some terrorists by blasting out some mountain caves on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, that needs to be visible to the world.  It’s our way of telling the bad guys, “We are coming to get you.”  Under such circumstances, I honestly believe that the ‘one military theory’ becomes a viable solution for achieving a lasting world peace.

Just as a martial arts sensei teaches his protégé that his fighting techniques are meant for self-defense only, our new military would need to adopt the same ideology. If, as stated within its new constitution, an act of aggression by the military becomes necessary in order to protect us earthlings, then so be it.  Let them hit the bad guys, including the likes of terrorists and dictators, ‘hard and fast’.  Afterwards, we may all return to living in the newfound harmony of ‘world peace’.

We also do not want nuclear missiles, ‘germ warfare’, nor any ‘chemical weapons’. Those programs need to be terminated.  Let’s use those funds for something that may further advance our civilization in the long run, like enhancing our space program.  The problem with nukes, germs, and chemical weapons is that it’s very hard to single out and kill only the bad guys.  Germs, for example, can’t distinguish between a friend and a foe.  They can easily harm innocent people.  During WWI, when Mustard Gas was used as a chemical weapon, sometimes a sudden change of wind direction made it so that the poisonous gas came back and attacked their own troops by mistake.  Thus, there is no practical value for these weapons.  They just pollute the world, and exterminate at random.

On a side note, I’d like to see our government declassify all of the Top Secret UFO Files. There is way too much evidence, including eyewitness sightings by reputable people such as astronauts and pilots (including commercial airline and military pilots alike)…

Back in 1966, when I was only an eight year old kid growing up at the south end of Bainbridge Island, Washington, it was getting late one evening, and I had to get ready to go to bed. My dad was already brushing his teeth when my mom and I heard a unique, weird, whirring sound coming from outside.  It was a very strange sound – one that I’ve never heard before, nor since.  We opened the door and stepped outside to investigate.  My mom and I were amazed to see an enormous UFO – bigger than a football field, with red and blue lights on the bottom, gently gliding over us from Puget Sound.  It disappeared over the trees behind a steep hill behind our house.  It was gliding by at a rather low altitude, and to this day, I’m positive that it definitely was not ‘manmade’. 

Thus, I naturally grew up as an avid believer of UFOs, but I never thought about becoming a UFO activist until I stumbled across an old, archived article. Directly across from where I grew up was a naval station at Bremerton.  The article mentioned that an elderly Naval Commander, who had been forced into ‘sworn secrecy’, finally decided to tell the public about his 1966 UFO sighting after he became terminally ill with cancer.  He had witnessed the very same, ‘larger than a football field’ UFO arising up from the waters of the Puget Sound (thus it actually was a ‘USO’), and he said that it flew towards nearby Bainbridge Island.  Gadzooks, he had witnessed the exact same UFO as my mom and I had seen!  However, when I read about his forced, sworn-secrecy, that’s when I decided, “It’s high time for our government to fess up, and to stop suppressing the truth.”

Now, I’m not trying to convince any skeptics out there, but these days, with billions of people having readily available smartphones with built-in cameras, we can now safely say that ‘the cat’s out of the bag’. I’m also fed up with ‘disinformation’ put out by our government-controlled media to ridicule legitimate people with actual sightings.  That MUST come to an end.  Furthermore, the very fact that our government goes to great length to coerce and even threaten people into ‘sworn secrecy’ is a testament to the fact that they are hell-bent to conceal and distort the truth when it concerns aliens and UFOs.

The public also needs to know once and for all what really happened in Roswell back in 1947.   We deserve to be told the truth – the whole truth – and nothing but the truth.  I have no idea what secrets are being harbored concerning UFO’s, and it’s high time for the secrecy to come to an end.  Depending on the contents of the UFO Files, I could see that they may even have to re-write portions of the bible to keep things updated.  Perhaps the Dalai Lama will rethink, “What is the meaning of life?”  It could become very interesting. 

Speaking of UFO’s, if there really is intelligent life elsewhere, they may see our planet as an oasis in a vast, mostly lifeless universe. Who knows, but our worldwide military may have to defend the Earth against an alien attack someday.  I think we’d have a better chance of survival with a unified, global military than a bunch of separate military forces.  Now, now, I don’t really expect that to actually happen – I’m guilty of watching too many movies – but if the ‘Roswell incident’ in 1947 actually happened, then anything is possible.

Finally, with the recent influx of UFO sightings, I can only speculate that many of the public sightings aren’t of extraterrestrial aircraft, but instead are sightings of secret, developmental, military aircraft developed at facilities such as the infamous ‘Area 51’. The US Airforce will go to any length to maintain its control over the skies, and that includes reverse engineering of actual UFO spacecraft that have been salvaged from crashes, such as the one at Roswell.  That’s just my personal theory, but in any event, our government needs to stop lying to the public, and declassify ALL of their UFO Files.

The bottom line equation is: ONE MILITARY WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE OF PROTECTING THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH = ‘WORLD PEACE’. I still want to emphasize that each country is still autonomous, and operates according to their individual constitutions.  It just prevents an occasional ‘bad apple’ (such North Korea) from getting out of line.

COMPROMISE SOLUTION: I’m sure many of you are thinking that I’m being way too idealistic, and that the concept of a single, worldwide military isn’t likely to happen any time soon (and thus, wars aren’t going to end anytime soon, either). However, now is the perfect time to create a new, WORLD CONSTITUTION, whereby major global issues, such as: pollution/global warming, wars, and terrorism would be openly discussed and jointly decided by ALL nations – and not just the USA acting alone.  Don’t you agree with this compromise solution?

Chapter 4


Ugh – yuck – no way, man…

I hate discussing any sort of program that involves any form of ‘government control’, since they are famous for messing up virtually anything they stick their nose in, but I’ve come to the conclusion that in this case, it truly is a necessity. Unfortunately, mankind is too short-sighted, and not altruistic enough, to keep from breeding itself into a catastrophic, worldwide mess of epic proportions…  Let me begin by apologizing to the world for contributing to this problem by personally creating four offspring.  Shame on me.  The doctor should have castrated me after my second kid was born, although my third and fourth arrivals have brought me more joy than the first two.  For what it’s worth, by way of firsthand experience, I can attest that oral contraceptives aren’t fully reliable, so ‘accidents’ can happen.  Thus, I’m very sorry for personally contributing to the overcrowding of the world, and as a result, I hope you don’t end up accusing me of being a ‘hypocrite’.

Throughout history, no effective measures have been initiated to alleviate this ongoing problem, which is worsening rapidly around the globe. Currently, the world population is still doubling every forty years or so, and I’ve never, ever seen ANY politician addressing that problem – a problem which ultimately trumps any global calamity.  By that, I mean that overpopulation adversely affects everything else…

For example, all other things equal, if the population doubles, then pollution doubles as well. Resources will be used up twice as fast.  Poverty levels increase, crime increases, and ‘misery’ in general increases.  For the affluent, even ‘paranoia’ increases, since they will become more fearful of the growing multitudes of desperate, destitute people.  That’s why I concluded my chapter on economics with the warning: Any economic system will fail – even my innovative, Fair Laissez Faire Economics, if the world population continues to grow unchecked.

Before I discuss a humane, realistic measure for capping our world population, I want to present my hypothesis regarding one of the main contributing factors to our population explosion – especially in impoverished, third world countries…

I’m sure that many people from the ‘civilized world’ might wonder, “Why on earth would some poor, starving, African family choose to produce so many babies, when they are barely able to survive? Maybe we should all contribute more in charitable donations to keep them alive.”

The main reason that their birthrates remain very high, is due to a lack of a social security system in their world, and they believe that if they have a large number of children, some may actually survive into adulthood. As the parents become too old to take care of themselves, they will rely on their children to provide them with the basics, such as food and shelter.  Without an abundance of children, the elderly are as good as dead, since they depend on family assistance just to survive.  Thus, the only true remedy is to eliminate the root cause of this problem by making sure that some sort of social security system is initiated in every country of the world.

One might consider, “Can’t the richer countries just help out the poorer, third world countries by giving them adequate amounts of charitable donations?” As noble of a cause as charitable donations are to help out the starving members of the world is, it only serves to perpetuate the problem.  At the risk of sounding heartless, let me explain the crux of the matter… 

When starving people of the developing world are provided sustenance via charity, as expected, there is an immediate reduction in their mortality rate, which in turn encourages them to produce more children to provide them food and shelter in their twilight years. Therefore, the creation of a viable social security system accomplishes a far better, desired effect, than merely keeping them afloat via charity.  Besides, with regards to all the charitable donations made to third world countries, I wonder what percentage of the donated food ends up in the hands of the militant guerrillas who terrorize the local villages.  It’s downright depressing – so much of the charity given in good faith ends up supporting the ‘bad guys’ after all.

OK – while a global, social security problem alleviates one of the root causes to our population explosion, there are other situations which are adding to the misery. One of the fundamental problems originates from religion – and I’m not pointing fingers at any, single church.  Here’s what I mean…

“Be fruitful and multiply.” Gee – where have we heard that phrase before?  Oh, yeah – that’s right in the Christian Bible.  While I can see that a couple thousand years ago, it might have actually made sense to INTENTIONALLY increase the world’s population, those days are long gone. 

An even more damaging agenda I’ve come across involves the Muslim world, who currently totals approximately one billion people. Apparently, they are actively seeking to increase their numbers via rapid birthrates in order to gain worldwide prominence by intentionally making more babies.  I have an upcoming chapter which discusses the religions of the world, but if we can eliminate the oppression of one religion by another one, we can eliminate the competitive desire to gain influence simply by increasing the size of its membership.

Perhaps if the Muslim world didn’t feel relentless negativity from the Christian population, maybe they won’t feel compelled to generate more popularity by generating higher birth rates. Note: I’ll further discuss this in my chapter on ‘Religion’.

Here’s A Possible Plan To Alleviate The Ever-growing World’s Population…

Now, let’s first take a peek at population controls when it comes to our homeland, the United States of America… First of all, any families which already have several children will be considered to be, ‘grandfathered in’, and left alone, without penalty.  The changes will be concentrated on the future, starting now – or realistically, as soon as we elect a leader who will promote the idea of capping the total number of occupants on this planet… 

You’ve probably seen that many restaurants have a sign posting information like, ‘maximum seating occupancy is 240 guests’. Obviously, they do this in order to avoid overcrowding.  Similarly, our planet Earth should have the same type of limitation, perhaps, ‘maximum occupancy is one billion humans’.

Let’s begin by looking at the ‘bottom of the food chain’ – specifically, people living on Welfare… Yes, the government should help the poor families living at the poverty level – but the welfare subsidy needs to come with the stipulation of: NO MORE BABIES.  Since the poor family has already demonstrated its inability to provide food and shelter for their existing family, there is no way that they should be allowed to have additional babies.  Our current system encourages them to have more babies, since the amount of the Welfare payment increases with the arrival of each additional baby.  It also fails to motivate the poor to get off the welfare system.

A solution could be to offer the female welfare recipients mandatory birth control shots every 90 days (as directed by manufacturer). If the welfare recipient does not take her mandatory birth control shot, her welfare checks will cease.  The bottom line is if someone needs government support just to survive, the government should still be willing to help that person.  However, there must be no more careless pregnancies, as well as, ‘planned babies,’ who happen as a result of a government subsidy to have additional children.  Additional welfare kids will eventually over-burden the system, and it will eventually collapse.

As far as middle and upper class families go, we still need to cap their population growth as well. Of course, a couple can still have the right to have two kids born to them, with what I believe to be a unique twist…  Every male and female would be given a legal right to have one natural born child for himself or herself.  For lack of a better word, let’s call it a ‘birth right option’.  When a couple has a baby together, it uses up half of the birth right option for each the father and mother.  This allows a couple to have two children, without any penalty.  These ‘birth right options’ will be transferable.  In theory, the options could be sold on eBay, or maybe even traded on a something akin to a stock exchange.

This plan would allow many possibilities. First, a wealthy family who really wants a large number of their own children can purchase additional ‘birth right options’ in the free market at the going price (as determined by supply and demand).  On the flip side, some people don’t want any children at all.  They can sell their options at the going rate, and pocket the money (tax free). 

Of course, adoption of living babies/children for qualified families is an acceptable alternative. Another category is the couple who decides to have just one single child.  For them, they may sell the remaining birth right option.  Conceivably, that could get them a down payment on a nice house, with money to spare.

Unfortunately, some people are not fertile, and sadly can’t have any children. Of course they may still choose to adopt children, while still reserving the right to sell their ‘birth right options’.  I can envision these birth right options selling for big money.  Perhaps we have a gay couple with no interest in children – go ahead and sell your options, and pocket the proceeds.

The system would have to make some exceptions, although not too many. If somebody happens to give birth to twins or triplets, so be it, but please stop administering ‘fertility drugs’ that tend to produce multiple babies.  I think there should be a major penalty given to the famous, Octomom’s physician.  He should at least have his medical license revoked.

Until that blessed day arrives when the world becomes unified to seriously tackle the overpopulation problem via ‘population controls’, I would at least like to see a lot more done, at bare minimum, to eliminate unwanted pregnancies and teen pregnancies. I realize that our hormone-laden teens aren’t suddenly going to abstain from sex ‘because their teacher said so’. However, the encouragement of the use of condoms or even the suggestion of ‘oral sex’ as an alternative to ‘vaginal intercourse’ should clearly reduce unwanted pregnancies in the interim.

I strongly believe that my radical idea of population control will someday become ‘politically correct’, but I see that it can only work if we adopt a new, worldwide umbrella constitution. What’s the benefit if only the USA were to implement the use of population controls when other more populous countries would keep on growing their populations exponentially without care?  Again, our ‘shrinking planet’ necessitates a new, unified constitution by which ALL countries need to participate in.

What I propose is not some evil, mass genocide of innocent victims. Instead, I propose that the world has a fully transparent, across the board agreement that population numbers need to be gradually reduced.  Hell, even if this concept is so ‘unthinkable’ at this time, I would consider it to be a giant success if the world can decide to put a cap on future population growth.  It will only continue to become way worse if we do nothing about it at all…  Over time, as the world begins to fully accept the concept of population control, then maybe we can look at true population reduction as opposed to mere population stabilization.  However, we have to spring into action now, before the situation becomes even worse. 

The biggest opposition this plan will face is that many people will object to the government controlling a private decision that has been made voluntarily by families since the ‘dawn of man’. I too value the concept of ‘freedom’ very highly.  However, with the very obvious lack of self-restraint that mankind has demonstrated throughout the ages, one can expect the world’s population to keep on growing unchecked until it becomes a terminal mess. 

Today, our planet Earth’s headcount sits at about 8,000,000,000 people. The quality of life for most people is deteriorating.  Misery will increase dramatically in tandem with the ever-growing population if left completely unregulated.  If anybody else out there has a better idea with regards to population control, I would like to hear it – now.  At the very barest minimum, there should become an educational program that encourages a major reduction in birth rates in every single country of the world.  This is a worldwide problem that can only be solved if the world acts as a cohesive unit in deciding to proactively, ‘do something about it’.

For your information, I’m definitely not the only guy to arrive at the conclusion that overpopulation is a major, global problem, and a threat to mankind. No sir – members of the Illuminati have also arrived at the same conclusion, and their remedy is FAR MORE SINISTER…

The Illuminati is a secret organization of the most powerful and influential elite in the world. They go back for centuries, and maintain the same bloodlines. Famous family lines, such as the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, are among the more notorious members of the group, and their view of the world can be summarized by, “This planet belongs to us, exclusively.”

Throughout history, the Illuminati (AKA: ruling class), continues to look at commoners as being a ‘slave race’ – working to serve them. They also believe that it’s their prerogative to rule the world, while living ‘the life of riley’.  However, they are now realizing that their troublesome slaves will soon become replaced by a headache-free, robotic workforce.  Thus, I firmly believe in the ‘conspiracy theory’ that the illuminati is planning to depopulate the world – definitely before the end of the century.

Apparently, they are already implementing their program under false pretenses, by feeding the masses GMO produced food laden with high-fructose corn syrup. The results are clearly evident by witnessing the drastic rates of obesity among the young population in America.

I’m shocked to see how many teenagers are seriously overweight these days. Oh sure, when I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, we had a few fat kids in my class – but nowadays, that seems to be the norm.  Type 2 Diabetes has become a common affliction amongst today’s teens.  This is already cutting down on their life expectancy.  In turn, that will ultimately reduce the number of commoners who will live old enough to collect Social Security.

On the other hand, life expectancy of the affluent keeps on rising. The discrepancy between the life expectancy of the poor versus the longevity of the wealthy will continue to become more pronounced.

This Illuminati Program is part of their ‘slow death’ agenda, which is aimed directly at the poor and middle classes. However, that plan is like ‘child’s play’ when compared to the conspiracy theory that involves the Illuminati’s plans of mass genocide, when human laborers become obsolete.

Many other books have been written on the subject of the upcoming extermination of the masses. One of their plans is to use ‘germ warfare’ methods, whereby only the elite are administered an antidote.  Also, there is a threat that a laboratory of theirs will produce a pandemic flu virus which will necessitate a major, emergency ‘flu vaccine’ which can simultaneously kill off billions of people in a single swipe.

I’m unsure of the specifics of their secret agenda, but take heed that the Illuminati isn’t stupid. Thus, you can be very certain that they already have a plan in place to address the problem of overpopulation.  The only difference between their plan and mine, is that the Illuminati’s plan is specifically intended to help their own cause, while my solution is to help all of mankind.

I need to emphasize the utmost importance of NOT confusing the ‘Illuminati’ (the Ruling Class) with folks who just happen to be extremely wealthy. They definitely aren’t synonymous with one another.

There are numerous, wealthy, humanitarian types of people who are known for donating gargantuan amounts to charities, such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. While I naturally commend their generosity, as well as their good intentions, it would benefit the world even more so – especially regarding the Third World countries – if a large portion of their charitable donations would go towards providing a significant bonus payout to people willing to undergo a voluntary, free vasectomy.  I imagine that a $5,000 bonus for a vasectomy would raise a lot of interest in many poverty-stricken places.  Since the birthrates are traditionally very high in Third World Countries, each adult male who receives a vasectomy would eliminate the creation of several more, destitute babies.  Thus, I urge charitable folks, who want to make an even greater, positive impact on the world, to offer a worthwhile bonus to adult men willing to undergo the minor, medical procedure known as a ‘vasectomy’.

So, what about the corporate world that is always trying to increase their profitability? Doesn’t a shrinking population lead to shrinking profits for the big companies?  Not necessarily.  For any stock market investors still out there, let’s look at an example…  Let’s say you own some General Electric stock.  That’s a giant company that’s been around for about 100 years, and I would expect to see it around 100 years from now.  Would any of GE’s individual stock holders really care about what GE’s total market value does?  Maybe they would be slightly interested, but mostly just curious.  The typical shareholder of GE stock (or ANY other stock for that matter) is only interested in the stock’s PRICE PER SHARE.  This is the only pertinent number to individual shareholders.  After all, that’s how success or failure is measured when determining whether or not an investment in GE stock was smart or not.

Thus, in a world with a shrinking population, GE’s total sales may be stagnant at best.  Yet profits are probably going to go through the roof (remember the productivity gains resulting from the upcoming robotic era?).  When companies have too much cash just laying around, they usually do one of three different things: (1) they might increase the size of their dividends, which is good for stock holders; (2) they can use cash to buy back their own shares of stock from the public (this cuts down on the total number of shares outstanding, which usually translates into higher stock prices); or (3) they can acquire another company, which will add to growth prospects in the future.

Thus, even if GE’s total sales were to be stagnant for the better part of 100 years (although I honestly think the sales are more likely to grow substantially), their profits per share, profit margins, and dividends will increase. The total number of GE shares will shrink, and most importantly for individual shareholders – the price per share of GE stock will skyrocket.  Therefore, I disagree that the corporate world can make progress only in a world with never ending population growth.

In conclusion, at some point, we will publicly confirm the existence of advanced, intelligent, alien life elsewhere in the cosmos. When that blessed day arrives, I’ll bet you that the aliens are from a planet with ‘one single government’, as well as ‘one single military’.  Otherwise, emotions such as fear, hate, greed, and jealousy would lead to wars on the other inhabited planets as well.  So, let’s make our planet a lot smarter, more civilized, more unified, less corrupt, and less crowded.  Let’s clean up the Earth’s garbage.  Do I have any friends out there to help me?






Chapter 5

The Real Structure of Government, Secret Societies, &

Conspiracy Theories

Ever since I wrote the first edition of BLUEPRINTS FOR A BETTER WORLD in 2010, I’ve continued to research and gain insight as to the actual structure of our government, and I’m shocked to find out that our government does not function at all as advertised. In fact, our election process is severely distorted, and it’s rather misleading to boast that America is a true democracy at all…


America’s ‘two-party system’ virtually eliminates the possibility that any independent, third-party candidate can win a presidential election.

Our current President Trump’s policies and ideology would more than likely place him in the ‘independent, third-party category’, but he was savvy enough to realize that he would never have won the election without the backing of the Republican Party.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party clearly assisted Hillary to cheat her way to eliminate the very popular, and borderline revolutionary, Bernie Sanders.

With the selection of the two pre-election candidates – Hillary and Trump – the net result of whichever candidate prevailed is primarily irrelevant. Our overall policies would remain largely identical.  The US would still be fighting in Afghanistan and the Middle East.  North Korea would be an equally great concern, regardless of who lives in the White House.  No major differences of policies and actions would have occurred whether we elect Democrats, including: Obama, Hillary, her husband, Bill Clinton, or if we elect Republicans, such as: Trump, younger Bush, or the elder Bush.  Our American presidents truly work to maintain the status quo.

Perhaps the most noteworthy example of US Presidents as being ‘selected’ instead of ‘elected’ happened during the 2004 election race between George W. Bush, Republican, and John Kerry, Democrat. It’s a very disturbing fact that BOTH of them are members of Yale University’s Secret Society known as ‘Skull & Bones’.  Talk about an unfair choice for the public.  It’s like a mother offering her child a choice of dinner, “Timmy, you can have your choice of either: broiled liver or braised liver.  The choice is yours.”  Hmm – no matter what Timmy chooses, he’s going to be fed liver for dinner – and that’s exactly what American presidential elections have been offering to the public.

Oh sure, whether someone supports either a Democrat or a Republican, there will always be subtle differences regarding ‘health care plans’, and perhaps a token tax break or two, but these differences are merely fodder for endless debates to keep our congressmen and senators busy. On the other hand, the ‘big picture’ remains virtually unaffected.  Thus, our government operates in a similar manner to the old Sonny and Cher song, “The Beat Goes On,” coupled with the lyrics of an old song by The Who, “Meet the new boss – same as the old boss.  We won’t get fooled again.”

Meanwhile, the voting public is distracted by relatively minor issues, such as, “Should we build a silly wall at the Mexican border, or not?” I digress by pointing out that even the Great Wall of China did NOT keep out the Mongols, so, in my honest opinion, a Mexican Wall is a similar waste of time, money, and effort.  After all, the Mexican drug runners are quite capable of building a system of tunnels beneath the stupid wall.  Also, as I already mentioned in previous chapters, there are other, far better ways to put the Mexican drug lords out of business. 

Getting back to the original discussion at hand – all these distractions serve to keep the voters and congress preoccupied with debating minutiae, while nothing happens concerning the much bigger concerns, such as: global warming, rising poverty & crime, overpopulation, computer hackers, gang violence, terrorism, and the threat that robotics will soon replace a large percentage of the human work force. Of course, this is only a partial list of major, global concerns, but exactly how many politicians have actually addressed any of these monumental obstacles?  Frankly, I can’t name a single one, and someone needs to change that in a hurry, before it’s too late.

To further strengthen the intentional gridlock within our Congress, they have implemented ridiculous concepts such as ‘the filibuster’ to completely waste everyone’s time and patience. As inefficient as Congress already is, can we please abolish the use of filibusters as a stalling tactic?

Another aspect of our government that exudes corruption is the fact that we have legal, paid ‘lobbyists’. Lobbyists essentially persuade (and pay) members who holds a high position in a public office to support their own cause, or the cause of a company that the lobbyist represents. Gee – if that doesn’t sound like outright bribery to me.  I’ve heard that sometimes sexual favors have been used in lieu of cash bribery to entice politicians to support their cause.  All of that sounds very corrupt to me, so let’s abolish the very existence of lobbyists – and let them go find some real jobs instead. 

I apologize for spending a bit of time griping about trivial, little items, such as ‘filibusters’ and ‘lobbyists’, so I will now present the ‘piece de resistance’, WHO ACTUALLY CALLS THE SHOTS, WHEN IT COMES TO OPERATING THIS WORLD???

After extensive research, including ‘reading between the lines’ regarding behavioral patterns of past presidents, I’ve come to the clear conclusion that our president is merely a public figure, who serves as the conduit between the masses and the people who really control our main policies – a small, clandestine oligarchy known as the ‘Shadow Government’.

As soon as a new president is elected, he is immediately whisked off to a very private briefing in an underground bunker arranged by higher members of the CIA. They TELL the president exactly what he can and cannot say in public.  Even though the president is considered to be the highest official in the country, he must obey the command as dictated to him by the CIA. 

There have been several presidential candidates, including some who won an election, who have openly vowed to, “declassify the Top Secret UFO Files,” since they feel that the public deserves to know the truth. However, their pre-election promises always fall by the wayside, when they are forced into secrecy.

By logical deduction, one can easily figure out that the CIA and other covert intelligence groups are the enforcement agency of the Shadow Government. Unfortunately, our president is actually just a ‘puppet on a string’.

If the president abides by the rules as dictated by the ‘Puppet Master’, he may have the privilege of serving as president for an additional four year term. If not, he will be eliminated – either by peaceful means (such as with Nixon), or he can be eliminated by violent means (as was the case with JFK). 

I find it interesting that every elected president has always been a family man, with children. Perhaps, that’s by design, since no father – including any president – wants to place his children in harm’s way if he doesn’t adhere to the rules as dictated by his boss, the Puppet Master.  I can only speculate that the CIA privately informs the president-elect to, “Behave accordingly – or else!”  Thus, after one intimidating briefing, the CIA successfully bullies the new president-elect to abide by their rules.

OK, one might ask – who then exactly is this oligarchy who runs the world? Well, the simple answer is that our entire world is run by money – most notably, in banking and oil.  Oil wealth is probably the dirtiest industry on the face of this planet, since they knowingly are the primary cause of ‘global warming’, and they continue to try to suppress alternative fuel substitutes which cause little or no pollution at all, such as cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells and battery systems.

The oldest banking system started in Switzerland, and they are responsible for perpetuating the vast wealth of the Rothschild family. More than any other industry on Earth, the banking system helps the Illuminati to remain as the ruling class.

I understand that is an over-simplified answer, so let me explain about a pyramid-like hierarchy of secret societies… At the bottom of the list are the Free Masons, with 32 different levels.  Each level seems to be progressively more highly secretive than the lower levels.  For example, our first president, George Washington, was a Master Mason – so he may actually have had more true power to rule, than say either Obama or Trump.

The whole system is so convoluted, that it’s very difficult for a commoner – like me – to fully learn how the actual hierarchy of secret societies is structured, but certainly at the very top is the infamous, Bilderberg Group. This group has held very secret, annual meetings since 1954 to privately discuss their global agenda.  Their members include about 150 invitees, including names such as Rockefeller, and Rothschild.  Besides discussing business, they even discuss matters of war.  Hence, the nickname: NWO has been spawned – the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Every single, freedom-loving, believer in true democracy should be totally disgusted and appalled that the most important, worldwide decisions are made behind closed doors. Meanwhile, the general public is fed misleading tidbits of information as dispersed to us commoners via the president.  Something must be done to change this – and ‘hint’ – my final chapter in this book presents a way to correct this cancerous situation.

Well, then – is this Bilderberg Group the so-called ‘Shadow Government’? I can only logically come to the conclusion that there are subsets within the Bilderberg Group who dominate and ‘bully’ the less influential members into cooperating with their agenda.

If one tries to isolate the true ‘top of the food chain’, there may be a shockingly tiny number of people who actually call all the shots when it comes to ruling the world – the world they selfishly envision as being ‘their world, exclusively’ – instead of a world belonging to all mankind.

An even more shocking theory – (by the way, this is a theory I don’t personally believe in, although I don’t claim that it’s altogether impossible) – is based on the undeniable evidence of alien lifeforms inhabiting our planet. Some people are convinced that the alien race, known as the Draconians, secretly are implanting tiny computer chips into the brains of the elite members of the Illuminati.  If that actually happens to be true, wouldn’t that be a real shocker, to find out that the world is already under the direct control of the aliens?  At least, that would explain why the government is so steadfastly stubborn when it comes to keeping a lid on the classified, Top Secret UFO Files.

Since it’s a paradox that the public has been duped into believing that we live in a true democracy, while in actuality, the Shadow Government is in full control, is there any remedy at all? YES – THERE IS.  As long as we still are given the ‘constitutional right’ to vote on matters, if a sufficiently large percentage of the population becomes enlightened to the situation, then they can unite to DEMAND SOME MEANINGFUL CHANGES. 

If the general public flexes its muscles by voicing their educated opinion by voting for a new, third party candidate, then the so-called ‘ruling class’ would only have two alternatives… They can either succumb to the demands of reform by the voters – or else they run the risk to incite a public rage and uproar, which would likely lead to an outright revolution. (NOTE: If you are starting to feel riled up over the ‘true structure of government’, hang in there until this book’s climactic, grand finale.)



There are several fascinating books out there on the subject, as well as the TV show: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, so I won’t spend any time rehashing the same stories. However, I will share my own particular angle on a couple of well-known, conspiracy theories…

Before I became a book author, I was a remodeling contractor for a number of years. During most of my time in that field, I had a business partnership with a guy named, ‘George’.

He had loads of interesting information he had gotten from his father, who happened to be a member of the Free Masons. His dad’s name was also ‘George’, and he was in the US Navy during WWII. 

Just prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, his ship was part of a fleet which was heading towards Pearl Harbor. At this moment in time, all the sailors were looking forward to some rest and relaxation after having been out to sea for a lengthy period of time.

When his ship – along with the rest of their fleet – was only a couple of days from reaching port, inexplicably, they all suddenly turned around and headed back out to sea.

George’s father was very disgruntled – as were the other Navy sailors – since their vacation plans were suddenly thwarted. However, they all thanked their lucky stars for being spared from the Japanese sneak attack which happened shortly thereafter.

Ever since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, George’s dad was certain that the Naval Commanders had been forewarned of the planned sneak attack – and the warning came directly from the office of President Roosevelt.

According to classified military records, American decoders had been able to break the Japanese communication code about a month PRIOR to the Pearl Harbor attack. Apparently, President Roosevelt felt the need to sacrifice part of the Pacific Fleet in order to gain popular support to join the war against Hitler.

As you’ll recall, the vast majority of Americans preferred to stay neutral, while Nazi Germany was taking over most of Europe. Anyway – this is just a ‘personal touch’ I can contribute to this well-known conspiracy theory.

On a side note, while George’s dad was stationed at a Navy Base, one day, he accidentally entered into a ‘restricted area’. He was alone – for about 30 seconds – and he couldn’t believe what his eyes saw…  Inside a large, glass tank was a strange, living creature.  It had a large, lumpy head with a boney ridge protruding down along the top of its crown.  It had thick, fish-like lips with oversized, black eyeballs.  Its torso almost looked humanlike, with two arms, but it had a fish-like lower body.  George’s dad was startled when the creature pressed one of its hands up against the glass.  Its fingers were webbed.

He barely had twenty or thirty seconds to view the creature before a superior officer entered the room. He sternly said, “You are not allowed in this room, and under absolutely no circumstances will you tell anyone about this – or else!  Just remember – you saw nothing at all.  Do you understand?”

George’s father nodded his head and replied, “Yes, sir,” and then he kept his mouth shut about his discovery for about three decades, until he privately told his son all about it one day. Keep in mind, this happened back in the early 1940s, and the creature he saw in the glass tank had a lot of similarities to the monster in the 1954 movie, ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’.  It’s interesting how many science fiction stories actually have truthful roots (such as Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek).


Extensive amounts have been written about a conspiracy involving government insiders as contributing to the catastrophic collapsing of the twin towers. Since I have a strong background in construction (and my father was an architect), I can intelligently conclude that the crashing of the airliners into the towers was NOT the sole cause of the demolition of the buildings.

The airplanes struck each tower towards the top portion of each tower. The hot, flash fire caused by the exploding jet fuel wasn’t sustained long enough to literally melt the steel girders.  Also, the main strength and stability of any skyscraper comes from the steel-reinforced, concrete elevator shafts.

There is simply no way that both towers would crumble all the way down to the ground like a ‘house of cards’. Certainly, the bottom half of the elevator shafts – perhaps about 40 to 50 stories in height – would have remained upright.

If you’ve ever seen videos of a professional demolition team orchestrating a planned collapse of an old, condemned building, they use a sequential series of precision-timed explosions to bring down the structure. The video footage of the towers collapsing closely resembles a staged demolition.

Also, when concrete is overstressed to the point of breaking, it will still fall apart into rather large chunks. However, much of the concrete ended up in tiny morsels – an indication of explosions which the jet airliners couldn’t have caused by themselves.

As you’ll recall, 9/11 wasn’t the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Back in 1993, terrorists detonated a large bomb in the parking garage below the north tower, with the intention of toppling it over to hit the south tower as well.  Although the 1993 bomb exploded as planned, the damage was insufficient to cause the intended damage.  This failed effort alerted our government that the towers were indeed a terrorist target, but this may have also given our government the idea of taking some extra measures to assure complete devastation of the towers with a forthcoming, repeat attack at some time in the future.

Of course, a reasonable person would ask, “Why on earth would the government sabotage their own skyscrapers, while killing thousands of innocent Americans?”

The only logical answer seems to be that they desperately sought public support to wage war against Saddam Hussein, along with Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan. At the terrible price of 9/11, literally overnight, President Bush’s popularity reached an all-time high.  As unpopular as President Bush is today, for a period of time, immediately following 9/11, his popularity rating was higher than ANY other president throughout history, and thus, war was quickly waged against the theoretical enemy, with full support of the American people. 

To me, this appears to be a virtually identical strategy as played out by President Roosevelt during the days leading up to Pearl Harbor, since he was determined to join the war against Hitler. Thus, the 9/11 conspiracy was like déjà vu, all over again.

I expect many people to strongly object to my conclusion, since they have already been duped into the common belief that ‘America is always the Good Guy’, and ‘Iraq always the Bad Guy’. I just ask you all to be objective in your thinking, and come to your own conclusions.  According to our Constitutional Rights, I am allowed to voice my honest opinion, and it’s up to you whether or not you happen to agree with my theory.

Another conclusion I’ve come to is that seemingly ALL politicians are great liars. The next time they host a televised presidential debate, why don’t they hook up every one of the candidates to a lie detector machine?  In retrospect, President Bush should DEFINITELY have been publically questioned, while hooked up to a polygraph machine, regarding 9/11 and his erroneous claims that Saddam Hussein possessed ‘weapons of mass destructions’.  I suppose some politicians may be crafty enough to fool a lie detector machine, but the best versions are close to 99% accurate.  Let’s publically demand that all politicians be put to the test.  We are sick and tired of hearing their lies.

While we’re on the subject matter of ‘lie detector machines’, that leads us to the next chapter: Our Legal System.



Chapter 6

Our Legal System

According to the most recent statistics (2013), 2.3 million people are incarcerated in the United States. Although America only represents about 4.4% of the world’s population, but it hosts about 22% of the world’s prison population.  About half, 49% of them, are doing time due to some sort of drug charge.  Also, a disproportionate percentage of the prison population is black, and to a somewhat lesser degree, heavily represented by Hispanics. 

Keep in mind that prison inmates are not included within the ‘work force’ statistics. Thus, unemployment rates in reality are much higher than advertised if one includes these ‘missing people’ – and the real unemployment rates for black, adult males would be much higher than the reported rate of 9.6%. 

In my sincerest, honest opinion – our entire legal system is a complete joke, and it needs some major overhauling if we are going to be successful is creating a better world.

For starters, court cases are usually won by the side with the smartest and trickiest lawyers working for them. Most of you are familiar with the famous O.J. Simpson trial which dragged on for around a year in 1995.  It was finally won by O.J.’s ‘Dream Team’ of rich and famous lawyers, including: Johnnie Cochran, F. Lee Bailey, and Al Shapiro.

I’m bringing up the O.J. trial, not to pass judgment on O.J.’s innocence or guilt, but to point out the need for major reform of our legal system. Previously, I mentioned that many working people will surely be replaced by robots.  While I certainly don’t expect our current set of lawyers to be replaced by robots, I would like to see them replaced by people who actually have a conscience and a soul. Wouldn’t you agree with that?

Here in America, we proudly claim that, “according to our constitution, we have a separation of church and state”. However, that claim quickly becomes muddled up with our court system.  Before a defendant or witness begins his or her testimony, he has to, ‘swear on the Bible’, that the testimony he is about to give is, “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God”.  I’d like to see that tradition changed.  It insinuates that only God-fearing people will be too scared to lie, while atheists, Buddhists, Pagans, Muslims, et al, are free to lie at will.  I’d prefer that the ‘swearing on the stack of Bibles act’ be replaced with something a little more appropriate, such as, “Under penalty of perjury, the testimony I am about to give is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”  Enough said…  Let’s just leave God and the Bible out of our courtrooms.  Thank you.  Now, back to the infamous “O.J. trial”…

The trial itself seemingly dragged on forever. In reality, it lasted about a year.  Back and forth they battled over every itty-bitty piece of information.  Months of time was wasted in discussing blood samples taken from the scene of the crime.  First, they proved that the blood was O.J.’s – then they fought over whether or not it was artificially planted there – next they find that some of the blood was tainted with a preservative – then a few weeks of time lapsed over arguing about a few missing cc’s of potentially stolen blood – then they debated whether or not the stolen blood could have been planted there by a racist cop – the cop lied under oath about never using the ‘N word’…  Enough now, GIVE ME A BREAK – it was just sickening.

The poor jury had to listen to the exhausting testifying by every imaginable person for close to a year, yet ridiculously so, O.J. himself never took the witness stand. I would think that he’s the most important guy to testify, yet, there was not one single peep out of O.J.  This in of itself proves the need for our court system to be changed.  O.J.’s only active participation in the whole trial was to convincingly act as if the murderer’s bloody gloves would not fit on his hands.  Film critics had always been critical of O.J. Simpson’s lack of acting ability in movies.  Apparently, they missed his court room’s academy award winning performance.  It was quite impressive.

When they were finally finished with the presentation of the evidence, it went to deliberations by the jury for another couple of weeks. This is where the members of the jury hash it out until they reach a verdict.  If they couldn’t agree, it would be called a ‘hung jury’.  Thank God that didn’t happen, or they would have declared it a mistrial, and the circus act would start all over again.  I’d personally like to think that a ‘hung jury’ means we are fed up with it all, and they would actually hang the jury members for failing to reach a decision (just kidding – well, sort of).

As it turned out, the ‘Dream Team’ of hotshot lawyers prevailed, and O.J. was free to go (until he got into more trouble later on). They say, “Money can’t buy you happiness,” but in our legal system, “Money can buy you freedom.”  Therefore, we need to seriously revamp our court system.

If a 100% reliable, ‘Lie Detector Machine’ doesn’t already exist, it should become a high priority to get one developed. A reliable lie detector machine would have condensed O.J’s year-long trial into a one day event.  Thus, place O.J. on the witness stand, and have him hooked up to a lie detector machine.  Ask him if he committed the murders.  He would probably answer, “No.”  If the lie detector machine says he is telling the truth, he is free to go.  If it says he is lying, then he is guilty.  If he is found to be guilty, he will be asked why he committed the murders.  Depending on his answer, a judge will sentence him accordingly.  Once in a while, a murderer can have an understandable reason to commit murder.  In such case, the judge would give him a lesser sentence.  Otherwise, the penalty will be death.

Most states in America do not allow lie detector results in court since at present they still are not 100% accurate. Yes, it’s true that they aren’t 100% accurate, but the best one available today is about 98% accurate.  Are you going to try to convince me that our court system renders a fair decision 98% of the time?  It’s not even remotely close to that percentage.  The only reason we don’t use lie detector results in court is that lawyers don’t want them.  Their reason for not using lie detector machines is very selfish: since polygraph tests would drastically cut down on ‘trial time’, it hits them directly in the pocket book. Therefore, they’ll conjure up some lame excuse why lie detectors should not be used.

I believe we should strive to develop a lie detector that is a full 100% accurate to eliminate an unfair decision to the other 2% of people hooked up to the machine. However, until that day arrives, 98% accuracy is nothing to sneeze at. Thus, lie detector results should definitely be used in courts of law.  If they were to use lie detector results in tandem with scientific evidence, such as DNA samples, we should be able to vastly reduce the amount of wasted time and expense, and thus, avoid the three-ring circus that our courtrooms have evolved into.

I suppose the ultimate efficient Lie Detector would be a combination of Lie Detector and Electric Chair. You sit down, and they strap you in.  If you lie, you get zapped.  If you tell too many lies, you get fried.  I know they will never invent such a machine, but one thing’s for sure – any guilty person strapped down to one of these combination machines is suddenly going to start giving some very honest answers.

I am also very upset at hearing about some sex offender who served some jail time, and was subsequently released, only to have him repeat his perverted crime on a new victim. Again, I want the alleged criminal to be placed on our new, high-tech, lie detector machine.  If he is found guilty, he should get his proper sentencing, including castration.  Chances are quite good that a sex offender becomes rehabilitated if he has no genitals.  After all, castrated rapists wouldn’t ‘have the balls’ to rape again (no pun intended).

As far as any other convicted felons are concerned – they will automatically get a vasectomy, since they obviously aren’t capable of functioning like normal, ‘family men’.   Additionally, all convicted felons will lose any ‘birth right options’ they may still possess.

Later in this book, I’ll be discussing the problematic, ‘Class Structure’, exemplified by the ever-widening rift between the rich and the poor. However, when it comes to our legal system, there is a major inequality in the type of treatment rich criminals get versus the treatment of poorer criminals.  Usually, the rich criminals end up going free, thanks to their expensive, shyster lawyers.  Even when wealthy people are incarcerated, their sentences are relatively light, and their detention facilities are way nicer than the penitentiaries for the poor masses.

A rich criminal often tends to be guilty of ‘white collar crimes’, such as insurance fraud, tax evasion, credit fraud, computer fraud, or identity theft. Huge windfalls are illegally made by way of investment fraud.

Big name thieves, like Ivan Boesky, cheat for millions of dollars, yet get relatively mild sentences. On the other hand, some poor thug steals a few hundred dollars from a ‘mom & pop’ store, and he’ll end up doing a lengthy sentence in a tough, nasty, state penitentiary.  It is completely unfair and biased.

I want to see some ‘white-collar criminal’, Wall Street-geek-sort-of guy, get locked up in the real prison houses. He should be placed in a tiny jail cell with ‘Big Bubba’.  Justifiably, let ‘Big Bubba’ give our white-collar criminal a little lesson in ‘brotherly love’.  That kind of justice would be way more appropriate than the punishment they typically receive, which usually involves simple detention at some ‘country club’ type of facility. 

As far as our expensive, ‘death row inmates’ are concerned, I have another idea, besides ‘capital punishment’. For starters, I hate wasting resources of any kind.  Since death row inmates cost our taxpayers tons of money, let’s put them to some positive use.  For all death row inmates, why don’t we use them for ‘medical experimentation’?  I am dead set against torturing any poor, innocent, laboratory animals, so let’s use the death row inmates instead.  Perhaps we want to test a new vaccine or medication that currently would involve experiments on laboratory animals – I’d much rather use a deserving criminal for such a lab test.  It’s very possible that being used as a laboratory ‘guinea pig’ might easily be the greatest contribution to society that some murderer ever makes in his entire life.

In conclusion, the whole purpose of having a legal system is to serve justice by appropriately punishing our criminals. The court system is as inefficient as anybody could ever imagine. Its main structure serves merely to richen the pocket books of our attorneys, and the jail system favors the rich, ‘white collar criminals’, over the poorer, ‘blue collar criminals’.  I want to change our justice system so that justice is served in a fair manner across the board.

On a separate note, right now, as I am writing this chapter, the news announced that the Bill Cosby Sex Scandal Trial has concluded with a hung jury. This is yet another perfect example of why lie detector machines must be used in court hearings.  The actor, Bill Cosby, and all his alleged victims should be asked pertinent questions while hooked up to a polygraph. 

They could ask all the parties involved if there was any drug doping involved, or were their sexual relationships ‘consensual’ or not, and let the machine render an answer. That would be a way better way of handling such cases – and I’m 100% sure that Maury Povich would agree. 

Chapter 7


According to the economist, Joseph Schumpeter, ‘specialization of skills’ – attributed by higher education – has been the key to the development of modern society. Without higher education, mankind is largely forced to hunt, fish, farm, forage, and scavenge for food, just in order to survive.  Since the emergence of advanced education, along with a corresponding productivity gain in food production, a high percentage of the populace can pursue other ambitions in arts and sciences – which earmarks the very cornerstone of any modern society.

As recently as 150 years ago, many young American children had to work in the fields to help the family to survive. In most third world countries, that is still the case.  In many countries in Southeast Asia, children work for very cheap wages in the abusive ‘sweat shops’.

The only hope for a promising future for any youngster is to have a good education. As we progressively head deeper into the ‘robotic era’, the need for higher skills and higher education becomes paramount.  We’ve all been made aware of the monetary differences between lifetime earnings of a college graduate versus somebody with only a high school diploma.  That discrepancy is likely to grow very dramatically, since so many of the careers that only require minimal education will disappear altogether (as a result of a new robotic work force).  Unfortunately, I’m already seeing telltale signs that those lofty ideals are deteriorating, since the high cost of university education is restricting the enrollment of many deserving students who happen to be from poorer or middle class backgrounds.  Thus – similar to our old, caveman ancestors – many intelligent high school graduates will be forced to ‘scavenge for food’ by accepting low-paying, subsistence-wage jobs, merely to survive.  If this happens over a long period of time, our modern society risks a slow, but steady, slide back into the dark ages.

Before we get into a heavy discussion about the structure of our education system, we need to begin by taking an honest look at the quality of our students. Over the past few decades, the quality of our typical American student has literally ‘gone to pot’ (no pun intended).  Students in most Asian and European countries study hard, and they take their education seriously, while American students generally goof off and try to act ‘cool’.  For sure, there are some American students today who still study very hard – but unfortunately, they are the exception – and not the norm.  However, it wasn’t always like that.  You might wonder, “Why is that so?”  Hint: the answer has to do with a lack of discipline…

When I was in middle school in the early 1970’s, misbehaving students would get hard swats on their butts with wooden paddles. I had a sixth grade teacher, Mr. Thomas, who was very proud of his paddle that he made himself.  He called it, “Black Beauty,” since he had painted it black.  Mr. Thomas had taken delight in drilling a series of holes in his wooden paddle, because it both made his swat hurt worse, and it made a louder sound at impact to discourage other kids from misbehaving as well. 

Our school’s vice principal, Mr. Inch, was our school’s chief executioner. He brutally disciplined the most severe cases.  He also administered swats on behalf of the female faculty members.  For some reason, the female teachers never administered the swats – they had Mr. Inch do it for them.

It would be fair to say that students back in my day were strictly disciplined, and we respected our teachers, and studied much harder than our counterpart students of today. Nowadays, it’s become just the opposite, with many teachers living in fear from violent students.  I am still a firm believer in the old school, “spare the rod & spoil the child,” way of thinking.  Thus, I’ve come to the conclusion that the geniuses who wrote all those ‘parenting books’ are completely wrong, and the final result is that our society will deteriorate because of their teachings.  The stricter ways of Asian and European schools has resulted in a better quality of student – and we ought to disregard our current, docile ways of handling students who misbehave.

HIGHER EDUCATION: I was enrolled at the University of Washington in 1977, and I graduated in 1981. When I started in 1977, the annual tuition cost for a full load of classes was $567.  That climbed to $687 annually by the time I graduated in 1981.  By 2016, the price for one year of tuition at the University of Washington was $11,839 for a Washington resident, and $34,143 for a non-resident student. 

Gee, they keep reporting that our inflation is nicely kept in check by the FED – I guess their inflation figures forgot to take into consideration the rapid rise in college tuition. By the way, although I generally believe that the law of supply and demand should determine the cost of goods and services, I simply can’t see how the universities can justify such exorbitant increases in tuition fees. 

I was an ‘only child’ when I grew up, and I was from a middle class background. My father could barely afford to pay for my university education back then, and he surely would have been unable to afford to send me to the UW if I happened to be an 18 year old, high school graduate today.  Higher education is becoming less and less affordable to anybody except for the wealthy.

University has become so expensive, that students who get part-time jobs or work summer, seasonal jobs, can barely make a dent in their education costs. They often need to get student loans to make ends meet, and then they are hampered by a seemingly never ending debt load which starts immediately upon graduation.

As I’ve already pointed out, higher education will become an increasingly necessary ingredient in separating the successful people from the unsuccessful, poor, starving masses. The cost of that higher education is too much for lower and middle classes to afford.  What about families with multiple children?  Well, if your son wishes to get a university education, and your family isn’t rich, I suppose he can forget about it, unless he happens to be seven feet tall and can easily dunk a basketball.

What I propose is a national scholarship for intelligent, deserving students from any financial background to make a university degree a reality for those who simply could not afford it otherwise. Our, “America, land of opportunity,” motto needs to give hope to our better students who happen to be born to poorer households.

I was just complaining about the typical, idiotic, high school student who goes around acting like a ‘cool jerk’. I couldn’t care less about them, but I care very deeply for the minority of high school students who still respect their teachers, and strive to do their best in school.  Our society as a whole loses out if these students do not receive aid to go to university – for the simple reason that they can’t afford it.

I suppose it will be difficult to get the ritziest, private universities to deviate from their old tradition, whereby a student ‘legacy’ is accepted by a fancy university, because his ‘daddy big bucks’ donated heavily to his alma mater’s coffers. So be it.

However, outside of Ivy League institutions, how about we make it possible for every deserving student to attend university based on merit, instead of the family’s status and wealth? Once the subsidized student is enrolled, he would have to maintain his grades and respectability, or else his subsidy will end.  If the student continues to excel, let the cost of graduate school be covered as well.

So far, I’ve only discussed free higher education, such as university degree programs. However, I believe that tuition for junior colleges, as well as Vo-tech training, should be provided to any motivated student.

As you’ve already seen in my chapter on economics, I’m against taxing any income any individual earns over the course of a lifetime (it’s far better to simply tax consumption, via a ‘national sales tax’). However, I still believe that a ‘free tuition subsidy’ shouldn’t just be handed over to the student on a silver platter… 

I envision a high school senior, who has aspirations of earning a degree from a full university – yet needs financial assistance – ought to give something in back to the society that helped to ensure his future. My personal suggestion is that any subsidized student MUST serve humanity for a period of one year.  That would include charitable organizations such as the Peace Corps.  Besides earning his/her tuition, it shows the high school graduate how to help out the truly destitute members of our world, while gaining firsthand experience about life itself.

If I had my druthers, I’d like to see ALL 18 year olds serving a full year working for institutions, such as the Peace Corp, upon graduating high school. This would include the kids of the wealthy, the mega-wealthy, and even children of the Illuminati.  Maybe the spoiled brats would actually build some backbone, and start to think about helping his fellow man, instead of just seeking new ways to exploit the world for their own, selfish benefit.  Who knows – if Justin Beiber had served a year in the Peace Corps when he was 18, maybe he wouldn’t be such a jerk – but in his case – perhaps that’s still just ‘wishful thinking’.  Note: I’m aware that Mr. Beiber is Canadian – my proposal includes humanitarian involvement by all 18 year olds from every country around the world.

A program such as this one may even have the nice side effect of motivating a few more of our ‘cool’, lazy high school students into studying much harder, since higher education does not eliminate students from poorer families.

As the robotic era arrives, it will become increasingly difficult to earn a decent living without a university degree, or at bare minimum, some technical training at a vocational school.

General labor jobs, along with many skilled labor jobs, will be eventually performed more cheaply and done better and faster by a robot. That is inevitably going to happen.  It’s just a matter of ‘when’.  

A typical, political response to programs such as this one, regarding higher education, is that it is too expensive, and will require additional taxes. That is simply not true.  First, our government needs to consider this to be a long term investment in human resources, which will further enable America to maintain its ‘world frontrunner’ position, which already is in jeopardy. 

Additionally, the national government has a major advantage over individual people, as well as having a capability which state governments don’t have… That is they have the monopoly right to print money.  The critics will quickly say that money printing is inflationary…  I refer you back to Chapter 2 regarding ‘FAIR LAISSEZ FAIRE ECONOMICS’.  When taxes are assessed to inheritances in excess of $10,000,000 per child, those proceeds should be dispersed to deserving students from poorer and middle class backgrounds.  My motto is: tax the dead, not the living – and distribute the proceeds to fund higher education for each and every deserving student.  If our rate of inflation still were to rise a bit as a result of such a program, well then, so be it.

The well-known mantra: A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE, apparently doesn’t apply to deserving students from the poorer and middle classes, or else the government would have done something about it ages ago. It’s high time that we change this disturbing attitude – and we need to do so NOW.

I have compiled a partial list of current careers that will be significantly impacted by the arrival of robots, and robotic technology. They include:

Union jobs: teamsters, longshoremen, cashiers, bus drivers, airline pilots, postal workers, Boeing airplane assemblers, automobile manufacturers, steel mill smelting, heavy equipment manufacturers, meat cutters, and loggers.

Non-union jobs include: army infantry soldiers, taxi drivers, driving instructors, farm workers, fishermen, full-service real estate agents (these guys are already losing their moxie thanks to internet real estate services), bakers, warehousemen, gardeners, golf course groundskeepers, janitors, fast food jobs, dish washers, bank tellers, mill work, house painters, framers, roofers, iron workers, window washers, tailors, barbers, and coal miners.

This is only a partial list. I don’t claim that each and every person employed among the list above will be replaced by a robot – but very many of them will be.  Try to find new careers for all of the people employed in this list of jobs.  Do you see how unemployment rates in the future can easily reach epic proportions?  Once these careers choices have been greatly diminished, do you agree that the under-educated people are in BIG TROUBLE?  If some bright young student isn’t even given the chance to succeed, what is his/her motivation to refrain from becoming a thief, prostitute, or dope dealer just to survive?

My goal is synonymous with the title of this book, “Blueprints for a Better World”.  We need to seriously change our standard way of thinking, or all of mankind is in for unimaginable problems.

South Africa’s Public Education Program

I saw an archived newspaper article about the public education system in South Africa. While Apartheid supposedly ended there in 1994, apparently all the black students in schools are given only a minimal educational curriculum to channel them into menial, low-income jobs when they reach adulthood. Better education is only given to the white students.  I can’t believe that this is what Nelson Mandela had intended.  Everywhere I look, things are woefully unfair.  I intend to make major changes – just watch me…



Chapter 8

Class Structure & Income Distribution

“All men are created equal, but some are more equal than others”. Unfortunately, this is how the wealthy think and act in every single country around the world: from Albania to Zimbabwe; from Russia to Liechtenstein; and from capitalist USA to communist China.  The location may vary, but the attitude remains the same. 

Class structure is SLIGHTLY less rigid than it’s been in the past, but the concept is clearly evident wherever one may go.  

Gandhi would ‘turn in his grave’ if he could see his beloved India today. While Gandhi may have eliminated the Hindu Caste System, the divisional line between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ is at least as apparent today as it has ever been.  In the post-Gandhi era, I wonder exactly how many of today’s rich, upper class, elite intermarry with India’s poor, lower class people.  In a country of over a billion people (and growing), I’ll bet you can count the number of marriages between the wealthy and the poor on just one hand – with fingers to spare.  While I greatly admire Gandhi himself, sadly, but true, his goals have not been realized.

It won’t be easy to eliminate our current ‘class system’, which clearly resembles India’s ‘caste system’, but I have ideas to alleviate this problem…

Generally speaking, the ultra-wealthy, who earned their billions via some terrific invention (think in terms of ‘Steve Jobs’), or by way of a highly successful business concept they developed (think in terms of ‘Jeff Bezos’), seem to be far more deserving than those who simply inherit vast fortunes (think in terms of ‘Paris Hilton’). At least, they have some concept of productive, hard work – as opposed to living the life of some jet-setting ‘playboy’.  Speaking of ‘Playboy’, I’m not quite sure how I’d classify Hugh Hefner...

Of course, an important starting point is to place a strict cap on inheritances. For starters, that eliminates what can be referred to as: ‘Paris Hilton Syndrome’. 

Let me backtrack by saying that SOME of the ultra-wealthy CEOs deserve to applauded for their accomplishments, as well as commended for their generous, charitable donations, BUT SOME OTHER CEOs ARE VERY GUILTY OF COMPLETELY ABUSING THE SYSTEM – and they ought to be locked up in jail (once again, let their cellmate, ‘Big Bubba’, straighten them out).

One of the very worst examples I’ve heard about concerns the ex-CEO of Dendreon. His name is Mitch Gold…

A few short years ago, Dendreon was a young biotech firm located in Bothell, Washington, headed by Mr. Gold. They developed a drug called ‘Provenge’ as a cure for men’s prostate cancer.  Although the drug was woefully expensive, and it only reportedly cured about a third of the patients, the company was able to obtain full approval from the Food & Drug Administration for marketing the drug. 

Instantly, the price of the stock shot up like a rocket – a $2 stock very quickly shot up to over $50 dollars a share. Mr. Gold’s stake was suddenly worth a vast fortune – and in a very suspicious-looking move, he dumped virtually all of his Dendreon holdings right at the very top.  What makes this story reek of fraudulent behavior is that the company didn’t last much longer after that, and they went bankrupt a few years later.  The shareholders had been misled with false optimism (the ultimate ‘pump and dump’ scheme), and they ended up getting nothing for their investment, while Mitch Gold got away with a ton of money.

The story of Mitch Gold becomes even more sickening with the news that he is now the new CEO of another biotech company called Alpine Immune Sciences. This is a prime example of capitalism at its very worst.  This is certainly NOT how it’s supposed to work.

Since I’m from the Seattle area, I keep a close eye on local businesses. Another local example of ‘abusive CEOs’ is the current head of Zillow, a well-known, real estate services company based right here in Seattle.  His name is Spencer Rascoff.  In 2015 he received over $16,000,000 in pay and bonuses for his work in Seattle, but for ‘personal reasons’, his family decided to purchase a $20,000,000 mansion in LA’s Brentwood neighborhood. 

Since his move to LA, Zillow has paid $165,086 for his commute to work over just the first eight months of his Los Angeles residency. This horrific waste of company expenses is made WAY WORSE in light of Zillow’s finances – the company is losing tons of money.  The company lost $220,000,000 last year alone – gee, I wonder why?

Another prime example of undeserving compensation being paid in exorbitant amounts to CEOs involves Kerry Killinger, CEO of a century-old bank: Washington Mutual. During the fraudulent, sub-prime loan era, he ran his company into the ground, yet in 2008 – the final year of Washington Mutual’s existence, he pocketed $25,100,000 in compensation, as his company bled out devastating losses. 

Stories like these are rampant among corporate CEOs. A fascinating, informative book has been written by an ex-CEO of Seattle’s King Broadcasting Corp.  His name is Steven Clifford, and his book’s title is: The CEO Pay Machine.  He blows the whistle on the worst abusers, and he also points out to the widening gap between CEO pay and that of the average employee…

Twenty-five years ago, the average CEO was paid about 30 times as much as his company’s average employee (note: ‘average’ includes all employees, from the cheapest, entry-level jobs to upper management positions). However, today the average CEO earns 400 times as much as his company’s average employee.  This drastically skewed income distribution is completely out of any semblance of fairness and balance – and that MUST be changed.  Although I can see why the CEO of a successful, thriving company should be handsomely paid, way too much compensation is paid to undeserving CEOs who run floundering companies.

The catchphrase, “The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer,” is particularly true during times of economic expansion within the current system of capitalism. Income distribution will continue to deviate further away from any measure of fairness, until the next, major economic downturn – or worse yet – an outright revolution by the desperate masses.

The recent Occupy Movement and their slogan, “We are the 99%,” would more accurately identify the real culprit with an updated slogan, “We are the 99.99%.” You see, it’s really only the top 1/100th of 1% who truly abuse the system.  Among the most notable abusers are some of the notorious corporate CEOs, who are paid obscene amounts of money, while often managing businesses that lose money, even to the point of driving their company into bankruptcy.  In extreme cases, such a great violation of fiduciary responsibilities to the shareholders by the CEO really ought to be treated as a criminal offense.  After all, he is literally siphoning off company funds for his personal benefit, while the shareholders are left holding the bag.  So – yes – lock them up with ‘Big Bubba’, once again.

Socialists argue that the richest should correspondingly pay more in income taxes, but take heed, our IRS’ taxation system is filled with loopholes for the rich. I see my FAIR LAISSEZ FAIRE ECONOMIC SYSTEM as being way better than Socialism, since it doesn’t tax anyone’s income at all – only a tax on consumption, via a proposed ‘National Sales tax’ – with no loopholes, whatsoever.

My own slogan, “Don’t tax the living, instead, tax the dead,” eliminates perpetuation of mega-wealthy classes from generation to generation. Besides, a major side benefit of this strategy is that it ultimately leads to the outright demise of the Illuminati.  The Rothschild family would hate this concept every bit as much as Gandhi would love it.

To the skeptics who would say, “Then the rich will simply transfer their assets to their kids before they die,” I wish to point out that by changing to a ‘cashless society’, all transactions will easily be traceable. For instance, if a Rockefeller wants to transfer any significant number of shares of stock to his spoiled brat, there is a record of that transaction.  They typically like to insure their valuable assets against fire and theft, so records of their valuables often exist already.  Since the mega-wealthy have already made the mistake of publically bragging about how much they paid for some famous work of art, when the tycoon dies, the estate auditors would promptly show up at their doorstep to transfer the painting from their residence to an art museum – where it rightfully belongs.

On a side note, Yugoslavia’s Josip Tito developed the idea that employees in a company should also be shareholders in the company, for the reason that they would strive to work together as a team to assure their company’s success. Thus, the employees had an active stake in the ownership, as well as an active interest in the future of their company.  I see that concept as being far superior, in terms of raising employee morale and productivity, as opposed the more commonly utilized concept of, ‘master & slave’ – with the company’s CEO being the ‘master’, and his little peons serving as the company’s ‘slaves’.  

A WORD ON ROYALTY: At the very top of the food chain for ‘class structure’ are the true blue-bloods – the archaic notion of ‘kings and queens’. Supposedly, all those inbred members of royalty can trace their common roots back to the Egyptian Anunnaki.  Why on earth would any brat be simply handed a throne on a silver platter – oops – make that a ‘gold platter’ – for the simple reason that he was born to a king & queen? 

Thankfully, several countries, who used to be run by royalty, have already switched to elected officials. However, I cannot, for the life of me, understand why England still has a royal family at all.  They have a parliament and an elected Prime Minister, so why do they still need Queen Elizabeth?  Of course, once she finally passes away, they have Prince William waiting in the wings to fill her shoes.

Speaking of ‘shoes’ – I’d bet the farm that Queen Elizabeth never even learned how to tie her own shoelaces. I also find it very irritating that she is listed among the richest women on Earth.  I admire enterprising women, such as Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart – but Queen Elizabeth has never done an honest day of work in her life. 

I’d like to see the British government confiscating all her gaudy crown jewels, and selling them on eBay. They could also take all her fancy furniture out of Buckingham Palace, place it outside on the street, and then have a big ‘yard sale’.  Finally, they ought to stick the queen in some retirement home.  Use the ‘yard sale’ proceeds to fund education, provide housing for the homeless, and offer free vasectomies to help curb population growth – then make ‘Prince William’ drop the ‘Prince’ title, and tell him he may rule England after he wins an election. 

Does anyone out there agree with me?


Chapter 9


I know that the bringing up the subject of ‘Religion’ is a risky move – especially since it can be such a touchy subject, but I feel compelled to discuss it openly, and in blatantly frank terms. I hope you won’t shun my overall plans to improve the world, even if you disagree with my message in this chapter…

“My religious beliefs are 110% correct, 110% of the time, and your stupid religious beliefs are all wrong. If you don’t follow the path of my religion, you will surely burn in Hell.”

Don’t words like that immediately make you want to smash me over the head with a baseball bat (or perhaps something even worse)? Unfortunately, that has been the underlying attitude of nearly every single religion out there for a period of hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Throughout history, from the Dark Ages to today, how many of our wars and battles have had direct religious undertones, essentially due to a simple difference of religious opinion? It’s always something: Christians versus Muslims, Catholics versus Protestants, believers versus atheists, Jews versus Muslims, Christians versus witches, Communists versus Buddhists, pagans versus Christians, and so on.  Also, let’s not forget about ‘Hindus versus Hindus’, when Gandhi tried to abolish the ‘caste system’, as well as present-day attacks by Isis on Muslim moderates.

If we truly strive to achieve lasting World Peace, people of all different faiths need to stop force feeding their religious wisdom onto others, by claiming their beliefs as being the sole, ‘gospel truth’. No matter what sort of ‘wisdom’ any priest, rabbi, Imam/Mullah, monk, Lama or Pope has to preach, the fact remains that ALL religions are based on ‘theory’, with sketchy evidence to provide.

I believe that someday, either due to technological advances or by way of some ‘chance discovery’, all of mankind’s questions concerning ‘creation’ (and so on) will be unequivocally answered. For instance, it could be the invention of a new telecommunication device that can directly communicate with spirits from another dimension.  Or it could happen via the ‘chance discovery’ by some thrill-seeking junky, experimenting with a new drug.  He might accidentally happen to find a way to tap into a section of the human brain that typically is unused, which may enable people to telepathically communicate with unearthly beings.  On the other hand, our enlightenment could quite conceivably occur via an archeological discovery of an ancient alien astronaut’s high-tech, advanced tool found buried deep within an Egyptian pyramid.  Or maybe, a flying saucer will someday land on the lawn in front of the White House, and an alien will hop out and ‘tell us like it is’.  However, until that blessed day arrives, let’s not try to forcibly impose one’s religious beliefs onto another.  Effectively, Isis and the Jihad Muslims are still fighting the Crusades.  Isn’t it time for this type of action to come to an end?

When the day finally arrives that we finally have empirical evidence of how mankind was created, as well as finding out exactly what happens to us all after death, will the religions around the world embrace the newly discovered evidence with open arms? I bet they won’t.

Back in the 1500’s when Galileo Galilei discovered that the Earth was not at the center of the Universe, did the Catholic Church embrace that knowledge? Just the opposite happened.  They accused him of being a heretic, and he spent the last twelve years of his life imprisoned.  This was not just some archaic, medieval mentality. The Catholic Church did not officially recognize that Galileo’s discoveries were correct until the 1970’s, after man had landed on the Moon.

For all I know, the ‘blessed day of discovery’ of how Mankind was created on Earth may possibly have already occurred decades ago. However, with all the secrecy of our military, there might easily be a major conspiracy to keep the truth hidden about UFO’s and extraterrestrial aliens from the general public.  Since surveys show that clearly more than half of all people believe in some version of UFOs, as well as intelligent life existing elsewhere in the Cosmos, there must be some overlapping of populations who BOTH attend church, while at the same time believing in extraterrestrial forms of life.  Certainly those groups are not entirely mutually exclusive of each other. 

Nevertheless, my theory is that the military is harboring evidence of UFOs and alien life forms for two separate reasons… Number one, I am certain the US Air Force wants to maintain its technological edge over the competition.  If they have access to UFO technology – that would be an advantage they prefer to keep to themselves.  However, the second reason for all this secrecy concerning UFOs is that the government believes there would be too much social upheaval if they were to suddenly announce that most of any church’s ideology turned out to be basically incorrect.  It would create quite a dilemma if the Bible and Koran were both proven to be essentially ‘wrong’.  We brag about America’s ‘separation of Church and State’, but in reality, the government and the churches may be working in cahoots to maintain a silence about discoveries that may have occurred as early the 1947 in Roswell incident.

I’m sure you’ve all seen a popular bumper sticker, which uses religious emblems to spell the word: COEXIST. Although I fully agree with its message, there are exceptions to ‘freedom of religion’ which must be disallowed…

RELIGIOUS CULTS: While I am generally in agreement with the notion of ‘freedom of religion’ as our constitutional right, in certain instances, some churches completely abuse their inherent rights. While all/most religions are guilty of brainwashing their members to a certain degree, it reaches the point of unacceptable behavior with the case of the so-called ‘religious cults’.  

American cult leader, Reverend Jim Jones, brainwashed 900 men, women, and children into a mass suicide by drinking poison. This happened back in 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana.  By the way, some of his followers refused to ‘drink the Kool-Aid’ – so they were all shot and killed instead.  There can be no justification for the existence of such a religion, regardless of ‘constitutional rights’.

While I understand that not all religious cults will coerce their members into suicide, they are particularly adept at extracting as much wealth as possible from their devoted members. I speak from experience, since my own late father, who otherwise was a very intelligent and talented architect, got deeply involved with the Sathya Sai Baba Cult, located in India.  When he passed away, I was shocked to see how much of his estate had been pilfered away by the controlling, religious cult.  I wish my father’s spirit the very best, but I seriously doubt he got the spiritual Nirvana that the cult had promised him.

Any religious cult, or for that matter, any church of any kind, must never brainwash their members, nor extort endless charitable donations, by making empty promises of ‘Heaven’ or ‘Nirvana’ (and the like) to those who make the biggest contributions to their coffers.

MANY churches of many different faiths have become ‘big-business’. Televangelists, such as Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, lived like kings and queens, while bilking millions of dollars – tax exempt dollars – from a worldwide TV audience.  I’m sure even the most avid church-goers would agree that the monetary greed of churches in general is contradictory to what their teachings entail.

Tax Exempt Status for Churches and Ordained Ministers: While I am for abolishing income taxes to be paid by any hard-working individual, I find it very unfair that anybody channeling his business through a licensed church becomes a tax-exempt entity. That simply isn’t fair.  Besides, the tax exemption leads to many other corrupt practices.  Pretty much everybody has heard of someone donating a junky car to his church, and in return, getting an inflated receipt by the church, so as to give him an unrealistically high, charitable tax deduction.

In some cases, churches will take this to a fraudulent extreme. I personally know a licensed & bonded, remodeling contractor who illegitimately ‘launders’ all his business through his church to avoid paying any income tax at all.  In essence, he splits the plunder with the minister of his church.  I propose that we eliminate this type of fraud by giving no unfair tax breaks to any church.  If some generous person honestly wishes to give a donation to his church out of the goodness of his heart, he should be motivated to do so by his love for his church, and not by some illegitimate, tax saving scheme. 

No doubt, when the IRS was in its formative years, religious factions lobbied hard for ‘tax deductions for charitable contributions’. That opened Pandora’s Box for all sorts of fraudulent, tax evading shenanigans.  Thus, it’s hardly a stretch of the imagination to insinuate that many churches are actively involved in their own form of racketeering.

I have my own faith, but I do not belong to any church. However, if someday ‘actual proof’ is discovered that just happens to be completely contradictory to my own, present-day beliefs, I assure you that I will not hesitate to change my ideology accordingly.  If I had to pick a traditional religion, based upon what I know of worldwide religions, I’d probably pick Buddhism over the others.  At least they seem to ‘practice what they preach’. 

The point of this chapter is not to enrage most (or all?) of the readers of this book. I just want all of you (Christians, Muslims, and so on) to realize that most wars, and many atrocities, such as human sacrifices, the ‘Crusades’, and ‘suicide bombers’, have had religious origins. 

We all need to stop trying to force feed religious ideas onto somebody else. Believe in whatever faith you prefer.  Mark my words: technological improvements will eventually solve all of man’s mysteries, and bring us all, ‘true enlightenment’.  Until that day arrives, let’s just learn to coexist peacefully.  Thank you.

Chapter 10

Health & Medical

Antonio is a friend of mine. He immigrated to the United States around twenty years ago from Italy, and he periodically takes a vacation back home to visit his family in Italy AND to have any necessary dental work performed over there.  He says, “The cost of dental work in Italy is way less expensive than it is over here in America, and there is no sacrifice in quality of care.”

I’m constantly hearing about major medical procedures performed at a fraction of the cost in America, in places like Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil – to name just a few. That includes everything from cosmetic plastic surgery, to transgender operations, along with serious, lifesaving, internal surgeries – and they perform quality work, at a tiny fraction of the costs in America.  Why is that so?

There are several reasons that come to mind, but let’s start with the root cause… A medical degree earned at a respectable university costs an arm and a leg these days.  Tuition costs have vastly outpaced any normal rate of inflation.  Many medical students had to get gigantic student loans to pave their way to a medical degree, and they need to make a lot to pay for all their education, along with their ‘poor days’ working as an intern. 

As I mentioned in Chapter 7 (Education), all higher education needs to be provided to all deserving students FREE OF CHARGE. Thus, there won’t be any huge ‘student loan debt’ to repay, so they can significantly reduce the cost of medical treatment right there.

The next cause of our ridiculously high cost of medical care in America stems from the huge premiums doctors need to pay for malpractice insurance. Once again, our ridiculous court system – spearheaded by greedy, shyster lawyers, who work on a ‘pro bono’ basis – are guilty of jacking up the judges monetary awards for malpractice victims into the stratosphere.  One way or another, these costs are once again passed onto the American patient.  Thus, if we can keep malpractice lawsuits, and their resulting awards, under some kind of control, then that too would help to curb medical costs.

Naturally, since doctors and surgeons tend to belong to the higher income tax brackets, a very significant portion of their income goes to the IRS anyway. As I mentioned in Chapter 2 (The Economy), I plan to abolish the IRS and all income taxes.  Once again, this will help to curb the high cost of medical.

Unfortunately, there is yet another major root cause of the high cost of medical care in the United States – and I attribute that to greed – plain and simple, and it starts before the medical student even enters college. Ask any pre-med student, “Why do you wish to become a doctor or surgeon?”

If he or she is honest, the main motivation is, “I want to make lots and lots of money, and become rich.”

Unfortunately, the urge to help to cure the sick and injured comes in at a very distant third, since the second most common reason they choose to enter the medical field is that they earn the right to add the ‘doctor’s title’ to their name – ‘Dr. Johnson’ commands a lot more respect that a simple, ‘Mr. Johnson’. No wonder medical costs are so insanely high in America…

A prime example was how Seattle’s Swedish Hospital overcharged for everything when my father got a heart attack in August of 1998 (keep in mind that the cost figures I list are almost twenty years, so current costs might be approximately twice as much by now)…

I had visited my dad the night before the heart attack, and he appeared to be just fine. He was only 67 years old, and was a non-smoker, non-drinker, and non-overweight sort of guy.  He never had any prior history of heart problems.  That night, he was in good spirits, doing ceramics (that was one of his favorite hobbies). 

The following morning, he went to the office where he was employed as an architect. He started to feel some tightness in his chest, and asked a co-worker to drive him to the hospital.  He suspected that he might be having a heart attack, although he wasn’t in excruciating pain.  He walked into the hospital under his own power, and jokingly told the co-worker that, “They’re probably going to Roto-Rooter my veins, and I’ll be back in about a month.”

Even in the opinion of the co-worker who drove him to the hospital, this hardly appeared to be a man on the verge of dying. Nevertheless, my father never got out of the hospital alive.  The hospitals cover up their mistakes with the same vigor as the government covers up their findings on a crashed UFO.  I could never get a straight answer from anyone, regarding exactly what happened to my dad.  Somehow, they managed to perform FOUR open heart surgeries on him over a period of six days.  I smell a major screw up of their behalf, but I never could get any evidence.

I believe that the first surgeon from Swedish Hospital screwed up something big (it was a triple bypass surgery), because they promptly rounded up a more experienced heart surgeon from a different hospital for the following operation. I went to visit my dad after each of his four separate surgeries.  He never regained consciousness, and each time he was looking worse.  By the end of the fourth surgery, his face was so bloated, I could barely recognize him.  The doctor’s seemed very skeptical of his survival, yet I practically had to beg them to ‘pull the plug’, and take him off life support. 

A couple of months later I got some sort of billing statement in the mail. I finally understood why they were so adamant in keeping him alive, and why they were so critical of me in wanting to have my dad taken off life support...  The answer is, ‘MONEY’.  I’m sure if we strap a lie detector to the heart surgeon after the second operation, they already knew my dad was a ‘goner’.  However, they were busy racking up some gargantuan bills to present to the insurance company.  In addition to the cost of the surgeries, they had charged well into six figures just for six days’ worth of ‘lab work’.  What a scam.  All told, the six day event cost was about $250,000. That was 19 years ago – I suppose the costs must be at least double that by now, when they add in their ‘cost of living increases’.  If I hadn’t pushed for my dad’s removal from life support system, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them getting ready to perform heart operation number 3,412 on him today, as long as the insurance company keeps on paying.

We have so many corrupt people and corrupt institutions in the medical field that rack up ungodly amount of bills. If we were to eliminate the fraudulent crap that they are guilty of, the cost of medical care would be a lot more palatable.  I have already instructed my family, if I get a heart attack, don’t bother taking me to a hospital.  Just dig a nice, big hole for my carcass in the backyard.

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE: Until we can collectively force some meaningful cost reduction to health care, I strongly advise ALL of you to take better care of yourselves.  Obesity has become an epidemic, and today, Americans are the fattest country on Earth.  “America is the land of plenty,” more aptly should be restated as, “America is the land of plenty of lazy people who generally exercise too little, while consuming way too much junk food, laden with high fructose corn syrup, as well as being hooked on GMO produced food.”

Heart disease and diabetes is becoming commonplace AMONG OUR CHILDREN – many kids under age ten already are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. In a roundabout way, medical costs are still determined by ‘supply and demand’.  Thus, if we can collectively become healthier, that will reduce the overall demand for medical coverage, and due to decreased demand for medical, the overall price of medical should come down, since doctor’s will be sitting around idly, while all the healthy folk have a reduced need for their services.  So do yourself a big favor – and make a conscious effort to get into better shape.

EUTHANASIA: It should come as no surprise that I support euthanasia.  I support people like Dr. Kevorkian.  We already have too many people.  Why should we force somebody to stay alive when they are terminally ill?  I’ll bet the real reason once again is ‘money’.

The hospitals can bilk the insurance system for a lot more money when somebody is slowly dying of a terminal illness. Euthanizing a dying patient cuts into the hospital’s ‘bottom line profits’, so they want to prolong the sickly patient’s life (and suffering) for as long as possible.  Let them die with dignity, PLEASE.  Anybody who saw Clint Eastwood’s movie, ‘Million Dollar Baby’, can understand why he euthanized the brain-damaged, Hilary Swank’s female boxer character.  Thus, we need to legalize euthanasia.


The news is currently covering congressional debates between Democrats and Republicans whether or not to replace the ineffective, Obama Care Health Plan, with an even worse, Trump Care Health Plan. I hope this book opens your eyes that the way our government is currently structured, nothing ever really changes.  The ‘status quo’ is exactly what the true Shadow Government desires, and major efforts have to be taken to make any meaningful, permanent changes. 

Alone, I have a zero chance of making any changes at all, but with your participation, plus the help of another billion (or more?) of our cohorts, we can correct ALL the mistakes which have been replicated for eons.



Chapter 11

Futuristic Technology

I believe that technology is an unstoppable juggernaut. Most technological advances would be considered to be positive, while some technological advances can be considered to be negative.

First, let’s explore the positive side of technological advances… Many of the positive advances in technology, in particular the area of biotechnology, will ultimately lead to increases in human longevity.  While only imagination can put any limit on how long we can live, for sure that number will increase dramatically.

As biotech continues to make advances with stem cell research, we will soon be able to grow our own spare parts. If you need a new heart, just grow one from your stem cells.  If you drank too much Dom Perignon champagne while celebrating your soaring stock investments in developers of robotics, and in so doing, you managed to kill your liver – just visit your local stem cell lab, and they will pop in a new one for you.  The same goes for amputees who happened to lose an arm or a leg – the only problem is, it will certainly cost you ‘an arm and a leg’ for your new, freshly regenerated body parts.

I always felt terribly sorry for the actor, Christopher Reeve (of ‘Superman’ fame), who died as a quadriplegic. A similar broken neck injury in the future will be a simple procedure to reconnect the neurons of the spinal cord.  Before Christopher Reeve died, he was a big advocate for stem cell research.  If we truly have a ‘separation of church and state’, then the church better stay out of this arena.  We need as many advances in stem cell research as possible.

I imagine that before the end of this century, scientists will be able to grow an entire body from a stem cell. Eventually, they will also have the capability to transplant your brain into that body.  Within 100 years, I bet they will have a full cure for Alzheimer’s disease, and any other disease that adversely affects the brain, particularly for the elderly. 

Just imagine – someday you’ll be a 90 year-old in passable health. However, even if you are looking ‘good for your age’, by all means you are clearly ‘past your prime’.  Someday they will be able to reproduce your own body from your own cells, and then transplant your brain into your own new, youthful body.  That’s like having reincarnation without dying.  You’re like a 20 year-old all over again – with a young, athletic body – a full head of hair, and no more bottles of Viagra will be needed.  It’s party time once again!

One of the well-known economic theories (from Schumpeter) is that modern society can make technological advances thanks to ‘specialization’. We are no longer a bunch of primitive scavengers, harvesting barely enough food to survive, while toiling from daybreak to sundown.  Productivity gains in farming has led to ‘specialization’, which enables the rest of society to spend more time on cultural arts and sciences.  In turn this will lead to further technological gains.

As future technological and biotech gains lead to greater life expectancies, it makes more sense for our population to spend more time studying at the university level. A typical, four year university degree (the standard bachelor’s degree) may be expanded to 8 years as the new baccalaureate norm, with even more education slated for masters and doctorate degrees.  Individuals who graduate from university in their 30’s may become quite common.  That actually sounds reasonable if your life expectancy is 120 to 150 years long.

I need to specify that the average wealthy person’s life expectancy will reach around 120 years (or more), but I expect the average ‘poor man’s life expectancy’ to remain the same, or even shrink somewhat.  After all, ‘stem cell generated body parts’ will be VERY expensive.  Thus, even as spectacular strides will be made in biotechnology, once again, it will not be available to the poor masses. 

If we fail to impose some type of ‘population control’, I am positive population numbers will grow. I expect growth in population will reach the point where life expectancy for the poor will actually decrease due to famine, disease, violent crimes and wars.  This problem will be greatly exacerbated when robotics will lead to the obsolescence of a large portion of the human workforce.

The sad conclusion is that the wealthy will live longer, and get the wondrous bonus of ‘eternal youth’ – while the impoverished, poorer people will be fortunate to receive any support at all from their masters, as they rapidly age and die at a rather young age. This is yet another prime example of how little things have changed over the past 5,000 years…

Egyptian Pharaohs lived the life of outlandish splendor, while being catered to by their servant-slaves – and when the damn pharaoh passed away, his private staff was entombed (while still alive) inside gigantic pyramids, so they get to serve the pharaoh in the afterlife as well. Except for the part of being entombed with the pharaoh upon his death – our ‘modern day slavery’ is clearly headed in that same, disgusting direction.  Thus, all of those incredible scientific advances will only benefit a very tiny percentage of the world’s population.  Does that sound fair to you?

One of my favorite stories is H.G. Wells’, the ‘Time Machine’… Over time, people had split into two separate subspecies: the Morlocks and the Eloi.  The meat-eating Morlocks were raising the vegetarian Eloi as livestock for their culinary needs...  I believe we are at a key crossroads period in the history of man, where mankind will soon split into two main groups (you may even call them ‘subspecies’), the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have Nots’.  Again, the vastly diminished middle class will leech onto the ‘Haves’ as a parasite in a symbiotic relationship, where the ‘Haves’ use the last remnants of the middle class (such as policemen) to protect themselves from the dangerous and desperate ‘Have Nots’.  I believe that virtually all of the ‘Haves’ will live in completely fenced-off, patrolled areas, which keep out the trouble-making poor.  Unless you’re completely blind, there are many such ‘secured neighborhoods’ in every municipality already.

Before returning to this chapter’s topic of ‘futuristic technology’, I need to reemphasize that if population is left to grow unchecked, our society is bound to split into the two factions I described. It will become our civilization’s darkest chapter ever – a violent revolutionary war between the classes.  As ugly as the Russian Revolution in 1916 was, this can become 100 times uglier. 

The Russian Revolution certainly was a war between the classes. In my opinion, the poor, abused Russian masses deserved to be the victors, and indeed they ended up winning the Russian Revolution.  However, when we have the next war between the classes, the wealthy will be in control of robotic soldiers and attack drones, and the masses of the impoverished will literally be exterminated.  It will dwarf any Nazi genocide of the Jews back in WWII, and it will be a permanent blemish on mankind’s history.  Please, seriously consider supporting some of the remedies I have presented in this book.  I feel very strongly about this matter, so I was compelled to take this detour.  Now back to this chapter’s original topic…

Economists are always looking at charts and figures. They try to calculate the point of maximum profitability for a business.  Sociologically, we can also use charts to determine the ultimate size of the world’s population, regarding the maximization of the ‘quality of life’.  Similarly, we should strive to minimize the amount of suffering and unhappiness.  I have no mathematical equation to calculate that figure, but I am 100% certain that the ultimate size of mankind’s population is a significantly smaller number than the size of today’s population – which stands at 8,000,000,000 – and counting.

Let’s try to explore the possible remedies for increasing the ‘world’s total satisfaction rating’ without decreasing the population. There are some alternatives.  Some predict that we could start building colonies on the Moon, or even Mars.  That would have the effect of increasing the total land mass that we occupy, and therefore decreasing overcrowding. 

I’ve even heard about the possibility of diminishing Venus’ incredibly thick carbon dioxide atmosphere to the point that Venus’ temperature can fall to the point of supporting liquid water (Venus’ current temperature is just way too hot right now).   All these sound like fascinating ideas, but they don’t strike me as a practical solution for mankind over the next 100 years.  Extensive space colonization is perhaps more realistic over a 500 year time frame.

Another way to keep our population the same, yet still strive to maximize the world’s standard of living, is to occupy more living space either on top of bodies of water, or by living beneath the surface of the ocean. Keep in mind that about 75% of the world’s surface area is water. Again, that sounds like a viable solution, but unfortunately – as is usually the case – only the rich could afford to live in futuristic, high-tech, underwater cities.  Anybody living on top of the water, such as living on a boat-like structure, is exposed to hurricanes, tidal waves, tsunamis, and so on.  I don’t see this as a practical solution either, with regards to reducing overall population density.

Perhaps a more unusual solution to overcrowding is to use bioengineering to create a miniature version of people. If we call an average man’s height as being six feet tall, what if the average height of a man was altered to be only three feet tall?  That would truly solve lots of problems with overcrowding.  Besides, smaller people would have smaller appetites, and that would enable us to have enough food for the entire population. 

Miniature people would also use up a lot less resources. Imagine a two story tall house being only ten feet tall.  How much less building materials would be required to build their shelters?  After all, they’ve been able to grow miniature horses, miniature dogs, and even miniature pigs & chickens.  Why can’t we produce miniature people?  I believe that would be scientifically possible, but not likely to ever become a popular solution.  Thus, I’ve come about full circle, and I still come to my same original conclusion – we need to put some restriction on population growth.  I know that it ultimately represents some loss of freedom, which is never ideal, but that sounds way better than the alternative.  Left unchecked, people will overpopulate the world into oblivion.

However, the most sinister of all biotechnology advances are being made in secret, in the field of germ warfare. Places, such as the infamous Montauk Air Force Base, at the northern tip of Long Island, in New York, are known to perform dubious experiments on animals in their basement laboratories – reportedly in the development of horrific, new methods of germ warfare.  Many people – including me – have wondered if AIDS was originally developed in one of our secret laboratories, only to have some of the lethal virus escape into the public by accident.  We must demand to know the truth!

I say it’s high time for the general public to know exactly what our government is up to, as well as what the government is trying to hide. No doubt, the actual truth would be very shocking to everyone – including me.

Among the other plans which seem to be on the agenda, before too long, they will probably implant some sort of GPS chip into the brain of every unborn fetus. Certainly, this would have some benefits…  For example, a lost hiker can easily be located with his GPS chip.  Also, the ‘search for Osama Bin Laden’ would have been greatly simplified if he had such a device embedded into his brain.  However, ultimately that constitutes further ‘loss of freedom’, as well as the even more sinister possibility that people’s behavior could possibly be remotely controlled via such a device.  That’s certainly very scary.

So far, I’ve probably been primarily focused on futuristic advances in biotechnology. There are many other technological advances being made – some are beneficial, some are malevolent, and many could be considered to be ‘both’…

As of today, I’m surprised by how rapidly ‘driverless cars’ are coming to fruition. With all the mindless traffic accidents caused by: drunk drivers, speeders, tailgating, road-rage, sleepy drivers, and distracted drivers – a computer-driven vehicle certainly sounds like a huge improvement.  On the flip side, I wish all the currently employed truck drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, Uber drivers, etc. – good luck in finding a new job.

The same goes for robotics, in general. It’s great if you are a robotics engineer, or if you are one of the capitalists able to cash in on the vast improvements in factory productivity – but once again, I wish the best of luck to all the human beings who need to find new jobs when their current position will be replaced by a robot.

On the other hand, I am happy to say that robot prostitutes are also on the way. Hopefully, that will ultimately put an end to pimping, human trafficking, and ‘street prostitution’.  A quick wipe up with a disinfectant, and the robot hooker is germ-free for the next customer.  Since a significant portion of the population will always have some odd, kinky fantasies, it would be way preferable for them to use, or even abuse, some robot prostitute as opposed to traumatizing a vulnerable, young girl.  In this particular case, I fully approve of robots replacing human beings.

By the way, I have a personal message to many of the newer UFO enthusiasts, who frequently are capturing cool photo images of UFOs on their smartphones… The majority of your sightings are secret, developmental, military aircraft – many of them have been developed at the infamous Area 51.  For your information – I’m a very avid UFO enthusiast, so I’m certain that these new, unusual flying machines have been developed by way of reverse engineering of actual alien spacecraft – such as the saucer crash which occurred at Roswell, back in 1947.

Finally, if I succeed in spreading the true word around the globe, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Shadow Government places a ‘hit on me’ with one of their secret weapons – specifically, a ‘Death Ray’ type of gun.

How a ‘death ray’ works is basically like this… It aims a special type of electromagnetic wave at the victim’s heart, and the signal over-rides the heart’s usual, normal heartbeat.  Thus, the heart goes into fibrillation, and the victim dies of ‘an apparent heart attack’.  Truly, that is the ultimate assassin’s weapon.

Reportedly, the great scientist, Nikola Tesla, developed the plan for such a device, and since all of his private notes were confiscated by the FBI at the time of his death, certainly, the government wouldn’t let such an invention ‘go to waste’. For your information, my heart happens to be in superb condition for a guy my age (born 1958) – so if I happen to die by an apparent ‘heart attack’ someday, just as the world begins to take heed of my warnings – well, please demand a particularly thorough investigation, and autopsy.  Thank you.


Chapter 12


This book has presented many unique ideas for improving the quality of life for all mankind – everything from a brand new economic system (FAIR LAISSEZ FAIR ECONOMICS), a formula for ‘World Peace’, a jaw-dropping solution to eliminate almost all criminal activity – including termination of funding for terrorists (which occurs by switching to a ‘cashless society’), a plan to curb the world’s population growth, along with plans to improve our education system, and health care reform.

I’ve also outlined a plan for building the moral fiber of every new, high school graduate (with mandatory Peace Corps, or a similar institution), and I’ve even devised a plan to end the world dominance by the infamous Illuminati (by capping inheritances, or by way of land ownership reform).

So, do you agree with the crux of my ideology? For your information, even my own mom doesn’t agree with every single idea I have, but I hope we can still be on the same team.  I certainly hope you feel inspired enough by these ideas to continue to read on.

On the other hand, if you happen to disagree with all/most of my remedies – I thank you for your time. There is no need for you to continue to read this book.  I wish you the very best in life.  So long, and take care.  Yours truly, Markus Fredericks.



Psst! OK, then – are all the naysayers gone by now?  Oh good…  Now I want to privately talk to you on a very personal, one-on-one level.  You see, there are only two ways to make the revolutionary changes which we both desire…

Option #1 is by way of a violent revolution, but since we are both peace-loving people, let’s look at our other option…

As long as we still live in a society which is advertised as a democracy, we can peacefully accomplish all of our goals by creating a new, global political party. Tentatively, let’s call it: The WORLD PARTY.

Once we gain exposure in every free country around the globe, we can collectively flex our voting power by standing together. Together, WE WILL SUCCEED TO MAKE IMPORTANT CHANGES TO OUR WORLD. 

Eventually, we’ll seek to gain popular support in places currently under dictatorships. I’m very certain that the good people of North Korea would prefer having a fair, honest, peace-loving government, as opposed to the lunacy of the current regime.  On second thought, I suppose the same can be said about Americans as well.

You have my absolute word of honor that I dedicate my entire existence to making this wonderful plan come to fruition. However, I will need your help and participation.  If you simply read this book, nod your head approvingly, and then place it on a bookshelf to slowly gather dust – THEN NOTHING POSITIVE WILL HAPPEN AT ALL.

First, let me explain that I will NEVER ask you, nor anyone else, for your money. That’s not how I roll – but if you sincerely wish to make a meaningful improvement to our world, you absolutely MUST TELL AS MANY OTHER PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO READ THIS WORLD-CHANGING BOOK.

This book will be available at the cheapest possible price at Amazon as a softbound book. The e-book price will be permanently fixed at the 99 cent minimum allowable price.  For those of you who can access the KDP SELECT KINDLE LIBRARY, they let me run a five day, FREE PROMOTION on each one of my books, once every three months.  So, if our friends prefer to not spend any money on it at all, they can still read it for free.  Please monitor my website at for news on upcoming FREE PROMOTIONS.

Here are a few suggested ideas you can do to help spread our message (if you have additional ideas, please contact me via my website. Thank you.)…

  1. Libraries – ask your favorite librarian at your local public library for this book. There are 44,000 public libraries in the USA alone. If enough people request it, they will feel compelled to get one for their shelves.
  2. Write a posted book review on Amazon (hopefully a five-star review), so that others may become interested to read this inspirational book.
  3. Social Media – Help us spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Tell your ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ about our movement. Please share our Facebook posts, retweet our Tweets, and so on. Encourage others to visit, and check out the blogsite. Thanks!
  4. Book Publishers & Literary Agents – as of today, book publishers have shunned any of my efforts to get any of my books to be published by a traditional, mainstream publisher. Apparently, it is exceedingly difficult to get a publisher to look at the work by any new, aspiring author. If you have any connections at all, such as, “My Uncle Charlie works as an assistant editor at a New York publisher,” then PLEASE TELL YOUR UNCLE CHARLIE ABOUT THIS BOOK.
  5. Movie Producers, Movie Directors, Actors, & Actresses – No, this book won’t make a great movie, but I’ve written several other, action-packed fiction stories which would make terrific films. My hope was to gain some ‘name recognition’ by first getting a successful movie project, before I attempted to spread my important message to the world. Nothing has changed, except for the sequence of events. By the way, I am a very generous, sharing individual – and if you enable me to get my stories made into blockbuster movies, you will be paid handsomely. Contact me for details.
  6. Politicians – Do any of you know an aspiring politician who also happens to be tired of the same old establishment? Maybe someone who is brave enough to ‘take the ball, and run with it’. Please inform him/her about this book.

UPCOMING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES (a perfect career – just for you?)…

Today, we are at ‘ground zero’ – but once we get that proverbial ‘first domino to topple over’, there be numerous career opportunities created around the globe by this movement. Naturally, I will be especially eager to work with people who have helped me to jumpstart this political party from the point of inception. 

A partial list of upcoming career opportunities will include (in no particular order): translators, computer technicians, social media specialists, merchandisers, people with a strong business administration background, printing specialists, attorneys, fund raisers, and perhaps most notably – an ideal, charismatic spokesman (politician?) who has the wherewithal to become the face of the party.

Can you imagine having a great career, doing something you have a true passion about? I’m sure your ‘job satisfaction’ will be particularly high.  Thus, by helping me to get this concept off the ground, you may be setting yourself up for a particularly gratifying career as well.  Please contact me personally if you would have any career aspirations concerning the WORLD PARTY.  By the way, if you ever end up working for the WORLD PARTY, I guarantee that you’ll never be replaced by a robot!

In the meantime, I will be channeling virtually all royalties I earn toward providing additional free books to those who can’t afford to buy them. I’ll gladly autograph books until my fingers fall off.

For your information, I’ve also written several other books in a wide variety of genres. They all have one thing in common – there is nonstop action, and fascinating storylines in each and every chapter of every book I’ve written.  My current list of books (available at Amazon) are as follows:

NATALIEE’S ALIEN NIGHTMARE (parts I & II) – scary, yet fun-to-read, ‘fact-based science fiction’ about a young girl’s alien abduction on her prom night (my top seller to date)

IONS OF LUCK – science fiction about a crippled young man’s travel through a wormhole tunnel to an alternate universe to meet his uber-lucky alter-ego – who happens to be married to the girl of his dreams

THE PRINCESS AND THE VIKING: Fantasy/romance set in 1700s Ireland – mesmerizing story

SON OF A DON – Mafioso action-packed ‘black comedy’ set in the corrupt world of professional boxing in the 1950s

PROJECT GENESIS – an epic, sci-fi novel. Scientists develop a way to recapture their youth by cloning duplicate bodies of themselves.  Possibly the sexiest sci-fi book ever written.

I’m hooked on writing, and I will always have additional books in the pipeline, but my true passion is to change the world. If I can ever become half as successful of a book author as Stephen King – I will certainly parlay that fame into completely repairing this world, and rescuing it from its current, destructive path.

A FREE PREVIEW of all my books can be found at my website ( 


My dream is to team up with you to realize our common goal – to vastly improve the quality of life for all mankind, while vastly reducing crime & corruption, and even eliminating the Illuminati’s control of our society. So, will you please join forces with me?  I really need your support.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Very Sincerely Yours,

Markus Fredericks – author of BLUEPRINTS FOR A BETTER WORLD


FYI: You’ve just read a FREE version of the text. This book is professionally formatted as a softbound book, available at AMAZON for just $5.99 or a Kindle E-book for just 99 cents.  I mention this because ‘book reviews’ are important to gaining initial recognition, and only ‘verified purchasers’ are allowed to post a review.  On the other hand, if you don’t wish to spend any money on this book, I’d be equally happy if you could please tell others about this new revolutionary concept.  Word-of-mouth is vital to getting this concept launched, and I look forward to hearing from you (see ‘contact bar’ via my website at Thank you!!