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 *** Announcing New Book Release ***


and an introduction to FAIR LAISSEZ FAIRE ECONOMICS

by: Markus Fredericks


I'M A MAN ON A MISSION...  There have been many other books written regarding the disastrous direction that our world is on.  However, BLUEPRINTS FOR A BETTER WORLD does far more than just address the major issues which plague the world - instead, this book provides SIMPLE, YET VERY EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS. 

I'm an economist, and I've developed a brand new economic system.  I call it: "FAIR LAISSEZ FAIRE ECONOMICS."  It certainly isn't anything like Communism, nor is it Socialism, but instead, it shows how CAPITALISM WAS MEANT TO WORK.

Additionally, I've devised a plan to curb our never-ending population growth, eliminate virtually all criminal activity, achieve WORLD PEACE, fix our corrupt government, and build the moral fiber of today's youth.  It's also high time to stop the infamous ILLUMINATI from controlling the world - the world they perceive as belonging to them, exclusively - and it can be done with one very simple, peaceful change.

At this moment, you might scoff at my claims, but you'll feel differently it you take the time to read this 'WORLD-CHANGING BOOK'.

I've priced this book at the minimum allowable price of $5.99 for softbound, and just 99 cents for the e-book.  Also, once every three months I will run a 5-day FREE PROMOTION at the KDP SELECT KINDLE LIBRARY (watch this website for upcoming schedules of free promotions).  It's very important to get as many people as possible to read this unique book, so that we can work together to make IMPORTANT & MEANINGFUL CHANGES TO OUR WORLD.

FYI: I've already received many compliments on this book, but on the other hand, some critics say my ideas are too 'idealistic' or even, 'unrealistic'.  I just wish to point out that ANY new concept will originally be judged as idealistic, but that a good, new concept can quickly become VERY REALISTIC once enough people become familiar with it - and more importantly, SUPPORT THE CONCEPT. 

Back in ancient Greece, when the concept of Democracy was first conceived, indeed, that was a very idealistic notion at first, in direct contrast to outright dictatorial rule by monarchs.  Additionally, (note:I am not at all a fan of Communism), certainly in 1848 when Karl Marx first published The Communist Manifesto, almost anyone who read it would have scoffed at such a concept, while believing that it would be 'unrealistic' and could never gain any prominence, but when a young Russian named 'Lenin' became sold on the Communist theory, he was able to gain the public support of the entire working-class population of Russia.  I just ask that you read this book with an open mind, and if you agree with my ideology, please help me to spread the word to others.  In this day of the Internet, concepts can go viral in a very short period of time.  Thank you.


*** Announcing New Book Release ***

(action packed sci-fi/romance)

by: Markus Fredericks

‘Good Luck’ seems to consistently bless lucky people while ‘Bad Luck’ seems to curse and beleaguer the unlucky ones.  My theory is that ‘luck’ is a tangible element – as real as ‘energy’ and ‘matter’.  If such a theory turns out to be true, it makes sense that each one of the ‘unlucky, cursed people’ has a correspondingly ‘lucky alter-ego’ living in a parallel universe – and the two ‘mirror-image’ worlds are conjoined by a wormhole tunnel leading to a central black hole.

IONS OF LUCK is an action-packed, science fiction romance…  A crippled young man is accidentally whisked off to the central black hole.  Miraculously he finds that his paralysis is cured, and he sets off on a mission to the parallel universe to win the love of Jessica, the girl he has had a crush on since sixth grade.  However, his uber-lucky alter-ego is already married to her, although the spoils of easy fame and fortune have turned him into a veritable jerk. 

This book is a rollercoaster ride of fun from the start to its poignant, surprise ending. YOU CAN BE ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES IF YOU READ IT.

I invite you to read the Free Preview chapters (offered to your immediate left).





*** Announcing New Book Release:

      FORBIDDEN FANTASIES: LULU   by Markus Fredericks

NOTE: To view many insightful book reviews on this book, as well as reviews on all my other books, just click my website's 'ORDER' link, and it will take you directly to Amazon for you to see. Thanks!


      This is the eighth book I've written, but it's my very first EROTICA.  I was inspired by complaints I received from some publishers and literary agents who complained that many of my other works contained 'too much kinky sex'.  Well, I firmly believe that any sex presented in my other books was integral to the story, and I refused to make changes.  Thus, I really wanted to write a book that is undeniably erotic in nature - while still telling a fascinating story in an entertaining fashion.  I think readers will really enjoy reading this book, even if erotica isn't necessarily your favorite genre.  You'll find this book way more enticing than '50 Shades of Mediocrity'...

 a brief synopsis:

      Oscar is a struggling, freelance photographer, trapped in a loveless and sexless marriage.  Everything about his mundane life changes completely when gorgeous Lulu (a young, aspiring, teenage model) and her parents buy the house next door.  Lulu is an exhibitionist at heart, and she targets Oscar with her infinite ability to tease.  The only problem is that Lulu’s teasing games became progressively more dangerous.

      Oscar battles with his mixed emotions of repulsion and excitement.  A reasonable portion of the text reveals Oscar's inner turmoil resulting from his secret desires.  Eventually, he succumbs to Lulu's charms, and big trouble is soon to follow.

      A unique relationship forms between them – right behind Oscar’s wife’s back – and right under the noses of her parents (and her father is a very tough, movie ‘stuntman’, who poses a physical threat to any of Lulu’s male suitors).  An amazing plot twist will surprise every reader.

      There are 13 chapters and an epilogue in this book – with plenty of sexy action in each and every chapter.  You’ll have fun reading this!




*** Announcing New Book Release:

     TEXAS CHAINSAW MASOCHIST, by Markus Fredericks

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASOCHIST is a unique concept in the realm of HORROR… More often than not, the lead character – also known as ‘the monster’ – is usually a deranged killer who butchers innocent victims at random. In this story, the protagonist (AKA: monster) is a particularly dangerous lunatic, yet the audience will end up cheering for him since he only targets very despicable people. He is a true animal lover, and loyal to the few friends he ever encounters.

    What also sets this horror story apart is Todd’s true compassion and remorse he feels for his victims. Our main character, Todd Waddington, is unusually big and strong, but during his youth, he was a social outcast due to a speech impediment. He desired friends, and longed to ‘play’ with others, which in his case always ended up in a ‘game of torture’ whereby he actively competes in a fair manner with his victims. When the victim dies, Todd would invariably end up torturing himself in severe, masochistic fashion.

    Todd is a native Texan, and he treasures his father’s chainsaw as a memento of his father’s gruesome, accidental death. That’s how he earned the nickname: Texas Chainsaw Masochist. The story is well developed, and loaded with vastly entertaining characters. There is even a sprinkling of humor mixed in to counterbalance the horrifically intense scenes of torture. All lovers of the macabre will be demanding me to write a sequel – but don’t worry, your wish is my command.


*** Announcing New Book Release:

     SON OF A DON, by Markus Fredericks 

It’s 1956 – the peak of Mafioso involvement with Professional Boxing…  So, what would happen when two separate, Mafia-born, boxing managers put the fix on two different fighters in the same match?  You’ll get the wildest, most outrageously unique fight of all time.  The story’s main character, Gino Morella, is the loyal son of an elderly Mafia Don – Renato Morella.  When the elderly Don is hospitalized after an altercation with an angry ‘organ grinder’s monkey’, his son, Gino, must ensure the outcome of the match or else watch the family’s finances end up in ruins.

Of course, every match has a winner and a loser.  Naturally, the Mafia team who is on the losing end of the match demands restitution.  This is a whacky, action-packed story loaded with many unpredictable surprises.  This ‘black comedy’ is a wonderful blending of ‘nasty’ and ‘fun’…     Available at Amazon for just $7.95



      The Princess and the Viking: Love, Magic, and Mayhem in Old Ireland

Donegal, Ireland (circa 1700 A.D.) This story is laden with high-spirited action and challenging escapes, sprinkled with mythology and black & white magic... Inspired by true people and ancestors of both authors.  It is entertaining from start to finish. In the era of arranges marriages for royalty, King Alfred of Donegal has promised the hand of his beautiful, 14 year old daughter, Princess Ana Beth, to marry the elderly, King of Portugal, as part of a military alliance. Unfortunately, Princess Ana Beth falls deeply in love with a handsome, common Viking boy, named 'Torvald'. The romantic love story takes a tragic, gruesome turn when the powerful, King Alfonse, is shunned by his young fiance. Sometimes the bonds of true love will be tested time and time again.  Does true love always prevail?




     Last, January 19th, 2014, I'll was a guest on Renee Marie's live radio podacst.  She specializes in all paranormal subjects.  She interviewed me for two hours about UFOs, Aliens, and Abductions.  We also be discussed my book series, Nataliee's Alien Nightmare.  Feel free to check out the archived event:   TMV CAFE RADIO... LINK:!radio/c1x9v


  My book series is called 'NATALIEE'S ALIEN NIGHTNARE'.  Part I is: 'The War Eagle Abductions', and the saga continues with Part II: 'The Dulce Chronicles'.

  It's a 'fact-based fiction' book series I co-authored with Bob De Long (a UFO and extraterretrial expert for the past 50 years!).  It's a 'MUST READ' for anyone who believes in the possibility of human abductions by alien Greys (note: they have already established colonies on Earth!).  The book will have you both 'laughing out loud' and 'cringing in horror' (often within the same chapter). 

  This fascinating book also explores the sinister reasoning behind the government's incessant denial and cover-ups of any UFO and extraterrestrial discoveries.  Check out the 'FREE Preview chapters' at Amazon (just click on the 'ORDER' button)  The softbound version is available for cheap at Amazon and the Kindle e-book version is only 99 cents.  That's less than the cost of anything from 'Mickey D's Value Menu' (and MUCH better for you). It's also available for FREE at the KDP Select Kindle Library. The book has already received many '5 STAR' reviews. You may contact me directly if you wish to obtain a personally autographed copy of these books. 



My Other Books:

     PROJECT GENESIS: Triumph, Tragedy, & Sensuality in the Futuristic Realm of Biotechnology

This story is set in Bothell, Washington in year 2055 AD.  It could be about the sexiest sci-fiction story ever written.  The story takes place over a 4 decade span.  A close-knit bio-engineer team decides to clone youthful body replacements for themselves as they age.  With their recaptured youth, they get in an infinite amount of creative trouble.  FYI, the main female character, 'Monique', is surely every man's dream-woman-come-true: she's beautiful, smart, loyal, and oh-so sexy...  Check it out.



Sincerely, Markus Fredericks