Blueprints for a Better World Markus Fredericks

Markus Fredericks, book author & UFO Activist

     Back when I was in third grade, my mother and I witnessed a very large, mothership UFO (bigger than a football field) cruising overhead at low altitude in from Puget Sound at the south end of Bainbridge Island, Washington (USA).  I've been a firm believer in UFOs and Aliens ever since that day.

     Over the years, it has continued to disturb me that our government goes to extreme lengths to cover up the truth about UFOs and Aliens.  I would think that a logical reaction from our government would be, 'Let's investigate to find out exactly what is happening and report the truth to the people', with regards to extraterrestrial life, but instead they vehemently deny the existence of aliens - even to the point of threatening the use of violence to silence parties who dare to discuss the truth. 

    My mid-term goal is to provide as much pressure as I can to get the government to open their Top Secret UFO Files. The people deserve to know the truth. Initially, I will continue to write 'fact-based fiction' stories to both entertain and educate the public that Alien life not only flies around in our skies, but already exist in colonies on Earth.  The poor victims of alien abductions can certainly attest to that. 

    Remember, our government controls and monitors our media, so just because one isn't accustomed to seeing UFO coverage on the evening TV news doesn't mean that strange occurences aren't happening.

   NOTE: If you happen to believe in UFOs and Aliens, I strongly recommend you read the Nataliee's Alien Nightmare series.  It's scary, yet very fun-to-read.  It's sure to entertain you - and inform you as well. (Free Previews of all my books are available at Amazon - just click onto the 'Order' button).